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In artillery no room for error

— Vladimir Mikhailovsky Military Artillery Academy has more than 192 years of glorious history, rich traditions. Let’s start with how it was created a unique university as it develops …

— The idea of ​​establishing in Russia a military artillery academy belongs to Count Peter Shuvalov, went down in history as an outstanding statesman and military leader. He proceeded from the fact that Russia is experiencing an acute need for personnel able to interpret the military science. About military science Shuvalov said that it is necessary «as the reasonable soul is the body.» These words are no less relevant today.

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Computer error: reliable digital processing

Valves give way to transistors

Various ingenious ways of operating were developed to ensure that the machine would work for a sufficient interval to achieve useful results. The LEO I computer of 1951 demonstrated that computers could move out of secret military establishments and universities into the commercial world, giving rise to the first business machines. However, the dubious reliability and large physical size of these early machines, not to mention their enormous power requirements, kept them firmly fixed in large, well-ventilated rooms.

In 1953, the world’s first computer using transistors became operational at Manchester University. It used 92 point-contact

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Boris Nemtsov: approximation of independence of Kosovo — a mistake Bush

Nemtsov: "I do not know why your president has decided to accelerate the process of Kosovo’s independence. I do not think that Kosovo is a real problem of America. Kosovo — is the problem in Europe. On days of Putin during a conversation with Saakashvili in St. Petersburg asked the Georgian president, whether he supports Russia’s position on Kosovo. And that said Saakashvili? Obviously so.If the U.S. will press to translate the Ahtisaari plan regarding Kosovo, I think it would be a big mistake Bush. Putin will use this error to support separatists in countries around Russia. In primarily in

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Deadly mistakes watch online

Over the past decade, science and technology has made a revolution in the world of surgery. Operations in the heart actually became commonplace. But if the unexpected happens, then a weak link in the operating room, usually are not medicines and equipment, doctors and nurses. All since Extreme criteria no one is immune from mistakes. At critical moments brain fails. Appears question: Is it possible to do something, so that in moment the disaster was still a chance to save the situation? This question life and death. In the program Dr. Kevin Fong (Kevin Fong) knows how our brain

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Guilty Without Guilt watch online

Approximately 5% (40 thousand man) Get sentenced to prison for crimes they did not commit. Legal and judicial mistakes — as annoying though it may sound, is not unique in our justice. Often these errors are breaking open the rest of his life an innocent man. On the example of several incidents creators try to identify places feeble Russian justice, and even make a kind of "abstract" — how to behave man, victim of a similar error.


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Re-registration of Internet resources — the number of 16:7

Society Passed state registration of about 16,000 Internet resources. 7,000 applications rejected.Belarusian State Inspection on Telecommunication (BelGIE) considering another 2,000 applications, BelTA learned from head of the department of information technology Andrei Silich.

Silich also named the main reasons for rejected applications:

grammar mistakes mismatch error information when filling out forms.

The state registration of online resources provided by the Council of Ministers № 644 of April 29, 2010 "On some issues of improving the use of the national segment of the World Wide Web."



Ministry of Foreign Affairs: we are pleased to perceive apologies UN leadership

Society Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Savinykh said that the UN apologizes to Belarus and withdrew the charges against Belarus in relation to the supply of three suspects armed helicopters in Côte d'Ivoire to the forces of the actual head this country Laurent Gbagbo.March 2nd Deputy Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations Alain Le Roy took on the responsibility for our mistake and apologized to the representative of Belarus to the UN Zinaida Kollontay.

Andrei Savinykh said: "We are pleased to perceive apologies UN leadership, which were sent to the Belarus' an official note, and announced yesterday during a briefing by the Under-Secretary-General

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Ural pensioner died, getting a giant bill for utility services — forgot a comma

In the city of Pervouralsk crawled sinister rumors: the local press reported the sudden death of the pensioner, was discovered lying on the floor and contract in hand receipt for utilities. This gave rise to the assumption that the woman died from the shock of receiving a huge bill from the management company.

Pensioner died in the Urals, getting huge bill for utility services — forgot a commaREN TV

Some publications even claimed that such deaths were two. However, the second part is not reported, suggesting that this is just an exaggeration.

As for the death of the

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In England, was found 400-year-old Bible


Thanks to the error made while printing, the experts were able to identify in the Bible has been stored in the church of the English countryside Hilmarton, Wiltshire, edition, whose age stravlyaet 400 years.

According to Reuters, the publication was kept in the church Hilmartona the last half century, and they are little used. Perhaps because of this, it has survived to the present day. Ministers of the house noticed that the Bible is very old, but her exact age could not be determined, and therefore decided

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The latest news from Sergei Apina: What went wrong …



Hello everyone! Today I want to reveal to you the results of the investigation of his error with the date of KS Recapitulation of 2012 showed that in the year I got 4 digits indicating a different date, but interpreted them correctly. This was possible only because the date is 13.11. She was well supported by that I did not have even thought of in doubt, and the signs I interpreted as punishment for the lack of activity. However, it

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