By Jon Herbert

Camera: Nikon D300

Lens: NIKKOR AF-S 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G

Exposure: 15 seconds at f/16 (ISO100)

Jon says: «I wanted to capture the light trails going into the entrance of the bridge.l used a tripod and merged five exposures to create an HDR image. The longest bracket was used to get the light trails.»

LEE FROST: I love shooting at night, and Jon’s picture is a good example of why. There’ssomuch colour — in the sky.the floodlighting on the bridge and the light trails from passing traffic.

I have to say, I’ve never tried shooting an HDR sequence at

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Exhibition opened Salty Childhood

As the chairman of this association Andrey Makhanko once a year in Europe and the whole world held so called Blue Ribbon campaign in April that should draw public attention to the dilemma of violence against the children in their families and schools. Visitors can dress in bolshennye father robe and shirt, wander in the dungeons tremendous closet a bit to get to the edge of the table and try to hold on to your mother’s tea cup, long climb on a stool to sit on the parent chair playing grandmother spoke. But the most fascinating is which can be

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Metal entrance steel door in Odintsovo

Our strong manufacturing company specializing in the manufacture of high-quality custom metal steel entrance doors in Odintsovo at acceptably low prices from the manufacturer.Doors to Odincovoyou can buy here.

Taking care of the security level facilities, here you can order admission metal doors Odintsovo, have a number of advantages — durability, fire resistance, not susceptible to temperature fluctuations, burglar-proof, high thermal and sound insulation.

While at the present time to buy doors Odintsovo quite simply, good range is huge and everyone will be able to choose what is right for them, nothing complicated here and

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Custom staircase in Moscow. Picture story

Artist Dmitry Bochkarev modern fresco painting on the walls of the entrance of the ordinary home, outdoors Medinskaya in Moscow. With the emergence of unusual graffiti mud at the entrance was less. Pleased to come here on a tour of the residents of neighboring houses.


Residents porch help the artist to paint, and he draws upon their request, but that is close to the soul.


Vladivostok. Beauty on Ocean Avenue,

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ORMETO-YuUMZ shipped equipment for blast furnace production of JSC Zaporizhstal, Ukraine

JSC "ORMETO-YuUMZ" shipped the car opened two cast-iron entrance is MV2LN-18000-2500-60M to JSC "Zaporozhye Steel Works" Zaporizhstal ", Zaporozhye, Ukraine.

The machine showdown of two cast-iron entrance is designed to alternately opened two cast-iron entrance is by rotary drilling, as well as for cutting taphole blast furnace casings.

ORMETO-YuUMZ has a long experience of cooperation with JSC "Zaporizhstal" — previously been delivered: skip hoist LS-22, 5; truck troughs, slag and rings to support them; chugunovozy; cushion for rolling mills, casters and more. The quality of all delivered products has been highly appreciated by specialists Ukrainian enterprises.Technical parameters of the machine

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Sibmost completed the reconstruction of the federal highway at the entrance to Tomsk

JSC "Sibmost" (Novosibirsk) has completed repair a six-kilometer section of federal highway M-53 at the entrance to Tomsk, thanks to the renovation site brought to the technical parameters of the second category.

Before the reconstruction part of the road belonged to the technical category 3, he is now reduced to two categories of parameters.

"Categorization of this line is increased, including through the broadening of the highway roadbed, replacing the pavement — with the expectation of heavy loads. At the federal highway construction work was carried out in the mode of operating, traffic, safety were installed 4

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In Moscow park there free bike rental

In August, several of the largest parks in Moscow at the same time launched a unique two-month campaign to provide visitors to the park on a bike completely free of charge.

According to the website FTP "VeloRossiya", organizer of the action is a non-profit organization — the Association of the organizations in the development of cycling infrastructure and Sports (Arvis), the general sponsor — "Bank of Moscow".

Free bike rental set in Gorky Park, Sokolniki, Fili, as well as in the park Northern Tushino. In the rental places with a total of 200 bikes — road and mountain men

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The construction of the four-lane road Kyiv — Irpen


December 26, 2011 Ukrautodor plans to complete the repair and construction work on the road P-30 entrance to Irpin: for a comfortable and fast travel from Kiev to Irpen road builders built the new part of the road R-30 entrance to Irpin a total length of 5.8 km and refurbished 3 km of streets Irpin along which the P-30. The new road with four lanes of traffic goes from the street. General Naumov (housing estate Novobilychi, Kiev) to residential areas Romanivka (Irpin). Now work on the road is almost complete. In addition, the repair work on the

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in Khost landslide. Video


28.06.11.Segodnya morning at the entrance to the Host (from Sochi) came mudflow, damaging a retaining wall and knocked trees. Movement on the part of Sochi was blocked and forwarded through Kudepsta.

Stones, broken trees, mud weight completely blocked the road at the entrance to the Host from Sochi. There were no warning signs until set. In place of the next gathering mudflow reluctantly left road and emergency services of the city, which have started to clear the road. Buses drop off passengers right on the highway, drive temporarily closed.


The road slipped and higher — between

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Singing Fingals Cave

Some parts of our planet, few people know, but to be there is. Such is the charming island of Staffa, which is located along the Scottish coast. Externally it is nothing special stands out, but its admirable internal content. After all, there is a spectacular Fingal's Cave.

The uniqueness of the cave is not in its size. They are relatively small (length — 75 m, width — about 14 m, and height — as much as 20 m). The feature of this cave is stunning acoustics. Music waves lapping on

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