A round-up of the latest photography books on the market

• ON STAGE by Michael Nether, £29.90 Michael Nether has, at least according to the introduction to this book, had a varied and stimulating career in various fields of photography. You wouldn’t really know it based on the evidence provided here. This book focuses exclusively on his work photographing musicians and other celebrities on stage. The result is a drab, monotonous affair, picture after picture of unfocused, greyscale famous faces, an inordinate number of which seem to have been caught at especially unflattering moments.



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Liberty Poll: rising more care?

Lady "The most important thing — it rents, as products. "L: "All, especially for products from milk, for bakery products on oil".Guy: "For beer, for apartments, for gas, the light — all."Lady: "On food in towns malehankih not controlled prices. Especially bread is very expensive, most affordable product for the poor. Here in Minsk bread more or less decent can be purchased at an affordable price. And we in Smorgon expensive."Reporter: "Found a price increase?"Lady: "Of course, of course! What we have added, then taken away, like people durachiny do not understand anything. All behold the great all."Dzyadok: "We are

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35 Weeks Pregnant


Check withobstetrician-gynecologist all issues related to the upcoming birth — you may need to be hospitalized inpre-hospital (especially with plans to caesarean section). Engage in one hospital. It is advisable to learn more about the methods of pain relief in labor, choosing a posture for delivery. In advance Find out whether you allow the presence of a husband or other relatives in childbirth in your chosen hospital.

If you are going to enter into a contract for the delivery and give birth to "their" doctor, get choice of a suitable hospital or insurance company.


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The festivities existence in Austria (18 +)

Attention! Not Recommended to anyone, especially pregnant women and people with unstable mentality. A sample of contemporary Western art from the series — "RAZVIDET"


Blood — a great power, especially in art, artist Hermann Nitsch convinced.

Instead of red paint he uses the blood and slaughter of animals for him — an integral part of the creative process, which really looks like a very ancient blood rituals.

In his castle in Austria Printsendorf he spends like orgy of activities that he calls "the festivities of existence."

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From the Philippines received a message about floods and landslides

September 24, 2013. An echo of the visit Typhoon Usagi Philippine islands were numerous reports of flooding and landslides, especially in the province of Zambales. According to unconfirmed reports, in the province of high water and mudslides killed at least 22 people. List of missing persons has more than a dozen people.

It is also known that about 18 Filipinos have been victims of two separate landslides in villages Vavandu and San Indro near the town of Subic. Landslides are completely isolated the region from the major roads that might come in the form of rescue aid. However,

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In the village of Red Nenets Autonomous District opened a new fitness center

FLC opened in Red just in time, in the village are many who want to play sports, and most importantly, a thing of the past problem with holding physical education in school, especially as Krasnov students traditionally occupy leading positions in the district competition. Grant funds allocated from the budget of the county, near the gym built obstacle course. The plans of the local administration to do around FOCA treadmill to land improvement and planting trees.

— For the whole village is a huge event — says a resident of Red Love Levchakova. — This is a great gift. Now

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The new equipment is installed at the meteorological station of Primorye

Experts Primgidrometa installed and mounted on the upper-air meteorological station in Sadgorod actinometric automated system for monitoring the work of the Sun. The equipment is still working in test mode.

The new equipment arrived in the spring of this year Primgidromet project "Modernization and technical re-organizations and institutions Hydromet."

Data obtained instrument of great importance for many sectors of the economy, and for the life of man, because rapid growth of energy resources made especially urgent environmental problems that forced along with the need to address energy an alternative source of energy — solar radiation. That’s why

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Abnormal horoscope for wooden monkey




Groskopy loved by all. Well, maybe not all the polls, but many. This is understandable — who among us does not want to look ahead at least one eye? No wonder astrological sites are among the most visited on the Internet, and the products of this kind gives the possibility of eavesdropping. Another thing is that the prophets and diviners often wrong. Let

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Russian wiki-projects

In January 2013 marks the 4-year Russian wiki-projects, which are developed by our countrymen, and not financed by foreign donors —Wiki talkand Tsiklopedii.

The first wiki-project User User — an alternative site "Lurkomore", which contains a significant abuse in many articles, especially those related to Russia. Editorial seeks to minimize obscene language, the use of Russian language instead of Internet slang to describe events on the Internet. The articles are not offended by Russian and pro-Russian remains a point of view, especially to bloggers, users Youtube and VKontakte. An example of a blogger article —

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Residents Asbestos suffocate because of burning peat. Video


13.12.12.O breath of fresh air Ganetdin Yumangulov now only dream of. For his window for the second month the smoke is let loose. Just a few meters from the house of a pensioner burning peat. In the whole area of the smoke screen of asbestos.

Its inhabitants now the doctors do not get out. Especially difficult asthma, but even those who have not suffered respiratory problems, started having health problems. Asbestos in the middle of winter declared fire hazard. It would seem, for forest fires are not in season. But only Asbestovsky firefighters surprised: they have the

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