Authorities conceal the truth about Gomel Kurapaty

Organizing committee members showed a video made at the site and during meetings with local residents.Memoirs of older people about the arrests of farmers are also bullet holes in the skulls indicate political executions. But the soldiers of the 52nd separate search battalion that led the excavation, it did not want to confirm, says one of the activists of the organizing committee of the Gomel region Andrey Melnikov:"We had everything here is photographed. After all, people from 52 Battalion, who led the excavation, a voice not quite what we beheld with our eyes."According to the researchers are independent, according to

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Archaeologist excavating recommend taking BRYU members

Before the start of the season, archaeologists are faced with difficulties in recruiting volunteers who usually help scientists specifically to dig. Management of the Institute of History recommended to take only the members of the expedition BRYU. Archaeologist in charge Lyudmila Duchits:"In" Our Cornfield "was alert doctors Institute of Technology Sergey Rassadina who collected volunteers excavated town Casimir Svetlahorsk district. And second ad — White SocietyRussian language invites excavations near the village of cuts also Svetlahorsk district. In this regard, such noise went on to take the director forbade excavations outside only so called "Komsomol" BRSMovtsy can ride. "Archaeologist Vadim

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That are on the excavations in Minsk?

Courtyard by Cyril and Methodius Street, 8. There had previously been a monastic brewery and stables. Archaeologists have unearthed until the third part of the total area. Later they will go specifically to the area of the monastery, on the street Cyril and Methodius, 6. Archaeologist Yuri Kolosovsky reads:"As a result of these excavations we apparently failed to find that building, which is the beginning of the monastery. Preserved part of the floor of this building. Preserved foundation stove belonging to the 17th century." On this terrain authorities want to build a cultural and entertainment center. And while there will

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Gomel oblast: renewed excavations of the former town of Kazimierz

Doctor of Historical Sciences, Dr. Sergei Rassadin from Minsk on the excavation controls a group of students Svetlahorsk industrial institute studying on system function.First excavations started in Last year, confirmed archival information — there really existed a city, Kazimierz. It was destroyed in 1655 during the war with the Russian state. But the title of the village — Imperial Sloboda — indirectly about it remembers.As said assistant doctor Rassadina, historian and public activist Telman Masliukov in This year during archaeological excavations seek out the center of the town destroyed.

In Gomel were their Kurapaty

Graves found using iron rods-fingered and mine detectors. Raised to the surface 10s of human remains.Search battalion platoon commander Lieutenant Bakhanovich presents the official version of the origin of mass graves of people:"Then, according to the newsletter and plan deemed disposal peaceful inhabitants times 2nd World War. We called here as servants prosecutors — investigator visited Gomel and sudmedekspert. They took human remains stagnant for examination."Gomel district commissar Vladimir Dorofeev also before the conclusion of the examination, the origin of the graves associated with the Gomel militias in 1941. But case unclear from whom the militia defended Gomel from the

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Who initiated the excavations in places Stalin shootings near Gomel?

Knows how democracy activist Ales Gomel Kornienko, back in the late 1980s public activists tried to get an explanation from local authorities: who in fact buried in mass graves in a kilometer from the town? Answer applicants did not accept — say, burial really there, but they are not the remains of victims of political repression, and criminals. One of the notable professionals in the Stalinist purges, historian Igor Kuznetsov says that maintaining near Gomel exactly classified as a place of execution of the prewar years. It became clear from the results of the exhumation, which was held here first

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Holding Titan-2 began the construction of metal-working plant in the Leningrad region

In July, the Pine Forest Leningrad Region launched the project of construction of a plant for the production of metal threaded coupling mechanical connection fittings TITAN.

To date, site identified for the construction of factory buildings and first began excavation work on the device excavation.

It is planned that the first production plant is due to release in the second half of September this year. The production capacity of the plant will amount to 100,000 clutches a year. In addition to the principal product, the new production facility will run a wide range of

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Belarusian most fish — pike. And som …

Sous: "Elon, please tell me, and you yourself go fishing?"Lyashkevich: "I was at one point during the expedition had fish on the Ponemon. Seems nothing sprained. Fish I did not catch, so I did not motivate the modern devices and ancient. But I hope that someday’ll experimental archeology. This reconstruction older devices, and maybe then try himself as a fisherman. "Sous"Elon, the week before the air of" Liberty "We knew of caught in Pripyat tremendous catfish 38 kg, 1 meter 80 cm in length, which was caught fishermen Valery and Zoe Anikeichik. Then you plot Liberty contacted by fishermen and

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M.Krivaltsevich: Determine the names of victims in Kurapaty

June 3 will celebrate 20 years as a newspaper "Literature and Art" published an article Poznyak and Eugene Shmygaleva "Kurapaty. Road perdition." After the publication in Belarus and the world became known the truth about the place near Minsk, where in 1937-1941 punishers NKVD shot on various counts from 40 to 300 thousand people. Then Municipal Commission was created to investigate and began excavations have confirmed Zenon Pozniak and written by Eugene Shmygaleva. Hanna Sous: "Tsar Nicholas, let us remember for 20-year-old. Recollection What made you and that eminent article Pozniak and Shmygaleva in" Lima "?

Nicholas KryvaltsevichNicholas Kryvaltsevich"Remembering, of

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The station Tepliy-2 (photographic)

The report's author — Alexander "Russos" Popov

A brief overview of the current state on Tepliy-2, which builds the SMU-5.

(C) Russos, 2011

1. Escalator tunnel to the station being built parallel to the existing one. Then the current lobby will be completed and traffic passenger flow will take a planned appearance, not like now, when the counter flows intersect twice. At the output of the lobby and down on the platform.

2. Excavation slope just begun.

3. Excavation conducted by classical technology — with frost.

4. Truck driver.

5. Hand truck fills the tub.

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