How to see objects woven ethereal matter and etheric body?

January 15, 2012 17:25

In addition to the objects we see around us in the physical reality, there are more subtle objects and living beings, which are woven from finer etheric matter. There is also the etheric body … On the existence and definition of "etheric matter and etheric body" has been much debate in the scientific community of the 19th century. We will not go into the philosophical conclusions about the existence or non-existence of etheric matter, as well as its nature and origin, unnecessarily goal of our training is practical development of super-powers, not their rationale.


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Navigator. Telluric radiation

Telluric radiation — perhaps there is an unknown type of radiation coming out of the ground and causing a number of diseases among the inhabitants of the place of radiation. In 1930, Paul released G.fon interesting fact related to the fact that they all observed cancer patients slept in places where the dowsing rods sharply declined.

Then, and speculation about the radiation from the earth of some pathogenic rays, which was called telluric (tellus — Latin for earth). Over the past few years since efforts E.Hartmanna, M.Kurri and other researchers identified the network, the nodes of which are the

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Why illness and misfortune are afraid amulet?

Among the huge variety of objects around us are those who are constantly concerned about maintaining our health and longevity. This power objects, and, simply put, talismans, amulets, and talismans. However, the use of their rituals have their secrets … Axiom proven: it is better to be rich and healthy than poor and sick! Better yet, if wealth and health are combined with what is called happiness.

Then why are many of us for so long (sometimes lifetime), we have to lead the way to the three components of success in life? First of all, because we do not

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