The power of Galactic tides

Galactic tides are capable of shearing entire galaxies in two and ejecting stars and debris into interstellar space

A galactic tide is a cosmic process in which an object of small mass is distorted gravitationally by one of larger mass, such as a satellite galaxy being influenced by a larger galaxy.

This process occurs as gravitational attraction between two objects increases with a decrease in distance, with objects in close proximity to each other experiencing stronger attraction and greater probability of generating a galactic tide.

A good theoretical example of a galactic tide is two galaxies located close to each

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The lessons learned from the failed project. Or again about the Phobos-Grunt.

 General Director of NPO. Lavochkin explained why the project fell through, "Phobos-Grunt"

"Phobos-Grunt" January 15, 2012 at the turn of the 1097th orbit entered the dense layers of the atmosphere and burned. If any debris reached the Earth system and then they fell in the non-navigational area of the Pacific Ocean. So ended the project, which was the hope of the Russian interplanetary space for nearly 20 years. A year after the collapse of the device "," spoke with the CEO NPO. Lavochkin (this company has developed "Phobos-Grunt") Victor Hartovym — about the causes of failure of

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Government takes control of the activities of foreign priests

In accordance with the Council of Ministers, at the moment, so come to Belarus, for example, a priest from abroad to serve in the church, or spiritual teacher in the school, or at least some stranger for a role in charity events or other mass religious character, must be authorized by the religions and nationalities. Clarifies spokeswoman Ombudsman Misha Rybakov: "If invites religious organization, she must prove whom, for what, for what term invites. If not enough priests — we coordinate their nominations, the document. Necessary that all was true, clear, transparent."

Now about 50% of the local priests running

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The experts of the British Ministry of Defense, after consultation with scientists and engineers said: the next 30 years of supernormal person will become a reality. In whom we have become? Upgrading a secret Wish list is quite extensive super-powers — the ability to move quickly through the water or air, more security, increased focus, vision, hearing, endurance, memory expansion, the ability to process more information, go without food and sleep. All this is available only until the heroes of

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Modern Tula lefty — Nicholas Aldunin

Master of microminiature Mamontov Aldunin was born in 1956. in Voroshilovgrad region (USSR). Of all the natural and man-made materials from childhood to love metal and metal products. While working as a fitter and turner in industrial enterprises attained all the secrets of metalworking. And as the master of the metal proved that knowingly writer Nikolai Leskov praised and glorified throughout the world is the Tula masters. Two years preparing, and then sat down at the microscope. And three months later, when I finished the first job, I realized that "found himself" in microminiatures. Seriously engaged in this very difficult

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Ghosts — a reflection of a persons thoughts


Nightmares, what is it? From the point of view of conventional medicine, everything is very simple. This is either the result of drinking too warm friendly or consequence clear violation of the human psyche. But, unfortunately, it's not so much a response as an acknowledgment of their complete incompetence.  

Try to understand: Whose are the ghosts in the house and scare people, not always, but sometimes do manage to accurately set: who saw a man in the twilight of the

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Medicine in the UK

National Health Service (NHS) Public health has been based in the UK Labour Party in the late '40s. The system is funded from taxation. Is free. Just say, that I believe a priori that many expect from the free medicine do not have to, obviously, and also paid off, an example of what the United States. Health care can not be perfect and unproblematic in principle, in any country, it is a utopia. But the fact that the UK will not let you die, would not take any money for it — is fine I think. But every system

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It's time scientists set an example for reducing the "carbon footprint"

It's time scientists set an example for reducing the "carbon footprint" to save the planet

From November 28 to December 9, 2011 will be a meeting of politicians in Durban, South Africa, to discuss the program of action in the face of climate change, which are the result of human activity. However, all this is due to the scientists, who presented the problem of the public and people began to call on the world to develop "green" behavior.

Everyone knows what to do and how to reduce carbon emissions. In fact, it appears that not only is very difficult for

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Kreatif Romanian advertisers: Killed Stalin — saved a pedestrian

Intervyu with Silviu Nedelshi (Silviu Nedelschi) — creative director and specialist copywriting advertising agency Publicis in Bucharest, which carried out these layouts by request of the Advisory Centre for Victims of road accidents in Romania.

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Snow in Africa — the heat in St. Petersburg

June 10, 2013. The past week has seen a lot of weather events around the world. Heavy rains and the subsequent floods devastated the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria, and a favorite with tourists Prague was so flooded that it was compared to Venice. In Cape Town (South Africa), all of a sudden snow fall covered with ice, and even some coastal areas of the ocean. Most residents saw snow for the first time at all in life, and to put it mildly, were shocked by the drifts in the middle of the palm trees. In Russia the weather too

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