Add power to your portraits by ditching the grin.

Traditional photojournalism shies away from having subjects look directly at the camera and smiling, since a photo story should seem as if the photographer were an invisible witness to reality. Yet despite that convention, Boston-based photographer Porter Gifford finds that his visual narratives grow stronger when he adds such camera-aware environmental portraits to the story. «It’s a way for viewers to pause and connect more personally with the subject,» Gifford says. «But, a photograph of someone not smiling is traditionally seen as a more serious.»

The enigmatic moment in his photo

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U.S. Embassy announces photo contest

In an official embassy noted that "Earth day" is intended to connect people of the planet in protecting the environment. Global share a day or Earth began in the United States April 22, 1970. Typically today everyone involved in the improvement and azelyanenni own yards and streets, also in various events that focus on verbovanie public attention to the dilemmas of the medium. "Belarusian amateurs offered through your pictures to show the beauty and krohkasts environment. The exhibition will take the best shots in the third week of April in one of Minsk galleries.

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Tobolsk — I love our plans hulk

Interesting article about another major project in Tobolsk, in addition to Tobolsk Tobolsk-Polymer and Petrochemicals

Just recently there was an article about APG The South Balyksky gas processing plant, behold, Sibur is planning to deepen the processing of:

At the end of December in Tobolsk held a public discussion assessing the impact on the environment ("EIA") of a new possible project SIBUR — West Siberian complex deep processing of hydrocarbon raw materials in polyolefins capacity of 2.0 million tons per year to projects offsite facilities (Offsites) reported the press service of the EIA presented

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In the Antarctic lake find a new species of bacteria


Under layers of ice in Antarctica Russian scientists have found a new species of bacteria. This discovery may tell more about the nature of science Lake Vostok. These bacteria, which genotype is only 86% identical to the known science of bacteria were found in a sample of water from Lake Vostok, which lies at a depth of two miles beneath the Antarctic ice. The composition of the water of the lake has not changed for many millions of years.  

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The largest in the history of the nuclear leak in the marine environment

The largest in the history of the nuclear leak in the marine environment Danger Zone

Amount of cesium-137, penetrated into the Pacific Ocean after the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, is the largest nuclear pollution in the history of mankind. Coastal radiocaesium concentration was reduced by the ocean currents, thus allowing the authorities to say that there is no visible threat.

According to experts from the Institute of Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety in the period from March 21 to mid-July 2011 in Ocean fell 27.1 peta-becquerels radiocaesium (one pet-becquerel is equal to 10 to the 15th degree

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Eco-friendly batteries will work on plant extracts

Eco-friendly batteries will work on plant extracts to save the planet

A group of scientists working with the City Kollezhd in New York, Rice University and the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, has announced that in the near future it will be possible to completely replace our usual lithium-ion batteries for analogs, which are raw materials for the manufacture of herbal extracts .

New eco-friendly batteries will be made with a purpurin, red dye substances extracted from madder root, a common enough herb. Both the purpurin and accompanying natural dyes are molecules whose behavior is very similar to conventional

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7 rules of disposal of hazardous waste

7 rules of disposal of hazardous waste to save the planet

Do not know what to do with the old plasma TV? Want to leave it in a landfill in gift homeless? Very noble, but somewhat dangerous for the environment. How to get rid of unwanted or failed utensils and not to harm the planet, will prompt the following seven rules:

Engine Oil

In most countries, is strictly forbidden to pour motor oil on the ground or down the drain. Waste water containing oil is extremely difficult amenable to further purification. Oil entering the soil gets into the groundwater and

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Floods threaten UK

Floods threaten UK Facts

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs of the United Kingdom has published a list of 700 risk factors, including the threat of flooding to 3.6 million people, water shortages, soil erosion and destruction of flora and fauna.

Flooding that of climate change, pose the greatest threat to UK residents. By mid-century life from 1.7 to 3.6 million people will be at risk. Financial aspect can cost from 2 to 10 billion pounds, with the increase mortality from heat, and in large areas will experience water scarcity.

In assessing the 100 most immediate risks were allocated

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Saratov Refinery began production of diesel fuel Euro 5

This was preceded by a large-scale reconstruction of the hydrotreater. Launched diesel fuel sulfur content is reduced to a level that conforms to the "Euro 5". In addition, a 30% increase performance installation — from 1700 to 2200 tons per year.

As explained by the chief engineer of the Saratov Refinery Alex Myltsin, "besides the main issues — Release of new products, the reconstruction is related to the observance of industrial safety. In fact, this concern for the environment. Smarter than the equipment, the less the loss, the company today has no oil spills. "

Minister of Industry and

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The most important impact of coastal natural areas for protection from disasters

July 19, 2013. According to a recent study conducted at the Stanford Woods Institute, dunes and reefs are critical to protect millions of residents and the United States, and billions of dollars from the estate of coastal storms. Extreme weather events, sea level rise and lives in degraded coastal systems, from all of this will help to protect nature.

The study, "The coastal habitats shield protects people and property ownership from sea-level rise and storms," published July 14 in the journal «Nature Climate Change», offers the first comprehensive map of the entire U.S. coast. It shows where and how protected

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