Sharpening talons

Anatolian Eagle 2013-2 (or ‘Anadolu Kartali’ in Turkish), at Konya from June 10 to 20, was the latest training exercise in a long-running series hosted by the Türk Hava Kuvvetleri (Turkish Air Force). Three Anatolian Eagle exercises take place there each year for Turkey’s and NATO air forces to sharpen their war-fighting skills.

First held in 2001, Anatolian Eagle was conceived and arranged to mirror the US Air Force’s Red Flag exercises. It aims to verify and evaluate the combat readiness of the Turkish AF’s tactical flying units and its capability to manage the development of tactical air training, and

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Red Flag 93-1

NELLIS AFB, the self-styled ‘Home of the Fighter Pilot’, is a major Tactical Air Command airfield situated no more than eight miles from the glitzy town of Las Vegas, Nevada. The base itself occupies an area of over 11,000 acres, and has aprons of a size which can — and have, in the past — accommodated upwards of 400 fighter aircraft.

But it is the existence of 4,742 square miles of restricted ranges and a further 7,700 square miles of airspace to the north and east of the ranges which make Nellis an ideai location for realistic tactical training exercises

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RAF Crusaders in Canada

THE ROYAL Air Force’s 14 Squadron based at RAF Lossiemouth, Morayshire, deployed 141 personnel, including 14 pilots and 12 navigators, to Maple Flag on an RAF Tristar for the second period of the exercise. Nine Tornado GR.4s were already at CFB Cold Lake, having been involved in the first period flown by II(AC) Squadron from RAF Marham, Norfolk. Wg Cdr Basnett, OC 14 Squadron, told AFM: «We are flying six jets in the morning and four in the afternoon. The engineers have had to work extremely hard to make that happen, because we are a long way from home and

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Polish Air Force maritime exercise

FOR THE FIRST time in the history of the current Polish Air Force (PAF), joint naval and air force manoeuvres were undertaken during the last week of May in Exercise Karat 94 on the land/sea range at Wicko Morskie in the western part of the Polish Baltic Sea coast. The aim of the exercise was to combat a hypothetical enemy amphibious force assault on Poland and marked the first lime PAF aircraft had been used against sea-borne targets.

Formations of Su-20 Fitters from the 7th Recce-Bomber Regiment at Powidz were used for mine-laying, while Su-22M-4s from the 40th Fighter-Bomber Regiment

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Missilex 99.

THE LAMPS SH-60B community, mostly associated with the USW role, recently received a few modified SH-60Bs referred to as ‘armed helicopters’. This term describes several Seahawks in the community capable of firing AGM-114 Hellfire missiles. The inventory now contains seven Rapid Deployment Kit (RDK) Seahawks with the Hellfire launcher assembly and the FLIR/Laser designation pod (same pod as the F-117A) mounted on the nose. The inventory also lists some SH-60B FLIR Contingency Kit (FCK) SH-60Bs, non-Hellfire capable helicopters but with the same advanced FLIR/laser designation pod mounted on the starboard side.

The players.

In the summer of 1999, Seahawk squadrons

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Qigong and harmony in family life

Go Shaodun

Violation of the sexual relationship between husband and wife is one of the main reasons for family breakdown. Very often, impotence, rapid ejaculation, frigidity, pain during intercourse, and so on. E. Lead to divorce. Catching the treatment of various chronic diseases, we studied these diseases, and used for the integrated treatment of Qigong. The results were there, many families were waiting for a long time the children have found their happiness. Here are some specific methods of qigong therapy.

1. Nurturing the original in a sitting position

Sit cross-legged on a hard, flat surface (men right foot is

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Rock and roll is dead, and Chris — no longer exists.

It happens that because of drugs and alcohol ROCK STAR EARLY extinguished. Discover the legendary Chris Cornell INSTEAD OF HEROIN SOUNDGARDEN hooked on training. Today it has 49, but he’s in better shape than it was in 25, and certainly in better than BORN WITH HIM TO ONE YEAR FROM JRA Hoi "GAZA STRIP", Yegor Letov FROM "CIVIL DEFENSE" And Jeff Hanneman OF SLAYER.

Chris Cornell SAYS 90-X with a smile and annoyance. He has something to remember, but he can not remember everything. Soundgarden vocalist was then a rock god with all the trappings: multi-platinum albums, crowds of fans

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Personal trainer.

Four months of intensive training behind. Verify how much you can endure.

Text and Methodology: Dmitry Smirnov.

* This is the third part of the annual program of home exercises for the integrated development of motor skills. The first two parts seek to

oic part of an annual program — new challenges for you and your body. The priority of the next 2 months will be endurance. To do this, we are somewhat simplify the set of exercises and workout temporarily get rid of speed, endurance and speed because, alas, can not develop at the same time. Plus your

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Final Thunder

Richard Allnutt visited Eielson AFB, Alaska, for the final Co-operative Cope Thunder exercise.

A AIRCRAFT AND personnel from more than a dozen nations took part in the summer’s Exercise Co-operative Cope Thunder (CCT), held in Alaska from July 20 to August 5.


Around 1,300 personnel from Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, Mongolia, the Republic of South Korea, the Slovak Republic, Sweden, the United States and NATO were involved, and observers came from Bangladesh, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia and Sri Lanka.

The exercise’s main operating base was Eielson AFB, near Fairbanks, home of the 353rd Combat Training Squadron, responsible for the planning

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Exercise Stabilo Due

Monday, 7th May 2012, 1345 Imfl hours — “Due to the current news-official situation from military intelligence, the stand-out situation FURST or SEE is likely to happen. The move of major parts of the brigade into staging area Uster and of Infanteriebatailllon 61 into the staging area Wil to be undertaken immediately.” — this was the initial order for Panzer Battalion 13 to start the Field Training Exercise (FTX) ‘Stabilo Due’.

Between Monday, 7th May and Wednesday, 9th May 2012, the Swiss Panzer Battalion 13 of Panzer Brigade II conducted a Field Training Exercise in a civil area around Uster-Wil,

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