Not hired disabled — fine

According to the deputy Larisa Vershalovich, at the moment there is great difficulty in getting a job for people with limited physical functions. The leaders of all sorts of different methods institutions shall be removed from service disabled. Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Vladimir Patupchyk agreed that such a problem exists. He hopes that the configuration in the legislation will force officials to pay more attention to people with disabilities.

Grodno BPF zlikivdavali

"Two years reversed we were deprived premises on Karl Marx Street, 11 in which were registered Grodno regional, city and district, Grodno two organizations. Due to the fact that at the moment Prices for rent for public organizations up to 10 times, we could not find in the town space for rent. And it is clear that the lack of space and the legal address of the organization was liquidated, "- says managing the regional organization of the Belarusian Popular Front" Revival "Sergey Urchin."According to the law the organization must have the address legal, but organizations such as ours have

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CIS can exist for a long time, because no harm

For which there is CIS — just for the sake of tradition and public opinion in the Member States or this structure really need to deal with any common problems? Can we now call the CIS pro organization? To these questions in the transfer of expertise Liberty meet politicians Silitski Vitaly and Andrei Fedorov.Tsigankov"A lot has been said that the CIS is going to die, that the real decisions were not adopted. Yet managing these states became common, sign some documents. How would you describe the situation in the CIS? Either divorce has long held and presidents and prime ministers

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Torsion fields — reality or fiction?

Even a person infinitely far from the science at least a couple of times, but heard about the torsion fields and the associated prospect of truly fantastic.

They are called the "fifth state" of matter, they are explained by supernatural phenomena such as telepathy, telekinesis, meetings with ghosts, etc. On this basis, designed fundamentally new weapons and means of communication are made miraculous units with an efficiency greater than 100%. However, people close to science, for sure tell that all this is nonsense, nothing in this area is not designed

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Another World

In one of the states in the U.S. back in 1947 there was a strange accident, alleged flying saucer crashed in this provincial town Rosuel. Eyewitnesses events began to argue that it was a UFO, because the remains of the ship was noticed strange characters. There is speculation that it was the aliens brought us writing.

Like to cook? Do you want to learn new recipes? Then, find great recipes with photos of you on a culinary portal

According to one hypothesis, when the aliens genetically

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City of the Moon

Last year, Chinese astronomers published derived from satellite images of the lunar surface, fully showing the anomalous field. Presumed supporters of this theory, the pictures of the remains fixed once existed cities. However, reputable scientists are trying to deny this version, citing the fact that the images in the photographs — is not nothing but a play of light and shadow.

But … a lot of photos available in the arsenal of astronomers were made with different orbits, under different angles with respect to the lunar surface, at different times

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We have to keep in mind: the very existence of their world should Russian fighter

A negative propaganda of the case for his heroism is treason

The country celebrates a day of victory. "Echo of Moscow" offends this victory. One odious but steady guest radio calls to avoid hanging in Moscow image of the Victory Banner. Another, more odious, but a constant guest of the same radio station said in its broadcast celebration on May 1, May 9 obscenity.

Victory in the day RF virtually the whole of society — a sacred principle. The memory of the victory — Plainclothes religion of. What in the World traditions in the word "national holiday." Insulting a public

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Confrontation watch online

There are pro-Russian documentary films on the subject of the Chechen war, and there are pro-Chechen films. This movie shows exactly the problem of the Chechen side, but unlike the new documentary film Chechen film industry is calling for a global jihad, or Islamic fundamentalism.

Chechnya, Afghanistan and other regions of the Caucasus

Spain: giant squids exist


Spain: giant squids exist



Spanish fishermen caught a giant squid. The length of this creation is 9 meters and weighs 83 kilograms. Unfortunately, the clam was dead. The remains of the animal in a few days, freeze, and then scientists will study it carefully.

Battery News, 13.08.2004 16:04

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At different times there were different attitudes to birthmarks. There was even a "language of moles", it was thought that mole in the right place (mostly artificial — "fly") effectively emphasizes the "rock." There was also a national sign: "The more moles — the happier man."

Moles (nevi) is practically for each person. It is believed that the rate should be no more than 100. It is clear that people do not usually deal with counting, but the appearance of new moles in large numbers can not be ignored. And this is an occasion to refer to a

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