Entered into force procedure of anti-corruption expertise of legal acts RTN

Head of the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision Nikolay Kutin approved the procedure for conducting anti-corruption expertise of normative legal acts and draft normative acts issued by the Office. The corresponding order was registered with the Ministry of Justice April 13 (registration number 16882).

According to the document the anti-corruption expertise includes:

— examination of draft regulations by the legal service;

— examination of normative legal acts in the monitoring of their application.

Examination of the documents to be affecting the rights, freedoms and duties of man and citizen, establishing the legal status of organizations that

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Tests and examinations during pregnancy

Diagnosis of pregnancy

The first and most basic sign of pregnancy — is a missed period. If you delay menstruation is recommended to test for pregnancy. This test is a strip of paper that should be dipped for a few seconds in the morning urine (it bolee high concentration of "pregnancy hormone"). According to the number of strips that have appeared over time, a woman can learn — she is pregnant or not. Two strips mean that the pregnancy is, one of the bars — no pregnancy. If the test shows the absence of pregnancy and menstruation less, then

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Your child — only the best

The appearance of the baby for the parents and the joy and new experiences: what he's cute, helpless, the best and certainly the most beautiful! And new concerns: how to make a child grow up healthy, well developed?

Here are just some of the questions that may arise from their parents. How to bathe a baby? When baby begins to discover her mother? When should erupt teeth? How to introduce solid foods? In that dressing a child for a walk? Harmful or not to conduct ultrasound? What shots do?

Unfortunately, many young parents find the answers to these and

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Gynecological examination

Go to the gynecologist, please contact:

for regular check-ups one or two once a year, to detect and prevent any disease; in disorders of menstruation; vaginal bleeding, as well as unusual discharge; If you have pain in the lower abdomen; when a burning, itching in the genital organs; planning pregnancy.

At the beginning of examination, the doctor determines the patient's particular shape, the amount of hair on the body, which can tell us about the hormonal status of the organism or its breach. Asking general questions about the working conditions, sexual relationships, partner, length of service and the

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Humoresque Leninsky will cry linguistic expertise

The arbitrator decided to restore humoresques that became the reason for the court to linguistic expertise. Her hold Candidate of Philology Oksana Shcherbakov. Examination will last about a month.From 2005 to 2007 These humorous pieces almost every Saturday in the newspaper printed Krichevsky executive committee "Leninsky cry." They wrote their editor rayonki Tatiana Ivkina, her deputy Vladimir Daletskii, as reporters Alexander Publishing Gavrylenko and Alexey Ivanov.In humoresques activities described Krichevskys opposition politicians, public activists journalists and independent newspapers. Surnames humoresques distorted characters to nicknames, which were recognized for certain people. Played upon the facts of their personal lives.

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Diagnosis in seconds: Myth or Reality?

Do you think such technologies on the verge of fantasy? No, it's true! Accurate diagnosis can now be a matter of seconds …

Get medical help such a level previously could only in Europe, but today it is possible, and without leaving the country.

ON CLINIC— A versatile world-class medical center, the most advanced diagnostic methods implemented by a unique medical equipment.

In particular, the apparatus for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT), created under special order by SIEMENS.

Innovative technologieshelp to ensure:

perfect precision and the highest information content

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End quote: 02.02.2008 — 08.02.2008

"And we are looking for you, looking through all the mountains, we can not find."Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus — the first vice-premier of the Russian government, the presidential candidate Dmitry Medvedev at a meeting on the track in Sochi."EU — more Myagenkaya Minsk opponent than the U.S.. Indeed, in the relations between the EU and Belarus have economic realities, which is almost no relationship between Belarus and the United States."Alexander Fyaduta, writer and political analyst — the transfer of "Examination of Freedom" dedicated efforts of the official Minsk to make dialogue with the West."Official Minsk continues to play with

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Prescribe a diet nutritionist

"We are what we eat", "Eat to live, not live to eat!" — The familiar sayings? They are particularly relevant when overweight. Glossy magazines are inclined to advise: "Talk to your dietitian!" But where to find it? And he will do with us?

Why go to a dietitian?

On the one hand, we already know that having a "his" nutritionist (as well as the dentist or therapist) is considered an attribute of the good life. On the other hand, not everyone understands what work is done nutritionist. Is it worth it to apply to the mere mortal without serious

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In Monchegorsk appeared mobile medical center

Complex based on KAMAZ was raised a city hospital to diagnose patients in remote areas. Mobile clinic will allow us to do the necessary tests and examination of the patient. As a result, doctors will be able to make recommendations to hospitalize the patient and detect the disease in its early stages of development.

The car went in Monchegorsk on the program of modernization of Medicine of the Murmansk region. The concept of Health of the Russian Federation, much attention is paid to the diagnosis of diseases. Disease detected at an early stage, it is easier

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The main bridge Saransk opened after reconstruction

The early opening of the bridge connecting the center with the October Saransk area that has been closed for repairs because of problems with feet, took place on Wednesday, according to the administration of Mordovia.

Bridge length is 400 meters, has been closed at the beginning of 2013, due to that one of the support have been found to be damaged. After the examination, it was found out that the injuries have other support. Then the inhabitants of Saransk complained that the closure of traffic on the bridge creates traffic inconvenience.

The estimated repair cost

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