Zaha Hadid in collaboration with design studios Kollision and Wahlberg, and The Centre for Advanced Visualization and Interaction (CAVI) presents her first solo exhibition in Scandinavia at the Danish Architecture Centre. This exhibition presents a world of interactive architectural forms that are synonymous with Hadid’s styles along with an installation called Parametric Space. With the intention to merge design with geometry, the Iraqi-British architect showcases sophisticated towers, shell constructions, design objects and furniture through this unique amalgamation.

The Parametric Space is the key highlight and appears as a


How many springs feeds the Volga.

The author of these lines asked to write about the children’s drawings on the theme of Pushkin prepares to publish a children’s jubilee Pushkin Encyclopedia. The author refused. The initiators of the future publication of statistics like how many and which do and do exhibitions, as shown on the drawings or that show … But the figures whether the case! And who, how these figures can be collected?

A year ago, took place in Moscow two expositions: the young Muscovites and the whole of Russia. On the Republican exhibited in Moscow it was about a hundred pages, and the children

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The Porter Gallery at the V&A is piled high with models, photographs, maquettes, prototypes and products. It’s as if someone has transplanted the creative mayhem that typifies the architecture room at the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition.

The work is arranged in thematic clusters rather than a chronological progression, and is a showcase of the eclectic and compelling output of Heatherwick Studio, founded in 1994 by the current golden boy of British design, Thomas Heatherwick.

The show was curated by Abraham Thomas, curator of design at the V&A, and Heatherwick Studio. Thomas was keen to stress that the show is a


Exhibition Opens at the Fleet Air Arm Museum

News of the opening of a new exhibition in a military history museum is always of interest to enthusiasts and militaria collectors who are keen to see displays of items and learn more about the aspects of a campaign or battle. The new display which opened at the Fleet Air Arm Museum at Yeovilton in Somerset on 11 July tells the history of the campaign known as the Battle of the Atlantic and when The Armourer was invited we eagerly accepted and went along to see for ourselves.

The Battle of the Atlantic can be said to have begun on

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Start the program «Business Visitor»

The «business visitors» — a program that is organized and implemented to achieve the maximum effect from participation in the exhibition and its activities, to create the most favorable conditions for the promotion of products and services exhibitors.

The preparation and conduct of the program provides for close cooperation with exhibitors in collecting information and individual requests for trade visitors in contact with the company that is interested exhibitor.

Statement by the expert at the request of the participant will be sent personal invitation and business badge by which, bypassing the mandatory registration, the exhibitor is important for visitors

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In the USSR National Economy in 1964

Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy of the USSR in the sixth spring-summer season is organized in a new way. A total of 73 exhibition pavilions, of which 23 are devoted to various branches of industry and transport 26 — Agriculture 14 — Scientific and Cultural Organization, 8 — building.

Staged by the Communist Party of the Soviet Union’s task is to make the promotion of science and excellence more active is reflected in the work plan of the Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the USSR. It is planned to organize exhibitions, shows, special expositions and traveling exhibitions.


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As the heat of sorrow.

Built a children’s choir. All the girls, girls, girls. And on the flanks of them a few boys. Dressed all festive. And they ring the song, second, third. In one of these words: "Beautiful world, and we have to be in it beautiful!" Other children read poems. Dance. So opened Russian exhibition of children’s drawings "Pushkin and Moscow" Republican State Children’s Library in the Kaluga area.

Now in the world of adults, no, no yes and you will hear that de Pushkin obsolete, outdated that it does not meet the intense rhythm of our days, that he … What

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Guests at the exhibition

Note «Hunters " medals «, published in number 10 of the magazine in 1961, Comrade Ivanov condemned hunters who regularly put their dogs on regional and interregional exhibitions, adding to their collection of medals.

Author rights if dog owners are unfairly «low-value manufacturers advertise. However, in most cases, participation at exhibitions visiting guests is of a different character.

We in the inter-annual dog shows are hunters from Yaroslavl, Leningrad, Kostroma, Ivanovo, Vologda and other cities with their dogs. If imported dog is better than ours, we just would like to thank the owner of the exhibition of the winner, as

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Globalization of Fespa

Fespa exhibition was an interesting metamorphosis. Once it was a rather modest exhibition, in general, for niche markets and printing technologies: screen, tampogayuy and so on. N. Their share in the entire printing and, as a consequence, the scale of the exhibition were small. Ubiquitous transition to digital technology a beneficial impact on the target markets Fespa and its popularity. It grows not only the main exhibition, but her daughter — Fespa Digital and regional shows.

Describing the results of the first and most striking trend, we still did not have official figures on visitors. Now they are —

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Germany: Exhibition Interlift 2011

The association VFA-Interlift and the company AFAG Messen und Ausstellungen GmbH announced that Interlift Exhibition 2011 will be held October 18-21 in the trade fair center of Augsburg.

Compared to 2009, a greater number of applications for participation in the exhibition Interlift comes from the South European region. Project Manager Joachim Karls-Dorf announced that the exhibition this year, plan to arrive those of its former members, who missed the exhibition in 2009. The association VFA-Interlift company AFAG and advertise the event around the world. Already it is clear that more widespread than previously thought, the exhibition will be presented

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