The aliens are invisible to the human

November 27, 2011 6:21

The recent statement of the U.S. government that it has no evidence of extraterrestrial life, does not mean that the aliens are not with us. Just mankind is not yet able to see the aliens. The aliens are invisible to humans, writes The Daily Mail.

The aliens can hide even in the solar system, scientists believe the University of Pennsylvania. "The vastness of space, combined with our limited capacity means that any unmanned exploratory probe of extraterrestrial origin, is likely to remain unnoticed," — the Jacob Haqq-Misra and Ravi Kumar Kopparapu.

According to scientists,

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What is a UFO?

What is a UFO? UFOs — unidentified flying objects is: no one knows exactly what it is. Many researchers (called "UFO") have a theory with which try to explain what is a UFO, but since no one can study the UFO in a scientific laboratory, all these ideas are nothing more than educated guesses. You can offer the following definition of a UFO, which can be helpful in the consideration of this theme:

UFO — it is made public observation of the object or source of light in the sky or on the ground, whose appearance, trajectory of motion,

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UFOs: Why hide the truth

One of the cornerstones of modern ufology, which is also referred to as a "conspiracy", "conspiracy", "new world order", "Most of the advice-12", etc. Under these terms mean silence government and military authorities about the contacts of the Earth with extraterrestrial civilizations, technology exchange and joint research (which included experiments on human beings).

The researchers divided this area into several parts:

Official documents.

This line of study unclassified documents that are more or less pointed to the involvement of the authorities (including the scientific denominations) to the study of the UFO problem. Until recently, researchers were only available for

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UFO over Europe. Unknown history. 7 series

Sky conceals many mysteries. For decades, European intelligence agencies are studying UFOs. First NatGeo managed to gather evidence and data across the continent. Some experts believe. evidence that many have rational explanations. But there is something that is inaccessible to understanding. What eto7 Aliens from other worlds? Or natural phenomena?

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About neopoznannnyh flying objects

The editors of the "Technical Review" invited me to comment on not too young — because after all, she thirty — UFO enigma. So regardless of what constitutes "unidentified flying objects", in my opinion, to deal with them is not necessary.

In favor of my uniquely negative point of view say four groups of arguments. The first two relate to our earth science as an institution of human cognition, called to investigate any, including the objects of observation. The next two deal already. UFO claims themselves ["The science of UFOs" — the English acronym UFO (unidentified flying objects

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Hideouts UFO

UFOs of the Third Reich with the help of "flying saucers" Hitler hoped to turn the tide of the war in 30 — 40 years of the last century, intensive work to create disk-shaped aircraft led by Nazi Germany. Manufacturing of parts and components charged with different plants — that no one can guess their true purpose.

This film tells of cases of unidentified flying objects in the territory of the USSR. It includes interviews with eyewitnesses and experts in the field of ufology, scientific thinking about the nature of the mysterious phenomena … The first evidence of the

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Aliens to us flew

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Bloody rain flooded the earth mikroprisheltsami

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Cougars hundred years later returned to the original places of residence in the U.S.

Pumas or cougars learn their former habitats in the Midwest United States, researchers report in an article published in The Journal of Wildlife Management.

"Cougars started to leave these places (Midwest — Ed.) About a hundred years ago because of hunting and habitat loss. As a result, there was only a small isolated population of mountain lions in the American West. In this study, we were able to provide strong evidence that western population increases, and also began to settle cougars Midwest, "- said one of the study participants Lyaryu biologist Michelle (Michelle LaRue), as quoted in the

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Unknown. Nostradamus 2012

In 2012! Are the predictions of the great prophet is true whether their interpretation? Between facts and fiction has a very thin, barely visible face. Are there any scientific evidence and specific documentary evidence coming end of the world?

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