Russian troops — in Tskhinvali last fights

In the area of operations deployed tank, artillery, and intelligence matastralkovyya Russian troops from the regular military equipment, said a spokesman for the Russian command Igor Kanashenkav. By Kanashenkava in the upcoming group of Russian troops will vzmanyatstsa. At night Tskhinvali was again fired from rocket launchers "Grad". Were later beaten by at least two Russian aircraft. Georgian authorities said that Russian aircraft bombed various parts of the country, namely bambardavali port of Poti. There are victims. Paavedamlyayuts from Tbilisi that Georgia’s President Mikhail Saakashvili decided to impose martial law. Strategic targets, such as the Ministry of Defence and the

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South Norway flooded

May 23, 2013. Because of the threat of dam authorities evacuated the inhabitants of several villages. Entire villages were flooded. Bad weather led to the transport collapse — in some places washed out roads, completely stopped traffic on a major national highway connecting the capital with the city of Trondheim. In some areas, destroyed bridges. Partially disrupted rail links. No injuries not yet known. Meanwhile, according to weather forecasts, rainfall in the region will continue. The flooding may be the strongest over the past half century.

Source: ONT.BY


Flooding in Norway, in the southern parts of the

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Chilean volcano Kopaue scared 3000 people

May 28, 2013. The authorities of Chile and Argentina were evacuated about 3 million people living in the vicinity of the volcano Kopaue. In the vicinity of canceled classes in schools and children's activities.

The eruption of giant height of 2997 meters can begin at any time. Kopaue volcano is near the border with the Argentine province of Neuquen. Experts tracking the activity of the volcano, reported that the eruption may begin at any time, the Minister of the Interior of Chile Andres Chadwick.

In the case of a volcanic eruption effects can be felt within a radius of

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Flooding in France

June 19, 2013. In the French Lourdes is a large-scale evacuation. There's a river due to heavy rain the water level rose sharply. City were forced to leave for more than two thousand people. Basically, the pilgrims.

In Lourdes, the famous Catholic church complex. And now it is almost completely filled with water. In the streets you can only travel by boat. For the victims and the victims are still unknown. The city police are on duty, rescue workers and firefighters. To avoid short circuits, no electricity in the temples. Priests urged believers to cancel a trip to Lourdes.

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In the U.S. state of New Hampshire conducted evacuation after floods

July 4, 2013. City vibrations, located in Grafton County, New Hampshire, has suffered from quite severe flooding caused by excessive rainfall. During those 45 minutes that lasted rain, the city learn from about 50 mm. On the streets of oscillations water came up to the knee, and here and there a small waterfall. The city declared a state of emergency.

Because of the risen water, the fire service had to be evacuated 24 people from an apartment complex Rivermer. Until the water subsided, 19 people will be living in an evacuation center, which is organized in a city

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In Yakutia, flooded homes, the evacuation of the population is

July 23, 2013. In the past few days in some areas of Yakutia continued heavy rains. As a result, the water level in the river Dulgalah more than 40 centimeters exceeded the critical level.

Flooding has caused flooding of 14 homes in the village Sword. Produced evacuation of residents and the personal property of people. In the operation involved two rescue boats Yakutia, 10 motor boats and five vehicles belonging to local residents.

Resettlement of the population is located in private homes, standing on a hill, and in the camp, which includes seven tents for 15 persons each. The village

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New Yorkers face evacuation

New Yorkers face evacuation Danger Zone

Rather, 40 thousand people in New York, will be in time to move in relation to the north-east storm, which will bring a sharp drop in temperature in combination with new showers and wind gusts up to 88 km / h In the center of percussion, as well as in a hurricane, Sandy will be Long Island and New York, which is to be feared squall to 65 km / h Coastal beaches can once again be flooded.

Forecasters expect about 100 mm of rain and snow, as well as a tidal

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In Russia created helicopters that can ensure the safety of the competition at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi

In Russia, the creation of new helicopters to ensure safety of the competition at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi. This conclusion was based on the results of participation helicopters Ka-226T and Ka-32A11VS in the teachings of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, which took place in November in Sochi in preparation for the 2014 Olympics, the press service of the holding company "Helicopters of Russia" (part of the UIC " defense industry ").



New medical evacuation, rescue and fire fighting Russian helicopters, manufactured by enterprises of JSC "Helicopters of Russia", can take part in the security

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In Nigeria, the mass evacuation after flood

In Nigeria, the mass evacuation after flood Natural Disasters

As reported by the Government of the north-central state of Kwara in Nigeria, due to the flooding of the two districts in the state were evacuated over 7,000 people. In this case, the process of evacuation had to make during the day, since any delay could cost the lives of more people.

In addition to residents of the country from the water, brought a flood damaged large areas of crops of grain harvest in 2012. at least 3,200 hectares of rice sown more unusable. Without bread or rice can

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Mass evacuation after a fire in Valencia

Mass evacuation after a fire in Valencia Natural Disasters

In one of the regions of Spain broke out a forest fire that forced about 2 thousand people from their homes and evacuate to a safer place. Valencia on extinguishing a fire in 3 days has occupied an area of 5500 acres, employs 800 firefighters, and, as in the daytime and at night.

Most victims were six villages, 50 km from the city of Valencia. Mountain areas of the forest around them is completely burned. For security reasons, all the roads leading to the site of the fire, were

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