Entrepreneurs urged to finish the work of the Minsk oblast markets

Interlocutor told, now entrepreneurs have received a warning about increase from September 10, rental of retail space.According to Viktor Gorbachev, increasing rental rates three to six times held in a closed joint-stock company "Exhibition Centre" Aquabel "Minsk district, also in the markets in Borisov, Dzerzhinsk, Molodechnensky, Soligorski and other areas."Who held mass meetings of protest — says Viktor Gorbachev — entrepreneurs require the owners to explain the economic justification markets distraught appreciation.For example, the administration of the market in Borisov public company "Gerakombel" filed a bill payment at the rate of 18.5 euros per square meter. So makarom, rents for

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Gomel: Joint Stock Company SANTEP declared null

As acknowledged by the Director of "SANTEP" Vladimir Barber, the main products of the company — iron enamelware — not done for four months. To create dishes lacks inverse funds. Loss for the first quarter amounted to almost 400 million rubles. Dismissed 85 people. More than two-thirds of the equipment is outdated. Payables "SANTEPu" exceeded 12 billion rubles. Cash assistance, countries did not have a good result, and new projects rejected because of lack of investors.Next loan stock company executive committee refused to give. Upcoming fate of the enterprise will be resolved in the Commercial Court.

More than $ 5 billion in Russia has attracted private equity fund in 2012


More than five billion dollars could bring in the new structure of the Russian economy — private equity funds. Today, his head presented to the President of the report for the year. Vladimir Putin called on to deal with the outflow of capital from Russia and spoke in favor of that information to investors was as objective as possible.

Private equity fund established in January of last year, and the word "direct" in its name is the key. This means that the finances are directed mainly to industry and infrastructure, that is, in

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Fall of liberal democracies

The law of motivation capital

Pointed remark of the 1st of the classical political economists that at 300 per cent of profit from capital "mind-blowing" and he is ready to go to any crime, again supported by a global scale. And frenzied time of success of the strengths of this world again destroy the basis of its own prosperity.

Not somewhere, and from the report of the Office of the U.S. Congress on the budget that for the period 1979-2007 the annual income of the rich — 1% of the U.S. population — have grown by 275%, and a handful

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India has developed its counterpart AK-47

The country wants to run it in creation recently. Indian gunsmiths recognize that it was created under the influence of the famous Kalashnikov assault rifle, but still is a unique development.

New automatic called "assault rifle Tiruchirapalli" and at the moment is factory tests with the role of military engineers and India. Initially automatic made to the police, but in the next, and it can give to the army.

The effective range of fire machine — 400 meters, for comparison, AK-47 perfectly hits the target at a distance of approximately 700 meters.

India has been automatic its development, but

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