King’s interaction with American guitarists like Robert Cray and Stevie Ray Vaughan has been noted elsewhere in this feature – but it was in Britain that he would make an indelible mark before even setting foot on UK soil.

Eric Clapton, in particular, was such a devotee that he wanted to record a version of the blues standard Lawdy Mama in King’s style for Cream’s second album, 1967’s Disraeli Gears. In the event, producer Felix Pappalardi rewrote the melody and lyrics with his wife Gail Collins, the result being Strange Brew (the track, especially Clapton’s solo, still bore King’s stamp,

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Samples Pink Floyd stadiums

Eric Prydz is sitting at the bar in the patio of the hotel in Queens, sipping a beer and relaxing after traveling across the country. Swedish DJ and producer are very afraid to fly, so to get from Las Vegas (where he had a monthly contract to DJ sets from the Wynn Hotel) to New York (where he was a few hours will be performing at Electric Daisy Carnival), he had use the tour bus. «What I was really impressed — how different states are different from each other, — said Eric. — Everything here

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Achtung! Eric Spiekermann

Instead of running the risk of making your brain hurt trying to get to grips with the sheer amount of information being processed by Big Data, dip into Asimov’s sci-fi to understand the why…

Instead of running the risk of making your brain hurt trying to get to grips with the sheer amount of information being processed by Big Data, dip into Asimov’s sci-fi to understand the why…

We live in the physical world where we have headaches, birthdays, houses, jobs, traffic jams, architectural magazines and all sorts of material possessions that keep us occupied. What we do in this

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Botox revolution in Dutch men

Imagine that the banker or manager occupies a high position and receives a substantial salary, was fired from his job. Of course, he will do his best as soon as possible to regain the old status and income. But before you sit down at a computer to search for suitable vacancies and resume writing, extolling his professional and personal qualities, our hero will go to a plastic surgeon. What for? It turns out that a small cosmetic correction will boost his chance in the labor market, and will be an important condition for further professional achievements.

Until recently, there

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Eric hurricane caused flooding in the western Mexican state

July 10, 2013. Despite the fact that Pacific hurricane Eric the first category of danger after approaching the land was going down and lost its hurricane status, he could cause flooding in the western Mexican state of Nayarit. Flood victim was 44-year-old Mexican, who washed the flow of rainwater into the river flowed near Indio.

The police have information that during the movement of the hurricane on the Mexican coast, in the region of Jalisco lost three travelers. In their quest sent a group of rescuers, the task of verifying the banks of the Indio, where water rose

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Off the coast of Mexico formed Tropical Storm Eric

July 5, 2013. On the Pacific coast of Mexico is moving tropical storm "Eric". It was reported on Thursday, experts from the National Center for monitoring hurricanes in Miami / Florida, United States /.

According to them, the storm is currently located 225 km from the city of Acapulco and moving toward the mainland at 19 kilometers per hour. The wind speed reaches its epicenter 75 kilometers per hour. According to the forecast meteorologists in the next 48 hours "Eric" can gain traction.

Earlier, at the western coast of Mexico hurricanes formed "Cosmic" and "Delilah", which in a short time

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Incredible UFO Photo in St. Louis




This image was shot by Christina Minard (Kristina Minard) Dunevan and Eric (Eric Dunevant), they sent the picture to Michael Rutherford (Michael Rutherford, UK UFO Investigator), who sent me this picture, this photo was taken in Forest Park (St. Louis, USA ) 28.02.2004. (photo)

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Eric Johansson. Creating illusions

A professional photographer and retoucher from Sweden Eric Johansson (Erik Johansson) lives and works in Berlin. Inspired by the works of Salvador Dali, Escher and Rob Gonzalez He creates amazing pictures.

It is not devoid of humor photo manipulation by using a graphical editor of his own photos taken, make wider look at things and realize that the world around is limited only by the scope of our imagination.


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Houdini trick declassified American




The organizers of the exhibition in advance warn those who do not want to know the secrets Illusionists excited: Museum of Appleton, Wisconsin, gives the secret "Metamorphosis," one of the most famous tricks of the great Harry Houdini. In the course of the show Houdini, handcuffed, placed

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Volga-Akhtuba floodplain facing lack of water



14.05.12.Volgo-Akhtuba floodplain faces a catastrophic lack of water

— Energy not promise this year flood in the floodplain, — says the head of a rural settlement Sredneakhtubinsky Kuibyshev district Vladimir Surkov. — Warns that we did not expect the big water. We were ready. But do not think that it would be so small.

On Saturday morning, dumping water on the Volga hydroelectric stopped. It lasted only seven days. And for normal filling floodplain to 15. The water was fast, before our eyes, to leave. By noon, dropped by a meter. For Saturday and Sunday — two

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