Cabin Uncle Ron

Cavedog 1995 — 2000

"All Dogs Go to Heaven"

That’s the epitaph is engraved on the erected fans tombstone over the body of a charming dog with terrible jaws, a company logo, for five years maddening gaming community, the company that produced the blockbuster Total Annihilation, and — most importantly in this case — which hosted the first fugitive from LucasArts, God games and a living legend Ron Gilbert.

Ron Gilbert. It was he who in 1992, along with Shelley Day, a professional fugitive from EA, Accolade and all the same suffering LucasArts ("Theater is not present! Salary!"- Urged Shelly

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Мальчик закричал диким голосом — и Кайл бросился его искать. В глухом и страшном отеле, где 13 лет назад лишились жизни их родители — в ходе загадочного массового убийства, навсегда испортившего доброе имя наследственного заведения. Но он приехал сюда вновь — и тут же лишился последнего родственничка. И отправился на его поиски, как уже было сказано…

Так начинается новая игрушка фирмы Eclipse Software (публикатор — компания Head Games, прославившая свое имя парой симуляторов охоты на оленей и прочую безответную дичь и даже спевшаяся на этой почве с самой Activision), леденящая душу история в жанре “квест” под названием Inherent Evil (“Наследственное

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Evil Dead 4: Hail to the King

Зловещие, мертвые и довольные этим!

СЭМ РЕЙМИ (SAM RAIMI) ПРОСЛАВИЛСЯ не черным фильмом “Человек тьмы”, не черным вестерном “Быстрый и мертвый” и даже не черным триллером “Простой план”. Его имя стало известно в конце восьмидесятых, с выходом “Армии тьмы” — последнего из тройки сверхлегкомысленных, примитивных, кровавых, но в чем-то привлекательных ужастиков о Некрономиконе и зловещих мертвецах с Брюсом Кэмпбеллом

(Bruce Campbell) в главной роли. Черных, с темно-красным юмором, аморальным и брутальным до предела и после него. После того как Рейми пошел на повышение, он забросил свою трилогию и даже не помышлял о четвертой истории про зловещих мертвецов и Эше, человеке

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Eugene Zakirov

At first I wanted to write about how SARS and particularly the creators of resident evil hate Muslims and Muslims themselves how to react to the fact that the resident evil revelations ate Hassan, in the fifth part of the floor is dirty Quran

And in the fourth … This is a deep and interesting subject on which I noticed a half years ago, when I first ask: in what video games, except for resident evil 5, generally it is possible to kill Muslims, albeit mutants?

But as soon as I was about to express thoughts on paper, especially

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June Vasil Bykov: Civilization all falls deeper into the abyss of poverty and the failure of evil …

"Civilization all falls deeper into the abyss of poverty and evil failures, without the right to at least begin to sob loudly. Not to mention cry to help bolster. Does not help anybody, but never helped. Loves paradoxes of history and occasionally plays with people in their evil games … "From Mon on Friday in our air — little quote for reflection and memory. Every Saturday and Sunday — aimed at certain subjects audio anthology.

U.S. democracy — the right to choose between the two dragon heads

Even during the regime of George Bush's neocon Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, in his speech at the United Nations summed up the Bush presidency for the world. I am quoting Chavez from memory, not verbatim: "Yesterday there was Satan himself, speaking as if the whole world belonged to him. The smell of sulfur is felt now. "

Chavez — a favorite horror story of the American Right (conservatives. — Ed.) Because Chavez helps the people instead to pump the last of them in favor of the rich — a path that chose Washington. While Washington has started on the

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The Latin West and the Orthodox East: Two ways of apostasy — a dramatic result on the threshold of the Third Millennium

Culture in the interpretation of Oswald Spengler — a product of the human spirit — as well as any system of values has a philosophical basis and reflects a certain interpretation of the meaning and ways of human history and their place in it.

What is the religious and philosophical foundations of European culture — these religiously sanctioned, and therefore the absolute ethical parameters of Christian culture in general? This is an obvious idea of earthly life as a trial before an eternal life and the kingdom of God, of clear boundaries between good and evil and free will

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The residents of the village in the Kiev region scary haunted house


The residents of the village of Villeneuve in the Kyiv region scary haunted house. Plain, at first glance, hut overgrown with stories that can be compared to horror movies.

People believe that the walls of mud huts settled or a ghost, or some other evil. And at night, if you listen closely, again, according to local, from her strange cries are heard. Most complain about those who live next door. Lydia D. so frightened by the evil spirit that even stopped going out.

But Barbara V., who lives right of the house is

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September 22 rally against the Juvenile Justice

September 22, on Saturday, this Saturday will be the main antiyuvenalnaya action "Essence of Time" and our friendly antiyuvenalnyh organizations. I emphasize again: this is a major event, the key. We walked to her painfully collecting signatures, went to see her performing other actions. Now depends on it very, very much. The action consists of the march and rally. For the first time our action consists of the march and rally, and it is also very responsible. Collection will begin with 14 hours in the metro "Glade" … The procession will start — we move — at 15-00. Will move

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Shop human flesh in London

Creepy butcher shop recently opened on London's famous meat market Smithfield, where the buyer offer to buy any part of the human carcass: the hands, ears, and even the torso. Such a creative advertising course creators came up with the game Resident Evil Capcom.

All this is reminiscent of a scene from a horror movie: human limbs, packaged and presented to the public. Meat hanging from hooks, individual organs located on the tables, made of stainless steel, like a morgue.

Human hands can buy? 5.99, and the legs are a bit more expensive -? 6.00, but that did not stop

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