Tanks, trucks & Firepower

The late August bank holiday is a popular date for shows up and down the country, with intense competition between show organisers, but one of my favourite events on the calendar in recent years is relatively new in terms of military vehicle shows — Tanks, Trucks & Firepower. The event is a joint venture between Andrew Baker, owner of the land on which the show is held in the rural setting of a farm just outside Dunchurch near Rugby, and the local Birmingham and West Midlands branch of the Military Vehicle Trust, which helps attract many of the vehicles that

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An Event Photographers Workaround

I have always enjoyed photographing events. Recently though, I have been forced to cover certain functions where the movement of photographers is restricted. Due to this, I am forced to shoot along with other photographers from the same enclosure. How do I avoid my pictures from looking the same?

If you are restricted to the same vantage point, getting innovative with angles can be a little difficult, but it is not impossible. Use focal length wisely… most event photographers stick to the tried and tested tight frames. Get a safe shot, but then experiment with a wide photo that includes

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Euro march organizers denied sound equipment

Ivashkevich said "Freedom" that the organizers of the "Euro march" themselves can provide themselves with the necessary equipment. "But if it be detained for a few hours (as it was in past campaigns), the people in the area will not be Bangalore what to do"- Added Ivashkevich.He did not rule out that such a situation the protesters "Can go to another place where the best acoustic conditions."Viktor Ivashkevich also said that apply to the Minsk city network not sound amplifying equipment organizers "Euro march" recommend vice-chairman Mingorispolkom for Gennady Kurbeka ideology.

MIA transfer materials on the opposition rally to the Prosecutor General

This agency "Interfax" said a spokesman for the Interior Ministry Oleg Slepchenko.By him, action was unauthorized, the participants were burning torches went out on the roadway Independence Avenue, obstruct the traffic. ""Acts protesters documented, there is video. After Police absolutely analyze the information, it will be transferred to the General Prosecutor’s Office for a legal assessment of the actions protesters . "

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And Novapolatsk pickets not allowed

The formal reason for the ban became omissions in registration applications, which "is not made in writing responsibilities for the organization and the organizers of mass events."In addition, as stated in the letter sent from the executive committee, 30 September in the town celebrated day Incline people age, and other activities because authorities consider inappropriate.Manage polimirovskogo independent trade union said the ban pickets — neobmyslenny step. The union is now about eight hundred people. This is largely working with harmful plants criteria labor.Many of them are retired but continue to work. Currently working pensioners are going to cancel pensions for

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Ivashkevich: There is no one who would argue against the Euro march

At a press conference favorite political parties told about preparation for the "Euro march" and other autumn activities of the opposition.September 30, 450 pickets planned sixty towns in Belarus — to protest against the social policy in the country.On This time shares applicants require officials informed answers if pickets will not allow. Followers of the parties stated that the pickets still held — in other legal forms.Favorite reads of the Communist Party Sergei Kalyakin:"What we want, we will.’s One thing — to block one or two picket in Minsk, but block 100 pickets … Well, let’s see how it will

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Action of solidarity with political prisoners in Minsk

85 protesters formed a column and marched from the metro station "Vostok" on the street Kalinowski. Front of the column protesters carried lattice to which was attached a banner "Today they are — you tomorrow!" Young people were holding a blue ribbon with portraits of disappeared politicians and political prisoners. During the campaign, activists handed out leaflets to passers-by with an invitation to come to the European march, which will take place on October 14.At the end of the action, the participants set lattice on the road and the bridge railing ribbon hung with portraits of political prisoners. Militiamen came

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In Kiev solidarity action coincided with the anniversary of Gongadze’s disappearance

In This time action coincided with the seventh anniversary of the disappearance of journalist Gongadze ZHoru because activists initiative "Solidarity" fifteen minute decided to limit picket near the Belarusian Embassy, then joined the rally in memory of the murdered journalist in the main square of the Ukrainian capital.

Day of solidarity in Minsk No arrests

10s youth activists yesterday came two hours a day or at the main post office and Ming have sent letters of support to political prisoners Dmitry Dashkevich, Alexander Kozulin, Artur Finkevich, Yuri Leonov and Nicholas Autukhovich. Share spent youth movement "Initiative". Also protesters sent a greeting to the political prisoner Andrei Klimov, who is now a day of birth. One of the participating shares Ekaterina Tkachenko said:"Once upon a time, maybe a year earlier, when Andrew still serving his sentence on the "chemistry" we asked him a question, he celebrates the day of birth in the slammer? He said that

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In Minsk, the anniversary of the beginning of the exhibition victory at Blue Waters

The Company Belarusian language celebratory meeting dedicated to the Battle of the Blue Waters. Olga Ipatova unveiled its latest book, a historical novel about the events. Poets read poetry — and their students, who sent them to the TBM from the regions of the country. On the walls — pictures kids and students.Salting Ihor Likhovyi expressed confidence that with time in Ukraine will stand a monument Prince Algirdas.The defeat of the united Mongol forces» at Blue Waters was the first great victory over the Golden Horde in Eastern Europe. He was an inspiration to the eastern Slavs, who suffered under

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