Tunnel lover

Documenting big construction jobs.

How did you start shooting construction sites?

I started taking photos of a tunnel project in Portland, OR, as part of our construction work. Originally, the photos were for internal use. Then the City of Portland hired me to document other construction. I have since photographed projects for my current employer, Jacobs Associates, and other clients. It varies, but I visit about 15 to 20 sites per year. Although Jacobs Associates values my photography skills, engineering geologist is my prime occupation.

What kind of access do you get on a tunnel project?

Generally, I have access

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Travel Photography

The secret to good travel photography is simplicity.

Go Travel!

As far back as 1912, Captain Robert Scott, one of history’s great explorers, realised that photography could complement his travel records in an unprecedented way during his much publicised South Pole expedition. Sadly, Scott died on the return trip, but his photographs survived as a testimony to his bravery. Since then, the interdependence between travel and photography has developed to such an extent that today, they’re almost mutually inclusive. And yet, the one doesn’t necessarily guarantee a good experience of the other.

So, what’s the secret to good travel photography?

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Russians Big Boys Toys

The Russian Federation has a great many military vehicle and equipment museums, more than most people resident in the country can easily visit on the , occasional weekend off, never mind tourists on a restricted timetable. One of the “must sees” in Russia for the military vehicle enthusiast is however the Artillery, Engineer and Communications Forces Museum in St. Petersburg, which rather handily is located in perhaps the most tourist-friendly city in the Russian Federation, with its canals, palaces, museums and art galleries; and small and relatively economical tourist hotels.

Better still, the city is small enough that one can

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There is no limit to perfection in the field of wellness. That is considered a German factory REPABAD, representing a full range of equipment for the bathroom level premium. The other day in St. Petersburg held a solemn presentation of the 50th anniversary of REPABAD, organized in collaboration with SPA PROFESSIONAL.

At a presentation in honor of the anniversary of its present owner Günther Stolz, who spoke about the history and philosophy of the brand REPABAD. Today the factory is unusually wide range, it includes acrylic bathtubs, hot tubs, steam rooms, SPA-pools and other equipment. One of the main activities



The Appeal of the second Congress of People’s Deputies of the USSR said that the need to raise the organization, to do away with laxity, indiscipline and mismanagement, a resolute struggle against the loss of the people’s wealth. It should be remembered that the present scale of the economy saving materials, fuel, electricity and other resources equivalent to their substantial growth.

Ways to save a lot. First of all, it is the improvement of technologies, the use of scientific and technological achievements, strengthening the organization, discipline and order in the workplace. It is also implementing self-financing, the ability to assess,

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The main objectives of that foreign military experts confer on mobile facilities maintenance and repair of vehicles are maintaining vehicles in constant readiness for use; recovery efficiency of cars damaged during the battle (operation); assisting drivers (crews) in the implementation of time-consuming and complex operations for maintenance and current repairs in the field.

In times of peace and in times of local wars in the armies of the capitalist countries provided use mobile workshops, designed and manufactured under special orders of the military departments and included in the respective states of repair. However, I believe that in the course

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Getting started with test gear

IN an ideal world, it would not be necessary for electronic project builders to have any test equipment unless they decided to embark on some project development of their own. Every electronic component would work perfectly and would never become damaged, and every project would work first time. In the real world, dud electronics are few and far between but might be encountered from time to time, and components that start out as fully functioning devices can be physically damaged or zapped by static charges. Odd problems can occur, and even projects that are built while paying due care and

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Equipment for the production of stainless steel fasteners

Six-position shestiudarny cold forging press 166 CS models of the Italian firm «CARLO SALVI» has been developed for the production of high precision and complex parts produced by cold or hot stamping.

One of the main problems to be solved designers «CARLO SALVI», in addition to the task of creating a modern cold forging press, the problem was to minimize the complexity of the settings in the technological and operational maintenance of the equipment during operation. For this purpose, CS 166 uses advanced electronic control system for the process parameters with the possibility of forming a reverse modulation signal

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The equipment heating and temperature control for hot stamping of stainless steel and high-alloyed

Press-forging equipment company «CARLO SALVI» allows stamping parts and pieces of stainless steels and high traditionally difficult to manufacture. For this purpose a preheating of the workpiece in a special inductor providing a temperature range of 200 to 500 ° C. Using the pre-heating the workpiece before planting allows us to solve many technological problems, which sometimes can not be solved by cold forming.

Additional equipment for induction heating of blanks used for hot stamping parts and pieces of stainless and high-alloy steels, and can be installed on any model of presses manufactured by «CARLO SALVI».

The equipment is

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Cleanliness PETROLEUM

Use of contaminated water with a high content of fuel and lubricants, as you know, a very negative impact on the work of machines and mechanisms, may lead to sudden (especially at low temperatures) failure or premature failure. Therefore, it should be noted that in the process of transportation, refueling, storage tanks in warehouses or in the tanks of vehicles existing fuel quantity of water and solids may exceed permissible levels. This is due to the natural ability of the fuel to accumulate water in contact with air and its pollution of atmospheric dust (including the abrasive nature of

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