Over the next few months we will be bringing you up to date with the changes that have affected the European Air Forces over the past couple of years. It would not have been possible to do this accurately without the great support provided to us by our broad network of correspondents, to which we are indebted. Alan Warnes.

Part One covers Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzogovina, Bulgaria. Croatia. Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia and Finland.


IT IS clear that severe rationalisation will have to take place, and the Albanian Air Force (Forcat Ushtarake Ajore Shqipetaire) plans to trim

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The article by S. and J. Sapetina Priklonsky (1970) is fundamentally correct raised the question of the expediency of spring hunting. This problem has been discussed many times in the press, in favor of spring hunting is given a lot of arguments, which need not be repeated. In this case, we want to focus on the specifics of hunting of the European North, where spring hunting waterfowl and forest game has a special meaning. Under the European North, we understand the territory, including Murmansk and Arkhangelsk regions, Karelia and Komi.

Until now, these areas are somehow considered «fishing». About

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«Cossacks» (the West European Wars: Warlord’s Style)

The essence of the Cossacks Writing a Letter to the Turkish Sultan.

Features: manic study of 3D-models, 16 stunningly beautiful architectural styles, the emphasis on tactics, a complex system of formations 300 upgrades permit up to 1600h1024.

In short: an intricate «international» title of European Wars: Warlord’s Style secret known to many «Cossacks», real-time strategy authorship Kiev team GSC Game World. «Cossacks» Western publisher found and turned into real beauties who are not ashamed to appear in polite society WarCraft- and C&C-clones.

The strategy is called «historical» and offers the choice to lead the armies of 16 different countries,

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Carving a classic European womans face

The model for this project is a typical white northern European woman. Donna is a professional model who has very little body fat and a rather angular face with few lines. Despite her leanness, there is very little visual evidence of the anatomy of the face. This is due to the fact that many of the differences among women’s faces are the results of bone structure and fat deposits, not the muscles that support the face.

Tool choice

The tools that can be used to carve this face are many and varied. Long experience has shown me that many of

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VF Shishmarev Romance languages ​​SOUTH-EAST EUROPE AND THE NATIONAL LANGUAGE Moldavian SSR


Modern romance philology sets the eastern Romagna Romanesque two types of speech: Western submitted Dalmatian language, disappeared at the end of the XIX century., And east, which could be called conditionally-Balkan Romance. This second type are still alive.

Its inclusion in the group of Romance languages, but not all was enough motivated. Thanks to it a considerable amount of Slavic elements it seemed some people almost Slavic or, at least, mixed. During the reign of our ideas of Academician Marr, who had a tendency to consider almost all languages ​​as «mixed», «crossed», this view of the Balkan-Romance language

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Your choice: more readable materials Thursday

First Angelica Boris planted 2nd Polish director drunkenness scale struck in Belarus 3rd Polish diplomats try to release detainees in Grodno Fourth-line conference with Alexander Milinkevich 5th No sound equipment scenario "Euro march" may change Editor’s choice of public this week Sergey SemenovPublished a book on Alexander Kozulin — "Detainee President Gomel region visited after EU states What conditions are expected Andrei Klimov in Mozyr colony? Foreign Ministry of Belarus, "reads the opening date of the Commission’s office until early" Poll "Freedom": go to the "European march"?

U.S. criticized the Belarusian authorities for detaining the other day march Euro

"European march" will be held in Minsk on October 14. • Mogilev: At night detained Dmitry Solovyov, 11.10.2007 • Brest convicted youth activist Inga Abramov, 11.10.2007 • In Minsk last detain political activists, 11.10.2007

Who will go to the VIP of the European march?

Lavon Volsky: "It is necessary to look for new ways of working with the people""I today busy, unfortunately. I recommend going for sure, those who are not afraid that it sweeps. But, on the other hand, there is already a certain tradition in this route — from the Academy to Bangalore Square, and again there will be some speeches. I believe that any new forms need to look for the opposition to work with people. Need something to think, "- says Lavon Volsky favorite rock band" NRM ".Lena Skrigan: "I believe that the idea Cancel"Secretary of the Communist Party of

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Delegation of the European Commission took note of the situation in Belarus

The delegation met with representatives of Presidential Administration, Ministry of foreign affairs, civilian society also EU states and international organizations. Motivate them to perform official Minsk 12 political criteria of the EU and, incidentally, the situation of the media in Belarus.According to the press secretary of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Andrei Popov, the delegation met with the Deputy Minister Foreign Affairs Valery Voronetsky:"They discussed a wide range of issues related relations between Belarus and the European Commission. The issue of opening the office of the European Commission still runs the domestic process of harmonization. " According to the Ministry of

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Anatoly Lebedko Our Europeanness should appear once a day

(Bushlyakov) "Minsk city authorities allowed to spend on October 14 in Minsk," European march "on the structure of the Academy to Bangalore Square and a rally in the park of Friendship of Peoples. Initially, the organizers intend to meet on October Square and from there go to the main avenue of the capital building of the State Library . But the authorities did not agree to the stated option and offered another route. Anatoly, you as the 1st of the applicants, rerouting did not disappoint? "(Liabedzka 🙂 "Personally, I am not satisfied with the proposal, but there is a position

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