Reproduction shrubs


Autumn — the most favorable time for breeding bushes. Variants of reproduction — a lot. Which to choose? Decide for yourself.


Most of the shrubs growing over time and forms with a variety of shrubs, at root suckers. This jasmine, lilac, snowberry, garden roses, bobovnik.

What to do? Around the bush dig the groove depth of 20-25 cm. Then, holding the shovel vertically, sharp blow and cut off part of the bush. It can then be divided into smaller parts.

In isolated parts of the division of the bush, cut the shoots (you can cut 1/3 of

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Escape pripyatstvy

The story that happened in 1962 with the most famous and impregnable prison United States (and perhaps the world), called The Great Escape. And -One of the main mysteries in the history of the American penal system.

Evening of January 3, 1960 the sky over San Francisco Bay was alarmingly red. A cold wind blew from the ocean to Frank’s face. He was sitting in a small boat, who had just set sail from the coast. Hands in handcuffs, on the contrary — the convoy. Frank knew that the last time looking at the ocean like this, without a

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«The great advantage of a hotel is that it’s a great refuge from homo life. «Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw once sold. And so it is. The hotel offers us an escape from our dally routine – a world of protracted rain-soaked commutation (depending on where you call home), underpaid work (which, lets it, applies to everyone, for who among us thinks they are overpaid?), and a never-ending cycle of domestic chores. Hotels feature in many of our happiest memories: namely, honeymoons and vacations. The hotel, for two weeks a year, is a portal to a better place. Unless, of

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End of the world will survive in Asha’s?


26.05.12.V our area settled pilgrims, confident that you can escape from the apocalypse in the Southern Urals. They settled in the village of Whetstone, near Asha.

This is a small group of women and men from Orenburg, Magnitogorsk, and Peter, who found each other on the Internet. In the dead of Yuzhnouralskaya village made them move to fear imminent apocalypse. They believe that living here, driving pacified life, engaged in farming and animal husbandry, you can escape from the coming end of the world. Add chtopalomniki not consider themselves to any religious movement.

Source: Metro

In India, as a result of rainfall killed 31 people, forced thousands to flee their homes to escape the elements

Over the weekend as a result of rains that hit the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, 31 people died and thousands were forced to leave their homes and go to the north to escape the disaster. According to local authorities, 13 people died because of the collapse of the roofs of the houses in the town of Mirzapur, and another 18 people — around Dzhaunpur. Inundated more than 50 villages. Rescue operation hampered by incessant rains, many villages are cut off from the outside world. The water level in the rivers around the state of Uttar Pradesh, including the

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Resident Evil. All five films.

In the giant underground laboratory to the will of the dangerous virus breaks out, instantly turning its victims into ravenous zombies. Just one bite or scratch their terrible claws man to become crazed hog flesh. Sent to a secret military complex, teeming with horrible mutant animals and hungry monsters, special forces group, joined Alice charming and brave police officer Matt. They have only three hours to destroy the virus before it spreads across the earth …

Resident Evil 5 RETRIBUTION

Deadly T-virus, created in laboratories corporation "Umbrella", continues to capture the Earth, transforming the global population

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One in the ocean (Escape from the Soviet Union). Online

The hero of one of the most high-profile political events of the epoch of stagnation, which has long suppressed in the Soviet Union — Thank KURILOV (1936 — 1998), who committed to the 1974 escape from aboard the liner "Soviet Union" en route from the port of Vladivostok. No food or drink, not having marine equipment, Glory KURILOV swam in the ocean for almost three days.

He was still alive, clambered ashore Philippine island of Siargao, and then in the Soviet Union was declared a state criminal, and the West

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Leaving the water will escape Maldives Bangladeshi sand

The Government of the Maldives, a tiny island nation in the Arabian Sea, requested in Bangaldesh sand to use it to escape from the rising sea levels, said on Tuesday the newspaper Business Standard. The Maldives is made up of 1.2 thousand islands and coral atolls. This country with a population of less than 400,000 people is one of the most "low" states of the world — its average height above sea level does not exceed 1.5 meters. Meanwhile, scientists predict that sea levels by 2100 could rise by about half a meter. Bangladesh, in turn, does not know what

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Submarine for Napoleon …

November 2, 2012 7:46

In 1814, after the defeat in the war with Russia, the French emperor was deposed and exiled to the island of Elba, which is in the Mediterranean Sea. However, being able to deceive him oversight of the commissioners, Napoleon in 1815 with the help of his soldiers captured ships stationed in the port, and landed in France. The popularity of the emperor of the people was so great that he never had a serious resistance. Yet, June 18, 1815 his forces were defeated …

After that Napoleon surrendered to the British and was exiled to

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Lightning — What is lightning and how to act during a thunderstorm

Incredibly useful and informative article about the lightning serve as an excellent (text) supplement this film. What is lightning, where he directs his rank and how to behave during a thunderstorm. I'm sure it's necessary for you to know!

Lightning — it's a spark of electrostatic charge cumulus clouds, accompanied by a blinding flash and a sharp sound (thunder).

Danger. Lightning discharge is characterized by high currents, and its temperature reaches 000 degrees to 300. The tree is split by a lightning strike, and even catch fire. The

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