Classic and timeless.

Trench — SUBJECT classical female clothing that goes out of fashion for many years. CONSIDERED THAT Thomas Burberry trench Invented already in 1901 and since then it has almost no altering. In anticipation of the new season, we suggest you read NEW variation on the classic raincoat.


Trench evening plans can be worn with formal attire, and his naked body. With the second option you have to be careful: it is important to find his long cloak — namely, not less than a foot. The top button can be fastened safely be set to break a variety of

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Who should judge Angelica Boris, Igor Bantser, Nikolai Lemenovskii

They were arrested yesterday in the evening and at night, was positioned in the temporary detention facility. To find out the position of A. Borys, late in the evening in the Leninsky district police department visited Consul General of Poland in Grodno Andrzej Krentovsky. About Angelica Boris detention was reported to the authorities in Poland. • The Polish Foreign Ministry protests against detention UPB, 11.10.2007 • Angelica Boris planted, 11.10.2007 • Polish diplomats try to release detainees in Grodno, 10.10.2007

Viktor Lukashenko gather around young bureaucrats?

Which group surrounded Alexander Lukashenko has the best chance to seize more principled leadership positions? "Narodnaya Volya"Provides an analysis and forecast of the situation, made a political scientist Yuri Baronchykam. Creator does not preclude the arrival of the young generation of politicians and even names names. "I believe that the main participants of the latest commands are Vladimir Mackay Natalia Pyatkevich Vladimir Matyushevsky, deputy chairman of the State Bank, and Vsevolod Yanchevskii Viktor Lukashenko. Specifically, this configuration of people rather young age, within the limits of 35-40 years, and appeared in the power, maybe will replace today’s leaders. Especially since

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In Krapiuna field arrested about 40 people

In a police bus are Andrew Sharenda managing Brest Branch of "Young Front" activists in Minsk Lena Makarevich, Catherine Krasnov, Catherine Galician, Dmitriy Fedoruk, Natalia Starostin, Orsha activists.At the station, a lot of police. Activists Detained "Junior Front"Of Zhodino, among which — Pavel Krasovsky. Policemen meet trains from Mogilev, Gomel and Vitebsk, in which to celebrate the move several 10-s youth activists.Our correspondent reports from the scene:Stankevich, "I am at the moment Gatkovschina village, 300 meters from Krapivensky field, where now for the 17th time owed held bard festival "Battle of Orsha." Venue Festival blocked by police, blocked by police

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How many houses are built on the culture of the destroyed churches …

"Orsha Bulletin" on this week 1917 report from St. Petersburg, "September 1. A 7 pm Mogilev garrison declared himself completely subordinate to the interim government. And the 10th hour of the evening arrested generals Kornilov Lukomskii Romanovsky and Colonel Plyushchevski-Plyushchyk. A 11th hour of the evening in Mogilev left the commission of inquiry headed by Attorney Shablovskaya. ""Nowe Zycie", year 1927. The newspaper wrote: "Since the beginning of the new school year in Grodno should appear brand new cultural ground, artistic activities which will be for our town of utmost importance. Lviv Institute of Music, one of a very old

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Steers can be cut only when it is clear that they will not be able to do your puzzle.

"Babel" in 1917, writes about what lived in Vilnius "Ambulance given from 7 to 13 May 78 seizures. Carriage ambulance anointed vyezhzhala 47 times. Glavnakamanduyuchaga Order goes on absolutely forbidden to cut tselyat-females and calves can be cut only when it is clear that they will not be able to do your puzzle. Due decent pagoda on Lukishki Square all days of playing football German soldiers and local players. "* "Evening Minsk", year 1977. Vyachka Teles reports from Riga: "Unusual gift Belarusian people in honor of the 60th anniversary of the October majestically prepared Latvian painter Janis Strupulis. As they

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I’m the only university rector, who commutes on the subway

"Vitebsk proletarians" in 1937 contains the last word of the defendant at the trial of anti-Soviet Piatakov center: "{I’m just very sorry that together with us on the dock sits this is not the main offender does not repent, the offender prior to the end of what is Trotsky.} I acutely aware of their crimes and do not dare to ask you zniskhazhennnya. RUSSIA I do not even ask you for mercy. Within hours you will make your sentence. And here I stand before you in the mud, crushed their own atrocities, stripped of all his fault of their own

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Illya Bohdan found he in prison

By the evening was just not clear where the youth activist BPF Illya Bohdan. He was detained yesterday evening KGB, spent in the apartment search.Lawyer Paul Sapelka could not find their own client when he came to him in the detention center. It turned out that the guy was taken out of the chamber for questioning by police Capital district of Minsk. After questioning Elijah was taken to the detention center, where there are still six people suspected of involvement in the blast on July 4 during a gala concert. Three more suspects in the bombing held in remand KGB.

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Round dance at the samovar. In Astrakhan in vogue party

More recently, in the square of Peter I in the center of Astrakhan on Saturdays overcrowded. Bright sun dresses, embroidered blouses, dances, fist fights and tea from a samovar. Spend time having fun and interesting, but at the same time and get acquainted with ancient traditions evening can be anyone.

The idea of an evening (from the word evening) is not new. Vecherki in Russia were an integral part of the life of our ancestors. In the villages, young people gathered each evening — relax and have fun after a long day at work, having participated in

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Literary Evening Sweden — Belarus

On the literary evening came a few 10’s of people. Among them Managing diplomatic mission of the Swedish Embassy in Belarus Stefan Eriksson, writer Olga Ipatova, philosopher Valentin Akudovich, Swedish writer Power Mindn salt Drip, Ida Berel, Polish translator and French into Swedish Andesh Budegord and others. Party led Victor Shalkevich. The event took place in a nontraditional form, when poets and writers read excerpts of his own works, and to conduct quizzes and humorous songs together. First on the scene singing Stefan Eriksson.Later invited to the scene of the poet Vladimir Neklyaeva. He, together with Ambassador sang in Swedish.

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