Hurdles to Growth

Review process begins for Hong Kong Airport expansion

Before they move any earth, Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) officials are going to have to move a mountain of paper. The airport has launched the multi-year regulatory approval process needed for a major expansion, one of the most important aviation infrastructure projects in the Asia-Pacific region.

Built on a 1,250-hectare (4.8-sq.-mi.) man-made island, HKIA was considered an engineering marvel when it was completed in 1998. Now efforts are underway to add another 650 hectares to the north side of the island to accommodate a third parallel runway.

Operations at HKIA will

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Protect the lungs of the planet

C8 on May 13, 2013 a group of students of the Faculty of the Kuban State Agrarian University environmental committed eco campaign. The aim was to conduct monitoring in hunting «Plancheskoe» Seversky district.

As a result of a visual inspection of the hunting farm lands have been identified numerous irregularities in the conduct of logging. The main deforestation carried out on the territory of the State reserve «Erik the Red». In this area, conducted felling valuable trees — beech, English oak, pine Caucasian linden. Also timber being at the foot of the mountain and Popeye Pshada.

From an environmental

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Liquidated Belarusian Ecological Party greenish (BEZ)

The press service of the Ministry of Justice explain: Today is not the size of the BEZ corresponds to a small number of party members, which determines the legislation. Deputy chairman of the Belarusian Ecological Party greenish Terekhov said Eugene Radio Liberty, that none of the PSU control the tribunal does not appear."Co-Chair Nicholas PSU card is on a business trip in Venezuela, the second co-chairman Mike Friedland has long been left in the United States. Documents and Printing BEP — lost. Account closed. Regional structures collapsed," — said Eugene Terekhov.Justice for disk imaging, management BEP previously been focused on

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Fanipol: high-school students spent the environmental experience

On the not so long ago approved the town’s coat of arms — a delicious apple on a greenish background triangle. Yablokov gardens in these places since time immemorial. Harder with a triangle, symbolizing the busy highway and road metal that surround Fanipol. Although the creator of the emblem, Deputy Chairman City Council Ivan Denis problems with unhealthy urban environment Tipo does not exist."We yards tall buildings grow apples, — says Ivan Denis. — Bloomed gardens! Rarest town to find gardens in the yards. We separately residential area, industrial area — separately. So comfortable for the town and for the

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Yaroslavl Diesel Equipment Plant has mastered the production of fuel equipment of Euro-4

At the Yaroslavl Diesel Equipment Plant "GAZ Group" released 1,000 th fuel pump fuel system Common Rail, meets international environmental standard Euro 4. According to the press service of the company, development and manufacturing of this type of fuel supply systems of domestic components by Russian specialists was performed for the first time in the post-Soviet space. At the same time, fuel pumps, high pressure Common Rail system based on commercially pumps "CD-40".


The new product has received factory called "pump mod. 47." In this case, it applies the production of a large

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It abruptly white metal! On CHEMK opened smelter, which is no longer smokes

On Chelyabinsk Electric Factory was state acceptance of a unique complex gas treatment by which the smelter is no longer emits harmful substances. As the correspondent «URA.Ru», for the first time on a large industrial enterprise of the pipes is virtually alone air.

Similar equipment used in factories in South Africa, the USA and Germany. The new facility consists of five gas treatment units, each of which includes a separate set of equipment — cyclones, coolers, fans, exhaust fans. In total, they found 7.2 thousand tissue 10-foot hose from a unique membrane fabric made of polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon-like).

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Ecology Sochi

At the regular meeting of the Public Council discussed the ecology of the city of Sochi.

According to the director of the department of public policy and regulation in the field of environmental protection MEP Svetlana Yurmanovoy, regular monitoring of the ecosystem of the resort speaks of reducing the negative impact on the environment. "Russia's only integrated environmental monitoring system in Sochi includes six automatic monitoring stations purity of the atmosphere, located in the city of Sochi Olympic construction and districts, as well as on the river Mzimta installed two automatic stations of water pollution control",

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Ecology of Bratsk. Positive changes.

Ecology of Bratsk. Positive changes.

Bratsk — is one of the largest industrial centers of Russia. There are enterprises of giants who were mentioned most often accompanied by the phrase "the largest in the world." This Bratsk Aluminum Plant, Bratsk timber industry Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Plant, Bratsk Ferroalloy Plant. It is therefore not surprising that Bratsk is the thirty cities in Russia by environmental problems. Although it is in any other, more or less a major city there are problems with the environment.

Last week there were two positive news related to the environmental situation

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Ecological map of Russia

Experts RIA Novosti with the support of Russian Geographic Society launched a multimedia online project "Ecological map of Russia"Where anyone can leave a message on environmental pollution, violation of environmental laws, which he had witnessed.

Visitor messages can be the basis of the basis for the response to the situation on the part of not only Russian, but also of international environmental organizations, and the media.

Map began work in early October, and the citizens of Russia have already placed more than two dozen complaints about environmental problems in Khakassia, Belgorod, Chelyabinsk, Irkutsk, Yaroslavl regions, as well as in

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CHEMK completed in Magnitogorsk complex reconstruction of ore dressing

Group CHEMK (Chelyabinsk Electric Factory) Magnitogorsk in the village of Kusa district has commissioned an industrial enrichment complex ore and turn it into a concentrate, which is then used for the production of ferrochrome.

Starting a new business in Magnitogorsk has become one of the stages of a large program of environmental and technological upgrading of enterprises group CHEMK. New enrichment complex ore in Kusinsk area — this is only a small part of the overall work CHEMK aimed at improving production processes, taking into account environmental and social components.

"Now, with the launch of

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