Foreign Ministry criticized the launch Euronest without Belarus

Society "The launch of Euronest in an incomplete format is contrary to the principles adopted at the Eastern Partnership Summit in Prague in 2009, and completely undermines the democratic legitimacy of the Union" — said in comments released by Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Savinykh Belarus.

The statement was made on the occasion of the beginning of the Euronest without Belarus.

"We have to say that a group of politicians in the European Parliament imposed a worst-case scenario for the start of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Eastern Partnership. The Republic of Belarus can not be bound approaches and solutions Euronest

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Belarusian delegation to Euronest will not

Society The Constituent Assembly will be held without Euronest delegation of Belarus in March or April. ERB about it the head of the delegation of the European Parliament in EURONEST Christian Vigenin. According to him, the European Parliament agreed to start work without Belarus, and there is no reason to delay.

Vigenin"All efforts to ensure the full participation of Belarus were completely crossed the Belarusian authorities in the primary election day on December 19 and their subsequent actions. So Belarus itself excluded from the process. In light of the events in the southern Mediterranean has a majority in the European

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EuroNest Belarusian delegation will meet with no

Society Conference of Presidents of the European Parliament political factions agreed to convene the first meeting of Euronest without the Belarusian delegation.

This solution adopted February 10 unanimously. Euronest meeting will be held without the representatives of civil society and Parliament of Belarus. Euronest meeting may be held in March.

"I hope this is only a transient state, not a final decision. Parliamentarians from Belarus are welcome, but only when free elections recognized the world, will become a reality. We need to see where the democratic process ", — said chairman Evraparlementa Jerzy Buzek, sends PAP.

Previously it was

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Finally earn a EuroNest?

Society January 14 in Brussels will host the first meeting of the working group to establish the concept of Euronest. On it are going to review the documents already prepared by the European Parliament, and to determine which documents should develop a group.

To date Euronest Parliamentary Assembly, or 33 countries, and is not working. Although in March will be a year as European policy makers have launched this project. Holding back his Belarus — its representation in the new international organization is still to be determined.

With the other 32 states no such problem: each sent a EuroNest

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