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The designer solution for every window treatment and curtain need is at The Curtain Exchange. Whether it’s in-stock curtains ready to take home on the spot or custom beauties made and measured to order — for residential or commercial properties — you’ll be inspired by the store’s exquisite quality, large selection and fresh style.

An endless selection of fabrics and materials is available for sheers, solars, shades, blinds and shutters, with manual or motorized control, and abundant hardware options — they can even perform installation for you, and also offer unique bedding and pillows.

Professional consultants, in-home consultations and the

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Or appear in Belarus bargaining chip?

There is international practice: if a country develops its monetary system, first produced iron, coins. In all statesah have a bargaining system is steel carton monetary system — says Hist. Ira Kolobov."Memorial coins are issued, usually in countries with manetnuyu currency system. Abnormal thing for monetary monetary system that we have no bargaining iron tools — coins. Yet, our country produces coins commemorative memorabilia. Different, beautiful — appropriate. Etc. … But this is not entirely true means. In the traditional commemorative coins numismatics real means never were. "Spokesman for the State Bank Zhuravovich Misha said that releasing a bargaining chip

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Opposition favorites met with ambassadors

Meeting with foreign diplomats favorites Belarusian political opposition does not happen in the first time. Now with ambassadors spatkayutstsa favorite UCP Anatoly Lebedko, chairman of PKB Sergei Kalyakin favorite BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka and favorite Social Democratic Party "Gromada" Anatoly Lewkowicz. It is understood that an exchange of the views of the situation in the country, as well as other issues of direct relevance to Belarus. Anatoly Lewkowicz said, what questions will open a discussion at the meeting."The meeting will exchange the views of the situation in the country, about the prospects. Will exchange the views of the Special Rapporteur on

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Kharkov Turboatom could become Russia

Ukraine is ready to offer Russia control over the Kharkov EnergyMachineBuilding now "Turboatom" in exchange for a new gas discount. According to TSN, Kiev will be easier to pay off with Moscow enterprises than accession to the Customs Union. Relatively recently, the head of "Rosatom" Sergey Kiriyenko stressed Russia's interest in the development of Kharkiv enterprises. According to him, Russia is ready to create plant-based joint venture with Russian "Atomenergomash" for the production of a new generation of turbines for the nuclear industry. In addition, Ukrainian edition notes that Russia's interest in strategic enterprises of Ukraine is not

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It was in stock — sent to his uncle

During yesterday’s meeting with the governor of the Saratov region Pavel Ipatov head Belarusian government Sergei Sidorsky said that the cash crisis forces return to the methods of work adopted in the 90s. This — pralyangatsyya payments to 90-100 days and barter. According to Belarusian Prime Minister, "these are some good ways to criteria monetary crisis." Vasily Shlyndikov — CEO last known enterprise in Belarus "Amkodor" — explains what pralyangatsyya payments:

Vasily Shlyndikov"This government allows and will not punish you for what you shipped your own product, and funds not yet received. But this — not a panacea, not salvation."Sovereign

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Charhinest reduced the amount of his own claim

The reason for the appeal to the court was the publication of articles A. Tamkovich "General-Senator Cherginets." According to a member of the Council of the Republic Nikolai Cherginets, some phrases articles offend his honor and dignity.Earlier Nikolai Cherginets Tribunal requested to collect from Alexander Tamkovich 100 million, and with newspapers — 500 million rubles.December 5 at the preparatory court hearing in the court representatives Charhinets not agreed to the proposal to print the author’s text editors Charhinets Nicholas, in which he would had the opportunity to express their position and claims to the newspaper. On the same day Nicholas

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The crisis came to Belarus

Will the devaluation of the Belarusian ruble? Gold and supplies Belarus calculated on standards of the International monetary fund in September decreased by 460 million dollars. This — a tenth of the total reserve of the country. Whether this is due to the reduction of the global financial crisis? "You can expect that the Belarusian ruble will fall"

"In 1-x, the crisis has adversely affected the Belarusian money. Indeed, in the world market have increased interest on loans. And it means losing to Belarus this year estimated at 200-300 million dollars …"


"The National Bank should

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An employee of the U.S. Embassy in Guyana fired for issuing visas in exchange for sex

Scandal erupted in the U.S. Embassy in Guyana. Diplomat accused that he was selling U.S. visas and documents issued in exchange for sex.

e giving any explanation, the U.S. State Department acknowledged last week that one of the embassy staff had left his post ahead of schedule and is currently being checked violations that he made, reports the publication The Daily Caller. Local media provides information that one of the employees of the U.S. Embassy suspended from duty pending the investigation of drug smuggling and visa scams.

The scandal at the U.S. embassy began after

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Last summer I was in Rybinsk, and received a lot of good memories. And when he learned of the existence of this site, then simply could not keep quiet and not to tell anyone anything. The official founding date is unknown, but the first mention of a settlement in the area was in 1071. Status of the city received the third in August 1777. According perepesi 2010, the population of the city of Rybinsk 200.771 people. Historical tsetr city consists of many interesting old buildings, which, alas, are subject to serious RESTORATION. But there is a finished masterpieces, many of

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The ruble has overtaken real and the rupee, but falls short of the yuan

The ruble was on the 12th place in popularity on the international currency markets. Its share in afternoon trading — 1.6%, estimated by the Bank for International Settlements. Currencies of Brazil and India are lagging behind, the yuan — a little ahead.

Basel. September 6. FINMARKET.RU — Every three years, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) analyzes the activity on the foreign exchange market. The latest survey took place in April 2013, was attended by representatives of central banks, commercial banks and government officials from 43 countries. Data on foreign currency transactions 1,300 banks and other

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