Forest correspondent

On the 100th anniversary of EV Forester-Dubrovsky

Quite suddenly bearing down from the west cloud, lightning flashed and thunder rolled lingering in the sky. I hurriedly got up from the mossy hummocks and zasobiralsya home.

— Where are you going?

— Vymoknem to the skin.

Evhen glanced at the sky darkened in the lake and said:

— Do not be afraid: no rain.

I could not believe it: it said Forester. Thunder boomed even several times, but the rain held off. Then we had a long walk along the shore of the lake, and I was surprised at the

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Student in Mogilev was reprimanded for demanding lawyer

Eugene Boyko was in the midst of detained 20 activists who tried to make September 8 days of celebration of the Belarusian Military Glory in Forest Park Lubuskie Mogilev.Midst of detainees had a lot of students of the institute. The next morning the young man is a day or failed to reach Krapivensky field. Policemen dropped him out of the train Mogilev — Orsha.As said "Freedom" sovereign Boyko, soon after the arrest to the students began to come KGB and talk one on one.To him personally addressed student from the Faculty of Foreign Languages Ales — asked to attend during

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One of the applicants, European March Ya.Afnagel — in Akrestsin

Mingorispolkom bureaucrats have not agreed to the option that offered the applicants — the route from October Square Independence Avenue to the structure of the State Library. The applicants were told that people still will come to share and will be collected about Yanka Kupala. As a result, bureaucrats were asked to give them a day to make a decision and set up a meeting on October 9 to 12 hours. Afnagel detained almost few minute after, as he left the building the City Committee. He was taken to the Central Tribunal district of Minsk, where Tatiana Paulyuchuk referee sentenced

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Farewell to Eugene Budinas

Farewell held in Eugene made Budinas cultural and historical complex "Dudutki." Gathered here many people, they brought a huge amount of colors. The coffin of the deceased placed near the mill — a place that he loved.Farewell friends had read Budinas — Yuri Khaschevatsky, Nyaklyayeu Yuri Khadika Alexander Starikevich and others.Then the procession went to the crematorium.The remains will be buried in Eugene Budinas "Dudutki" in his covenant.• Wreath memory Eugene Budinas, 4.10.2007

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Eugene Budinas: Hunt at least in my old age read about love

Eugene Budinas often outstripped time before he became the other traders, managers, personal publisher.Says the poet Gennady Buraukin:

Gennady Buraukin: "He was a man with principles, a very clear sense of truth and justice"

"To me he was a journalist colleague, amazing, profound. Even in those stagnant times he tried to" get "in the depth of the problem. Dudutki that he, so to speak, organized, and what he later seized — it is very fascinating experience (which I think is still studied) — which sprouts a new born and how, unfortunately, they trampled stupid, deaf bureaucrats. And the fact

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Wreath memory Eugene Budinas

He was born in Moscow on February 18, 1944. Immediately after the war, the family moved to Vilnius, where he passed his childhood Eugene.After high school, he entered the Institute of Radio Technology in Ryazan (Our Fatherland), which, but was expelled for his own opposite character. Within years such as graduated Institute in Minsk, where he lived after long years almost without leaving.In his work book written more than 30 professions — from the builder and manager of a huge building management to control the publishing company "Polifakt."Chairman of the Belarusian PEN Center Nyaklyayeu poet met with Yevgeny Budinas first

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In Grodno Kalinouski student arrested on 5 days

In October district court of Grodno referee Lyudmila Beetle asked the police — what neprelichnymi words called them at detention Eugene Skrabutan? On the battlefield was indicated in the protocol.Detained Skrabutan local inspectors Gennady Pyshinsky and Victor Adereyko. First said that there were "dangers performance penalty" and "send away the danger," the second said that he heard swearing, and I quote, "with the introduction of the genitals."Complaining such explanations satisfied. Although Eugene Skrabutan said that does not use neprelichnoy battle, he was put on 5 days.Our radio Eugene talked to him, for which he was arrested on Actually:"I brought stickers"

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Situation in Minsk will be kept under control 40 cameras

"We are ready to provide order and to prevent the commission of crimes. No overlap, no limitations may be furthermore foreseen that the law. We will not tolerate atrocities, we believe that we have a conscious, benevolent people ", — told reporters Eugene Paludzen. Yet no additional restrictions on election day in Minsk will not. This was stated by the chief of the cerebral control of law enforcement and prevention of the Interior Ministry, managing situational-operative staff made an election, Eugene Paludzen, responding to a question about possible measures to prevent the September 28 evening unauthorized opposition rally on October

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Activists forced off the train Mogilev-Orsha

Middle of the detainees — Managing urban white cell CompanyRussian language Oleg Diachkov, youth activists Eugene Boyko and Evgeny Suvorov. Clearly the number of detainees is unknown yet.The department conducted an inspection of the police personal belongings activists. Circumstances of the detention is not called the police.

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