Sidorsky goes to the European Union

As reported by Interfax, Sergei Sidorsky and the Prime Minister of Latvia Ivars Godmanis perceive the role the opening ceremony of the State Exhibition of Belarus in Latvia "Belarus-EXPO 2008". During the visit, scheduled talks between the governments of 2-one on one and in an expanded format, signing a number of Belarusian-Latvian interagency agreements.This is the first in recent years visit of Belarusian government in EU country.

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Poll: What configurations of Belarus reaches the European Union?

Young Man: "The European Union requests for democratic change. Respect the rights-independent unions. Returns Free Press -"Nasha Niva"And"Narodnaya Volya. "Release of political prisoners."Man: "That people lived well, I think so."Young Man: "Freedom our country. "Man: "I, frankly, do not do politics."Lady: "Freedom of speech and all other democratic appeals, which we have."Man: "Apparently, wish that Belarus joined the European Union. "Reporter: "What kind of configuration requests from the European Union to Belarus?"Young Man: "Even had never thought about it."Man: "It is not interested in this topic. And I do not know what they wish from us. I think, that we

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The Secretary-General of the CDU R.Pofalla asks for freedom and democracy in Belarus

General Secretary of the ruling Christian Democratic Party of Germany stressed that "Germany and the European Union must continue to demonstrate a tough attitude to rights violations human this country. But do not ignore cooperation with Minsk in case Belarusian management demonstrate its commitment to reform. "Middle of the main requirements of the European Union, on Pofalla, remain as before: the release of all political prisoners, including former presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin, the main political authorities respect human rights and freedoms. CDU Secretary General urged the representatives of the Belarusian opposition to consolidation. "Join forces with democratic parties and public

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Either there newcomer Berlin wall between the EU and Belarus?

The answer to this question can be a meeting on 15-16 September in Brussels of foreign ministers of the EU countries. One Fri meeting — the future political and economic sanctions against the regime Alexander Lukashenko. Unity is worth the change in attitudes to Europe Belarusian management, not even in the camp of the opponents of Alexander Lukashenko. Member of the Political Council of the United civilian party Alexander Dobrovolsky believes that the Belarusian regime — repressive entity on its own, so do not have to read that, even under the pressure of international society there will be something fundamentally

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Alexander Rahr: Lukashenko wants to balance the effects of RF exposure to the European Union

Drakakhrust"Last week, were released early and Paul Seviarynets Statkevich also Catherine Sadovskaya convicted of insulting the president. This week, members of the" Young Front "contrary to expectations, were sentenced to fines, not imprisonment. Also on this week were discontinued criminal proceedings against five youth activists.Namely the West and Europe called the release of political prisoners of mandatory condition to start the dialogue with Minsk, dialogue, intrigued in which Alexander Lukashenko clearly expressed first of this year, namely, in a interview with Alexander Raru. Official Minsk does not recognize the existence in the country palitzekav, presently MFA states that these steps

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Sergei Martynov mon may not be in Brussels

As saidabout agency DPA, the minister of foreign affairs of the Netherlands Maxime Verhagen, speaking yesterday in the Dutch parliament, said that his Belarusian Sergei Martynov employee should not be given a visa to come to the headquarters of the European Union in the subsequent Sat. If the Netherlands will hold firmly to this position, Mr. Martynov in Brussels does not get.This statement was made after, was announced as the invitation sent by Sergei Martynov, Benita Ferrero-Waldner, European Commissioner and a supporter of easing visa regime for people of Belarus. The invitation came in response to nedavneshnee release of political

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Followers of opposition parties met with the ambassadors of the European Union

Meeting favorites parties and the ambassadors of the European Union — the usual. Every few months the heads of diplomatic missions have agreed to open a discussion with favorites burning questions of democratic political movements.On This time meeting was faster information, notes favorite BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka:"It was devoted to summarizing the primary regional meetings. We are told about the meeting and perhaps more fundamentally — a substantial part of the planned Congress strategy of the united democratic forces, our vision of the political situation in the coming half-two years.On the part of the ambassadors had questions. Say about our system

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FM invited to Brussels

During the summit, the emperor Martynov plans to meet with EU Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner, manage foreign policy Javier Solana and the French Minister of Foreign Affairs Bernard Kouchner.According to Russian news agency RIA "Announcements", negotiations are a first step towards the removal of EU sanctions imposed on Belarusian authorities to 4 year reversed. The EU imposed visa restrictions against Belarusian bureaucrat including 41 Alexander Lukashenko for violation Human Rights and election fraud 2006. Brussels steps towards Minsk started after release all Belarusian political prisoners.

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H. Schmid: Belarus-EU business can expand

Schmid confirmed that the official Brussels, including its specific boss, EU High Representative in foreign policy Safety and Javier Solana, welcomed the release Alexander Kozulin, Sergei Parsyukevich and Andrei Kim.According to Schmid, EU countries have not yet discussed what specific steps Brussels should make towards Minsk. But she hinted that it may primarily Regarding visa sanctions against certain Belarusian officials.Schmid also given to understand that these reciprocal steps Minsk should not wait before parliamentary elections Belarus, which will be held on September 28. "If they are better than the last election campaigns Belarus is prydasts new impetus to our relations,

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Began a visit to Brussels Milinkevich

Topics of discussion will be the burning questions of the EU policy against Belarus, and the prospects for recovery of economic and political cooperation with a united Europe our state. Is scheduled to meet with the chairman of the Committee on international affairs European Parliament Jacek Saryusz-Wolski, also a favorite of the parliamentary faction of the European People’s Party — European Democrats Joseph Pressure, reports the press service of A.Milinkevich.During the days of Belarus in the European Parliament held an extensive discussion of the political Situation in Belarus and possible scenarios of its development. Role in discussing perceive MEPs, representatives

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