Cold winters will become the norm because of the melting of Arctic ice

Last winter, in mid-January, a strong cold snap hit Central and Eastern Europe — the temperature dropped to -30 degrees Celsius, and the drifts rose to rooftops. Similar weather "adventure" in the past two years and experienced people in several cities in the eastern United States, such as Washington, New York and Philadelphia.

The scientists from the Laboratory of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Cornell University believe that in the future such events will occur more often. In their opinion, this is due to the sharp melting Arctic sea ice, which would lead to much more severe and rapid

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The planet is warming, and winters colder in Europe

"So what that the Arctic ice is melting? We do not live in the Arctic, "- so says the majority of the European population. Belief in global warming, the Europeans diminished after abnormally cold winters.

Convince people took Professor of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Cornell University, Charles Green and Senior Fellow Bruce Monger. According to scientists, the man in the street can hardly imagine how are certain processes in the atmosphere and oceans. In a scientific paper published in the Journal of Oceanography and colleagues argue that global warming and the melting of Arctic sea ice is directly related

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Farewell to Oleg Bebenin

Society 16:10 The body of Oleg Bebenina buried in Eastern Cemetery. The leader of the campaign "European Belarus" Andrei Sannikov addressed the memorial service. In particular, he said Oleg Bebenin was an excellent organizer and reliable man who lived for others.

Mr. Sannikov said that he felt an unbearable sense of loss. "I have received a large number of SMS messages and calls from around the world. People were amazed when they saw the beautiful, open face and Oleg. " Coordinator of "European Belarus" said Bebenin created one of the most popular Belarusian Internet sites. "

15:15 A memorial

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What will be the upcoming winter in Europe?

European countries have already experienced the first signs of winter. And it goes on the offensive. Small outbreaks of cold weather comes from Siberia will be celebrated in the west and in the center of continental Europe in the middle of winter and closer to spring, and the south of Spain, south-eastern Europe and the Mediterranean Basin expect storms. 

Winter temperature is below standards will be observed in countries such as the UK. Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain and Portugal. But the weather service assure that such severe and prolonged winter, like last year, Europe

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In Europe a powerful cyclone struck Peter

Snowfall is not abating and Europe. The countries of the region a powerful cyclone hit "Peter." In Italy frosts reach

-16 ° C. In Rome, frozen fountains, ice-covered roads. Snow was falling asleep on the beaches of Sicily and Sardinia. In Austria — 23 ° C. Municipal services are struggling with snowdrifts and ice. Recorded tracks, the trains run very late or not at all remain in custody. Snowfalls caused major problems for drivers and Germany. During the day, the country has 250 road accidents killed two people, injured more than 40. On the road — huge traffic jams. Intermittent

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Key West Russophobe myths

"Enlightened" with the West in the last few centuries continuously watered Russian mud. They did not hesitate to rusam attributed all his sins and diseases, totally lied, violent and everywhere.


Key Russophobe myths born in the West during the years of tsarist Russia

Author — Alexander Samsonov

It should be noted that the current myths about Russian Russo-phobic, which are common in the West and supported part of the Russian intelligentsia, were born not now, but in a very long time. More residents of the Old Russian state in the same Byzantine Empire was

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Contagion from Antarctica




In 1999, there was another significant event which, however, almost no one, except maybe the experts did not pay enough attention. What happened was the following: research expedition in Antarctica discovered a virus to which no immunity either in humans or in animals. But in the end, Antarctica is far and seems to be

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Died Andrew McIntosh


Andrew McIntosh

Died on Andrew McIntosh, a former chairman of the Subcommittee on Mass Media of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

Chaired by Andrew McIntosh hearing took place in Belarus in Strasbourg and international conferences on the subject of freedom of the Belarusian media. At the initiative of the Macintosh fall 2008 a group of members of the Belarusian Association of Journalists invited to speak in the House of Lords.

"In the face of Andrew McIntosh a free press throughout Europe, including and Belarus, has lost its real and true friend, "- commented on the

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Climate scientists have linked the frost in Europe with the melting ice in the Arctic

Strong and sustained cold that developed in much of central Europe, may be related to the melting of Arctic ice. As the Air Force, this conclusion makes some climatologists.

It is about the disappearance of huge amounts of pack ice in the Barents and Kara Seas in the north of Russia. This could lead to the emergence of the Arctic anticyclone, which was established over most of the continent. His victims were more than 350 people.

A huge area of high pressure that occurred in northern Russia, opened the way to Central and Western Europe, the cold winds from

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Europe in the grip of floods, strong winds and snowfall

In Europe, the raging storm. In Ostend, Belgium wind force reaches 110 km per hour, waves — three meters. At least one person was killed when a gust of strong wind collapsed part of the building. Rescue workers and police are on high alert. There have been numerous destructions cliffs lines.

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