Vampires Retire The Cat

SINCE THE merger in 1993 of US Navy Air Test and Evaluation Squadrons 4 (VX-4) Evaluators and 5 (VX-5) ‘Vampires’ to form Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 9 (VX-9) ‘Vampires’, based at NAWS China Lake, California, the squadron has maintained a permanent F-14 Tomcat detachment at NAS Point Mugu, California. Under the direction of the Commander Operational Test and Evaluation Force (COMOPTEVFOR), the VX-9 F-14 detachment has supported US Navy fleet operation of the F-14 Tomcat. Underlying its key role of operational test and fleet support, VX-9 also had a reporting line to the Commander Naval Air Forces Pacific, who

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Israel evaluates Hornet

TWO F/A-18D HORNETS were flown from Si Louis to Israel on March 8 for a 2½-week evaluation — scheduled to run from March 15 to April 2. Israel is considering purchase of 40-48 aircraft to fulfil its requirement for a multi-role, all-weather fighter with night attack capability. A budget of $2 billion is being allowed for the purchase with procurement planned for between 1995 and 1997.

The Hornets will be flown on several types of air-to-air and air-to-ground missions by Israeli pilots during their visit. If the IDFAF purchases Hornets it is expected that an upgraded version of the Hughes

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One Europe, two of totalitarianism, no awareness

Yesterday the question was put on the agenda a day or at the initiative of former communist countries. Taking into account the different approaches to the assessment of communism, the European Parliament failed to adopt a common declaration.During the discussion, some members of the European Parliament insisted that the evaluation of communism, at least in its manifestation of Stalin, with crimes against humanity, will claim a long process for the sake of historical justice, others are considering revision history as a populist target.Is it possible to compare communism with Nazism? Either the memory of communism deserves such a specific assessment

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Belgorod drivers rated the quality of the new pavement on the prospect of Bogdan Khmelnitsky


In Belgorod, this was reconstructed one of the city‘s main thoroughfares — B.Khmelnitsky prospectus. The new pavement starts from the junction with New Street, runs through the center of the city and the street ends Schorsa. Nearly eight kilometers smooth asphalt. Contractors working on the German technology with the latest materials.

However, the main evaluation of the work done put drivers. As shown by our survey, the vast majority are satisfied with the reconstruction, evaluation — "the best way to Russia" and "we are like a little Switzerland" speak for themselves. Among those who still

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Multiclet on new electronics-2012

17-19 April in Moscow hosted the second international exhibition "The new electronics-2012". Participation in the exhibition among the leading suppliers of electronic components and modules adopted JSC "Multiclet", presenting their products: development board and the first SoC MCp 0411100101, receipt of which the factory is expected in mid-June 2012.

This year the exhibition was part of a large-scale event "Russian innovation", including the thematic forums and conferences. On the first day of the exhibition CTO "Multiclet" Nikolai Streltsovspoke at the II All-Russian Forum "Digital Electronics" on "New architectures. Multicellular processor. " "The forum was very interesting — shared his

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Self-concept — The value, significance, which shall provide itself man as a whole, and certain aspects of his personality, activity, behavior. The basis of self-assessment of the value system of the individual.

Regulatory and self-esteem serves a protective function by influencing the behavior development personality and its relationship with other people. Reflecting the degree of satisfaction or dissatisfaction with himself, self-concept provides the basis for the perception of their own success or failure, to the level of claims. Self-esteem can be a different level of awareness.

Self-esteem is characterized by the following parameters:

— By level: high,

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Natural Resources Ministry said that the NPP like all

Society Belarus has completed consultations on the prepared Belarusian side Report on the assessment of the environmental impact of the future nuclear power plant. "Experts from different countries who participated in the consultations satisfied with the information provided by Belarus", — told Interfax in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Belarus. The Ministry argued that "sensitive issues during the consultations did not arise." The ministry said that Belarus consulted on nuclear safety with Latvia, Ukraine, Austria and Poland.

It should be recalled, however, that participants in public environmental review of the project of building a nuclear power

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Higher education will be divided into weak and strong

Based on the statement by the Minister of Education to increase efficiency and improve the education of the Russian vuzov.Tak also stated that after the checks will decide the fate of the "poorly performing schools" is likely to be the result of their closure, or perhaps association with universities authenticated.

This decision was the result of an order of the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on the reorganization of Russian universities that do not meet the standards of higher professional education institutions. As it turned out evaluation of universities has been ordered a year ago. Responsible for this test was

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the OSCE concluded: Emotional assessment and handling pressure

Society Today at the weekly press briefing, Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Savinykh gave the previous official estimate of the conclusion of the OSCE Mission on the presidential election in Belarus: "Analysis of the preliminary findings show that the OSCE experts did not reflect all of the changes to ensure openness and transparency of the electoral campaign, the creation of equal conditions for all candidates. "

Andrei Savinykh also noted:

"We have to say that the illegal and provocative actions organized by the minority opposition after the polls closed, influenced the tone of the statements made by the OSCE and

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Bloody Sunday — causes and consequences

The Company The themes in the "Prague accent" from Minsk to discuss — political scientist Yuri Chausov and palittehnalyag and economist Sergei Chaly, from Warsaw — expert of the Center of International Relations Wojciech Boroditš-Smolinsky. Moderator — Yuri Drakakhrust.

Drakakhrust: Why the events in Minsk after the elections have evolved so dramatically? Whether power, tired liberal outlaws inspired reconciliation with the Kremlin finally decided to show who's the boss? Whether the opposition is not calculated its strength, and according to some — took the only chance to prevent or hinder the international recognition of the elections? Yuri


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