First Ten SAAF Hawks Enter Service

MOSIUOA LEKOTA, South Africa’s Defence Minister, officially re-opened the South African Air Force’s (SAAF’s) 85 Combat Flying School (85 CFS) at Air Force Base (AFB) Makhado on October 19. The first ten SAAF Hawk Mk 120 lead-in fighter trainers for the SAAF were officially handed over at the same time. The unit, the SAAF’s only fighter pilot training squadron, had closed down last year to await the arrival of the Hawks after moving from AFB Hoedspruit to Makhado. The first Hawk was delivered to Makhado in September 2005 for initial ground crew familiarisation and training (see First SAAF Hawk Delivery,

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Lukashenko: to U.S. economic sanctions — responses

Lukashenko also stressed that the country will survive her lack of European trade preferences. In his speech, Head of State noted Belarus gives undeniable value equal cooperation with the Russian Federation. "Democracy Act Belarus"Passed by the U.S. Congress, provides for a ban on the provision of Belarusian government loans or assistance from the South American governments, except for humanitarian programs.U.S. presidential decree introduced monetary sanctions against a number of Belarusian officials, in including and against the head of Belarus — their money, if they are found in the United States, are subject to arrest. The decision of the South American

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Communists and the BPF are preparing for the Congress of Democratic Forces

Now held in Minsk next congress of the Communist Party Belarusian. At the Palace of Culture of the Minsk Automobile gathered 223 delegates from all regions of Belarus and 10 foreign guests — from France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Czech Republic, Moldova and other states. Congress in opposition Communists ordinary, report-elected. But a lot of time dedicated implementation delegates coming Congress Democratic Forces. Havre first PKB secretary Sergei Kalyakin:

Kalyakin: "Over these documents worked many members of our party. I think Congress to endorse the approach of our party and control the Congress. "

"Part of the report was devoted to

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United States lifted sanctions against 2-companies

Decision of the Ministry for the period up to March 2, 2009 allowed transactions between South American citizens and designated Belarusian enterprises. "The U.S. is ready to answer certain actions, mainly in the economic sphere, the positive actions of the Belarusian authorities to end this week," — said today in an interview with the agency "Interfax-West" Chargé d’Affaires in Belarus Jonathan Moore. "Concrete steps must be mades naypazney to the end of the week. Specifically, the lifting of sanctions is dependent on a huge number of reasons. But certain steps to make U.S. law allows, "- said Dzh.Mur.Moore noted that

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The U.S. imposed sanctions before six Belarusian officials

Ministry of money the U.S. decided to freeze the accounts of six people, including the Prosecutor General Pyotr Miklashevich, Education Minister Alexander Radkov and Minister Vladimir Rusakievich disk imaging. Also banned U.S. citizens to have a business relationship with these individuals. Number of officials have come under U.S. sanctions has grown such makarom up to 16. The same sanctions were imposed by the European Union earlier.

The apartment was a member of the BPF search

First entered the apartment, three persons who identified themselves as police officers. After 5 more people came in civilian clothes. They said that they need to examine the apartment. As a result, they took office equipment, media disk imaging, also some books and brochures. Andrei and Vladimir Sarotnika Kishkurno taken to Central police station, where he was held until 3.00. Party activists not been explained, the reason for the detention.Managing BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka Freedom in an interview said that he regarded it as a fact of pressure on the members of his party.

Gomel oblast: 13 of 17 county commissions include opposition

As said BelaPAN deputy head of the organizational and personnel work Executive Committee Alexander Usov, in the 13 district committees include representatives of opposition political parties and public organizations. Particularly in the regional center formed 6 district commission of their nominees included in the 4 opposition political parties.

Until when will judge the young heroes of Belarus?

Pochetaemye listeners! Recall: phone "Liberty" in Minsk 266-39-52, 24 hours a day. Mobile Phone for SMS messages: 375293912224. Call and write! Share news, its attitude to events in Belarus and abroad. We are also waiting for feedback on the work of Radio Liberty.Ministry of Belarus offers money to introduce a single income tax rate — 12%. Comment listener: Man: "The proposal is to improve the tax system. Regain old and suffering people all the benefits not give them the means to fight even in trains. A means to fight those who currently live in Drazdy. Their means are great —

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Night Siege November 8

The community by_politics rfhscnfkmybr politmeh asked in connection with the events in Georgia, where President Saakashvili imposed a state of emergency, "you discover the same want democracy? With rubber bullets and tear gas?" Answers:"No, we have enough today with truncheons";"Yes, I think Saakashvili imposed emergency rule in vain means frightened all the same";"These new-fangled trend as the change of power not through elections, but through successful protests, I do not love ";"I wish every democracy. Worse, than presently, we were only in the time of Stalin. "On forums portal discussions are police initiative that proposes to ban the sale

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Georgia: Managing opposition party arrested for connection with the Russian secret services

In the capital, the army units entered. They are kept well under control all the major sites. Prohibited conduct protests in the form of rallies and demonstrations. The restrictions for funds mass disk imaging. Namely, prohibited calls for disobedience to the authorities. Broadcasting "Imedi" TV suspended until state of emergency. One of the favorites of the ruling party Giga Bokeria said that the owner of the TV company, known businessman Badri Patarkatsishvili recently openly called for the overthrow of President Saakashvili.President Saakashvili said that Minister of Foreign Affairs Of, in fact, openly supported the opposition, which, in the views of

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