Yarsy of Topol


As part of the continuing modernization of the Strategic Missile Forces, in Teykovskogo missile formation 54y Guards Missile Division until the end of this year, the bill intrudes second regiment equipped with the latest PGRK "yars." Launcher of the complex is equipped with MIRV (Separate multiple independently targetable reentry) power of warheads is 150-300KT of TNT. It is also used in the product development in the past to overcome the enemy's defense and make it inaccessible to the available means of defense of any potential enemy. That is why the enemy so obsessed places its missile defense system

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Southern Railway (JZ) has opened after reconstruction Krasnohrad station in Kharkiv region.

Southern Railway Station opened after reconstruction in Krasnohrad

It was reported "SQ" in the press service of the Southern Railway. Work on the reconstruction of the railway station and the entire infrastructure Krasnohrad station began in 2011 with the introduction of high-speed traffic on the site Kiev — Poltava — Krasnohrad — Lozovaja — Donetsk. Electrification of the ways the station and the reconstruction of the pedestrian bridge (the device gatherings on all platforms) are still ongoing.

According to the press service, the station building was built in the late 19th century. Now this facility meets all modern requirements.

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School of Buryatia started to get buses with safety belts

The new buses are equipped with a navigation system GLONASS and seat belts, began to come into the school as part of the modernization of the republican system of education, told RIA Novosti on Friday a representative of the government.

"A total of more than 46 million rubles purchased two dvadtsatidvuhmestnyh pyatnadtsatimestnyh and 28 buses equipped with GLONASS system, seat belts and speed limiter, which is installed on all vehicles by organized transport of children," — he said.

The winner of the first of the 30 cars Peugeot Boxer became a boarding school Verhneilinskogo Zaigraevsky

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CTZ delivers a large shipment of bulldozers Rosleskhoz

Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant completes the annual production program supplies a large batch of bulldozers.

Until the end of December the company will ship fire-chemical stations FFA more than 50 units. Most of them — 34 tractor — sent to the regions of the Urals and Siberia. In the geography of supply and there is a remote Magadan region.

All machines are equipped with attachments used in the construction of shelter belts, and protection from falling trees.

By order of Foresters of Perm Krai three bulldozers equipped with radios. This option, according

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CMP equipped with new systems of control of raw materials

At the Cherepovets Steel Mill, which is part of the group "Severstal" ends the program for the conversion and the addition of several new control points incoming raw materials to the plant. The program, worth 150 million rubles, include projects to build a rail and truck scales.

In addition, the complete reconstruction of the existing truck scales at the plant, which will allow better control of the flow of materials within the plant and ensure that the quality of scrap was appropriate. Precision instruments will determine the composition of the scrap, the extent of his littered.

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ChMZAP released a new semi-trailer

Chelyabinsk Machinery Plant trailers presented vysokoramny semi-trailer ChMZAP 99903-042K capacity of 56.5 tons for transportation of oversized cargo and heavy machinery.

Heavy load vysokoramny ChMZAP 99903-042K is equipped with a single-stage ramps with spring helper landing gear machinery for entry at an angle of 18 ° C. Platform length is 13,000 mm, width — 2040 mm (with retractable Konikov increased to 3000 mm). Balance-spring suspension.

Heavy load ChMZAP 99903-042K also equipped with:

fenders, stops for transportable equipment spare wheel lift, fuel tank 350 liters.

The service braking system EBS company WABCO.

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Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant increased exports to Ukraine

In January of this year CTZ your dealer exported to Ukraine two crawler pipe layer TS-12. One of the vehicles is equipped with a dozer blade. This will allow its use not only as a stacked pipes, but also for grading. The city Vasilevka that in the Zaporozhye region of Ukraine on the basis of the Closed Joint Stock Company "gonna" in 2011 created the SKD assembly production medium bulldozers B-12M-based kits CTZ. This greatly increased the competitiveness of the technology CTZ on the Ukrainian market. Currently, designers CTZ completed debug test front loader PK-46 four-cylinder engine equipped

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A unique complex of physical culture and sports opened in Fokino (Bryansk region)

June 1, the International Children's Day, in the district Shibenets Fokino opened a sports training center "Triumph".

In the teaching and sportivnomtsentre versatile game room equipped for team competitions in basketball, volleyball, futsal, rooms for weightlifting, bodybuilding and general physical training, swimming pool. All rooms are equipped with modern sports complex sports equipment.

Such complexes in Bryansk was not there before. It is equipped with everything necessary for physical training of people with disabilities: there is a special elevator and lift for diving into the pool, showers and toilets.

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UAZ Patriot 2012

New UAZ Patriot (UAZ-3163) — a car with four-wheel drive off-road (coupe). The car has an all-metal five-door body shop of the box and is designed for everyday use on all types of road surfaces of roads (both on the pavement so the dirt).

New UAZ Patriot 2012 is produced in three basic trim levels: Classic, Limited and Comfort. The most common build — Version Classic, it is equipped with power steering, adjustable steering column, audio system, central locking, cloth upholstery of the seats and door panels. Options Limited has a number of differences:

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Tu-204SM started certification tests

In Zhukovsky began certification testing of prospective passenger aircraft Tu-204SM, developed by JSC "Tupolev" and produced "Aviastar-SP".

The first test flight of the airliner took place on December 29 at the Ulyanovsk region. "The aircraft is equipped with a new Russian engine PS-90A2, which has already been certified Aviation Register of Interstate Aviation Committee Aviation Regulations AP-33, to the maximum extent harmonized with European standards. The aircraft is also equipped with a completely new auxiliary power unit "- quoted by ITAR-TASS as saying Director CDB" Tupolev "Valery Solozobova.

The bulk of the tests will have

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