In Belarus, an outbreak of influenza

By him, "Molodechno and Gomel Epidemiologists declared an epidemic of influenza and acute respiratory infections. In these towns over the past three days has been fixed excess epidemiological border on a group of these diseases. By A.Kozhemyakin midst of cases — 53 percent of adults and 47 percent of children. It is expected that this week "To the epidemiological process can connect the new town in including and Minsk, "said Chief Epidemiologist Ministry of Health Anatoly Kozhemjakin.

The second wave

Currently statistics clearly shows that the first wave of a pandemic influenza H1N1 (in some countries, there were already two) passed its peak and is now the incidence has declined. The same can generally be said of the "seasonal" strains of influenza and other viral respiratory infections.

Cases of swine flu registered in 209 countries, 14,142 laboratory-confirmed cases of the disease led to the death (the real number of deaths is much higher). However, forecasts the spread of the virus in 2009, made on the basis of information about previous pandemics have been exaggerated: the actual mortality and morbidity

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AIDS threatens economic growth in Europe

HIV / AIDS is a growing problem for the whole of Europe from Dublin to Moscow ", — said Kalman Mizsei, Regional Director of the United Nations Development for Europe and the CIS (UNDP), in his address to the European leaders who attended the meeting, which discussed regional response to the epidemic.

Referring to government employees and members of civil society who attended the meeting, "The elimination of obstacles: Partnership to fight HIV / AIDS in Europe and Central Asia," Mr. Mizsei urged the EU to use its political influence to consolidate resources for the fight against

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New epidemic — now comes to us GOAT FLU

The spread of swine flu is gradually declining. However, disturbing reports are now coming from the Netherlands — there is a new flu epidemic begins — goat. The disease is transmitted only until the animal to person, but it has become a cause of the disease goat flu more than 2,300 people. Six have died. [Cut]

As directed by the government, which is seriously concerned about the scale of the epidemic, the destruction to be about 20,000 goats and sheep, which are the so-called messenger of virus fever Q. According to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Netherlands, the

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In Jiangsu Province recorded FMD in pigs


Beijing, Dec. 17 / Xinhua / — The Information Office of the Ministry of Agriculture of China today reported that the district Sinbey Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province / East China / recorded case of infection of FMD type O in 12 pigs purchased in other areas.

Employees of a local food company on December 10 found in 12 of the purchased in other regions of pigs like symptoms FMD infection. December 12th Jiangsu Provincial Center for Prevention and Control of Animal Disease symptoms diagnosed as suspected swine foot and mouth disease, December 17, State Key Laboratory for FMD confirmed

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In Northeast China recorded outbreak of FMD


Beijing, Nov. 25 / Xinhua / — According to news reports the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of China, in a new area Puvan Dalian City in Liaoning Province / Northeast China / recorded outbreak of FMD type O.

At one of the pig farms in the village Erdaotsun new district Puvan Dalian November 19 were found symptoms of FMD, 24 November, state the reference laboratory for foot and mouth disease epidemic confirmed the outbreak of FMD type O.

After the detection of the case of the epidemic, local authorities cordoned off the area. Now authorities are

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The epidemic of anthrax among livestock in Afghanistan


Photo: EPA

26.07.11.Na northern Afghanistan and enterotoksimii outbreak of anthrax among cattle and small livestock. On Tuesday news agency reported "Pazhvak."

Over the past two weeks alone, the district of the northern province of Badakhshan Zibak from these dangerous diseases fell more than 600 head of cattle. The epidemic is also covered counties Kufab, Cowan and Rajasthan, killing hundreds of cows and sheep.

Local control of the Ministry of Agriculture has sent teams to the affected regions veterinarians, but they could not do the job due to lack of drugs. According to provincial authorities, they asked for help

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Zomboyaschik represents!


USA: The Return of Zombie kanibalov

13.09.12.Shtat Pennsylvania, it all started with that 20-year-old suspect is stripped to the goals in a parking lot near his house, the police arrived and tried unsuccessfully to enter the house, where he went into hiding, in the meantime, the guy decided to jump from the second floor to the street, in the fall greatly injured his hand, this time on the street were two women, one of whom He grabbed his bleeding hands and her head soaked with his blood, and then he began to chew on the woman's head while howling

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The cholera epidemic in Haiti


27.12.10.Chislo victims of a cholera epidemic raging in Haiti since October, has exceeded 2.7 thousand people, said on Monday the Haitian Ministry of Health (MSPP). In the previous report, the Ministry of Health said about two thousand 591 dead.

According to authorities, in Haiti on December 27, registered more than 128 thousand cases of cholera. Since the beginning of the epidemic disease claimed the lives of two thousand 707 people.

The report of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, watching the situation in Haiti, said that, in some cases, the first symptoms to death is just a

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The death of the birds on the farm of Taiwan


Taipei, May 12 / Xinhua / — In the past three days at a poultry farm in Yunlin County in Taiwan killed more than 3,000 chickens, which, according to the results obtained on Friday research and testing, were infected with highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N2. This is another case of infection with the virus in Taiwan after the outbreak of the epidemic it two months ago.

Fortunately, this time the epidemic has been detected, the official service on agriculture in Taiwan, adding that the possible cause of the outbreak was contaminated with the virus at a poultry farm equipment.

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