Photography Monthly newcomer, and pro photographer, Tom Wilkinson takes a first look at Canon’s new semi-pro EOS 70D

In the lifecycle of DSLR releases, three years is a fair stretch. Due in late August 2013, with the 60D having been released in summer 2010, should we therefore expect this new model to come with a complete overhaul of features, or just a few upgrades here and there in the spirit of natural camera evolution?

First impressions from the spec list show a number of advances since the 60D, firstly a 20.2MP APS-C sensor and new image processor (the DIGIC 5+)


Evolution of the breed

When the P-51 first took to the air, no one could know that it would have such far-reaching effects in nearly every theater of combat. Simultaneously, nobody foresaw that the initial disappointment in its performance, when measured against its peers, would turn into near-elation as the concept became a world beater. The Mustang’s evolution began with a cutting-edge airframe mated to a marginal engine, which was then replaced with one of the finest powerplants ever. The original design’s limited range was expanded with more internal fuel and drop tanks that made all the difference as a bomber escort. Armament also

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Memes and the evolution of inventions

The fact that the action of natural selection is not limited to biology, Charles Darwin wrote yet. In the book «The Descent of Man and sexual selection» for example, he claimed that «the survival or preservation of certain favored words in the struggle for existence — is natural selection.» Darwin also noted that the language does not necessarily have to become more sophisticated and accurate in the course of its development, it is much more important than his «success» from the standpoint of benefit to the people. Similar views were had on the emergence of inventions. One can imagine Darwin

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Del-Ton DTI Evolution

Reviewing proofs for my book on AR rifles that I wrote several years back, the publisher and I realized we were missing a few images of some manufacturers’ models. Jokingly, 1 suggested we drop in some images from other companies since so many of the models looked so similar. Black upper and receiver, black furniture, same-styled six-point adjustable stocks, flat-top receivers, you name it, there were quite a few carbon copies on the market. While obviously there are wide differences in the actual features, there were still hundreds of guns that if you held it up 10 feet from even

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Child Psychology

Prior to the beginning of the XIX century childhood was perceived not as a full-fledged stage of human development, as well as undeveloped, unexpressed adults qualities and traits. As an independent children's area of expertise psychology took shape only a little more than a hundred years ago. Nursery psychology, concerned with the study of mental and intellectual development of the child, cognitive processes, and the formation of different types of activities closely related to pedagogy.

In a child's development are the following age periods.

Baby age: From birth to one year.

Early age from 1 year to

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The evolution of the brain and mind. Online

In his lecture, neuroscientist, professor, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Konstantin Anokhin talk about the biological origin of man, his brain and mind.

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Australia: The theory of evolution is again called into question




Profound impact on the fundamental theory of evolution paid professor at the University of South Wales Terry Dawson.

Professor long studied the kangaroo. What more do you want to study in the Australian South Wales? So, previously thought — in strict accordance with what we were taught

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Planetary crisis will begin in 2004




       He wonder they say that the greatest discoveries are born now at the science. After analyzing the huge amount of data from a variety of disciplines, a Moscow physicist Alexander Panov came to the conclusion that our civilization is on its last legs years. And maybe months

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More than 500 U.S. scientists have signed a document expressing their skepticism about the Darwinian theory of evolution

Photo: milogiya2008.ru

"We question the theory of natural selection. We consider it our duty to ask the scientific community to conduct a number of additional, more in-depth studies of Darwin's theory, "the statement says, writes sunhome.ru

In the opinion of skeptical scientists, life on earth is too complex a process to its origin and further development could fit into the narrow framework of Darwin's theory of evolution.

The document was signed left five hundred and fourteen scientists, including one hundred fifty-four biologist, seventy-sixth of Chemists and sixty three physicists, the other "signatories" are engaged in related fields. Meanwhile,

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Deception of Evolution

The greatest fraud in the history of science … The theory of evolution is widely spread in the scientific world about 150 years ago, but many people still perceive theory as proven scientific fact, while basic science completely denied all the dogmas of the mythical theory of the primordial religion of atheists, denies the existence of Almighty Creator.

Everyone who is familiar with this film, no longer able to defend the idea of a materialistic philosophy, atheism and other false and distorted doctrines and teachings. Facts that are in the

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