War in Europe.

Regrettably, with an the diplomatic efforts exhausted, NATO finally took military action against Yugoslavia (see Fragile Peace in Kosovo, April, p4) on Wednesday, March 24. US Special Envoy Richard Holbrooke made a last-ditch attempt to secure peace when he met with Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic in Belgrade on March 22, but an agreement could not be reached and two days later the NATO air raids commenced.

NATO has amassed a huge armada of aircraft in Italy. Many of them were initially grouped there as part of Operation Deliberate Forge in support of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1199 (passed on

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Back in the day. the words ‘European hotels’ used to conjure up images of shoebox-sized spaces. Times have definitely changed since then, the newly refurbished De L’Europe or better known as the ‘Royal Palace of Amsterdam’, offers nothing short of the best comfort, stylishness, culture and amenities alongside an attractive view to bask in. With a whopping 61 million restoration, De L’Europe is the epitome of Amsterdam chic. Originally built in

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Black Death


After enjoying generations of sunshine and warmer climes, Europe had undergone an unprecedented population boom that saw more people living on the continent than ever before. At the turn of the first millennium there were 24 million people in Europe, and by 1340 this had reached 54 million.

Entire countries were straining at the edges of their farmlands and eating into the forests, and the availability of food was beginning to reach the limits of population support. A dire evil, however, stalked the land, just as the Little Ice

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Public initiative of Belarus — the Council of Europe supported the European March

"We believe that all the supporters of the euro selection Belarus merged, and this will force us to reckon with the official authority. Good opportunity for association — European March, which are going to come and our activists, "- said one of the initiators of public campaign Igor Rinkevich.Activists public initiatives announced reprisals against supporters of the euro choice of the authorities. "10’s people recently arrested for march invented disorders such neprelichnaya abuse or insubordination. Involve the authorities to intimidate our supporters," — said Igor Borisov businessman from Glacier. He said that as part of the police and does not

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Night Siege October 9

Explorer Web site blogs "Gaze" Ales Chajchyts talks with ant1killeram blogger who publishes in his diary reasoning entitled "Why Belarusians will come to the European March." ant1killer emphasis on social dilemmas: students abolished privileges, young spetsam lacks dwelling older people — wages, pensioners — pension. "But in Europe it’s different," — says the creator of the message.Ales Chajchyts commented: "The reader is invited to come to the conclusion that, as" Europe will come, "we all live happily and carefree. But nothing is free, and fabulous FEI too does not happen, like it wanted to. (…) Democratization and freeing the economy

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Belarus may become a member of the EU in 15 years

Tsigankov "Rada creators claim that the main task of this body will be to develop a strategic vision of the European integration of Belarus, the definition of certain political, economic, institutional, legal and information actions necessary for the establishment of European standards and training of Belarus to EU membership. As one of those people, who have agreed to enter into this parliament, how do you see the European perspective of Belarus? "Antipenko:" I think it can be. I hope and believe, Belarus someday become a member of the European Union. This can occur when 2-criteria — in-1-x, if we we

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A.Milinkevich: victory Tymoshenko bloc schematic for Belarus

"And Belarus, certainly, it is also fundamentally, because for us European orientation, European values mean a lot. And this victory, of course, support the Belarusian democratic forces in their pursuit of European civilization. "• "Lukashenko is very interested in the orange power in Ukraine.", 01.10.2007

Mogilev donors appealed to the Council of Europe to explain

In a letter addressed to the Secretary General of the Assembly Matteo Sarynasu Igor Kovalenko asked for clarification of the Belarusian donor policy Council of Europe about blood donation and plyazmy. Letter from the Secretary General of the Assembly Council of Europe Matteo SarynasuIts request Kovalenko argues that those Belarusian bureaucrats justify canceled benefits for donors requirement Council of Europe.In June, the symbol protest against the abolition of privileges Mogilev group donor week strike. In the end, the authorities have acknowledged cancellation of privileges, and later declared the preservation of the benefits to donors.In September, it became clear that the

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News of certain events September 19

Member of the movement "For Freedom" Ales Lahvinets clarifies that it blamed for disobeying police: "If its members were detained, then she asked the police department complaints book. Policemen did not give such abilities. Even detained. But after released and wrote a claim to the tribunal."***Now held in Minsk meeting of the Presidium of the Political Council United Democratic forces. Party Chairman BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka elaborates:"Coming campaign tentatively entitled" Election. " In addition, already entered a period of specific preparedness street actions as "European march" and later — "Soc march."Now *** 12 hours in the office of the BPF Party

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Will izymatelstvo for ladies over criminality?

The highest percentage of statistical abuse ladies in Europe raises the question of the recognition of domestic violence» and criminal crime. The purpose of the Council of Europe campaign — to provide support to victims and create new methods to combat domestic violence and».Once a year in the world of "personal reasons" clog 5 thousand ladiesAccording to experts of the Council of Europe, the organization leaders in solving problems Human Rights should the cessation of violence against the ladies through pamatsnenne liable for acts violently. The purpose — domestic violence described as criminal sin, to provide assistance to victims, including

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