Time of rapid expansion at KOTUG

Over the past few months KOTUG International, which has its HQ in Rotterdam, has announced a number of additions to its tug fleet and plans for further expansion. An important component in the KOTUG fleet is the unique Rotor Tug concept invented by

Ton Kooren, founder of KOTUG. First introduced in 1999, the Rotor Tug, with its triple azimuthing unit propulsion system, has proliferated, over 30 vessels are now in use, and the number is growing.

In March an order was placed with two shipbuilders for the first four of a new generation of Rotor Tugs, designated the ART 80-32

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Equatorial Guinea National Guard Air Arm Expansion

ALTHOUGH THE air arm of the Republica de Guinea Ecuatorial Guardia Nacional (Equatorial Guinea National Guard) has long had a very limited capability, there has lately been a considerable expansion in its aircraft equipment. Most potent among its recent acquisitions are four Sukhoi Su-25s, comprising two single-seat aircraft, first reported last August, plus a pair of two-seat Su-25UBs, which had been delivered by December 2007. They are flown from the main operating base at Malabo. At least four Mil Mi-24V Hind-E attack helicopters have also entered service over the last couple of years, flown out of Malabo but with a

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Mironov: Alliance with Belarus unpromising

Speaking to students Buryat Institute, he called for expanding the boundaries of the Russian Federation without force feedback. But, according to Mironov, this expansion is unlikely to succeed at the expense of Belarus."Our alliance with Belarus is hopeless — he said. — Expansion of the country can go in other directions, for example, in the direction of Kazakhstan, on the promising cooperation with which they say many experts. "

Deere & Company again makes investments in Russia

Well-known producer of construction and agricultural equipment firm Deere & Company announced plans to invest $ 32 million in the expansion of its factory-owned agricultural machinery in Orenburg.

 Photo source:gruzovoy.ru

The rationale for this decision is the fact that Russia has a large agro-industrial potential and could become a future for the entire Eurasian breadbasket. The new investment will allow up to six times to increase the production of seeders, and plows and other equipment. It’s perfect Orenburg region in which grain is produced forces small farmers.

Another $ 18 million will be spent on improving

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In Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, the reconstruction of the main airport


Modernization of the airport Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, built in 1964, will be held for the first time in 15 years. According to ITAR-TASS General Director of Airport Nikita Polonsky, coordination of the project is already underway on the construction of the beginning of July the new luggage terminal.

 Baggage terminal will be put beyond the old terminal, which will expand in the area of pre-screening of passengers. "Currently hour examination is held 250 people, with the expansion of space, this figure will rise to 750 passengers per hour," — said Polonsky.

"In the near future our

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General Motors began to prepare the ground for the expansion of the plant GM Auto

General Motors Company began to prepare the ground for the expansion of the plant "GM Auto" in St. Petersburg. This project will, by 2015, to increase the production capacity of the plant more than doubled — from 98,000 to 230,000 vehicles per year.

At the launch ceremony of the new building in Shushary was chairman and president of General Motors Dan Akerson.

The expansion of the plant "GM Auto" takes place in the framework of the historic agreement signed a year ago with the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, under which GM will invest $ 1

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Launched a new line of rubber expansion joints Kompenz (Veliky Novgorod)

Engineering Company "Kompenz" — innovative company that represents a new highly efficient technology development and production of compensatory devices used in all piping systems for utility companies, oil and gas, chemical, gas and metallurgy industries, enterprises of the military-defense complex of Russia.

The company "Kompenz" installed the newest production line rubber expansion joints.The equipment is capable of operating in both manual and semi-automatic. It has a modern touch control and robust head processor.

Starting the additional line will increase production (approximately 1.5-1.7 times), to create new jobs (up to 20), and reduce lead times for most running standard

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Shipped equipment Nazarovskoy TPP

As part of the reconstruction project 7 Nazarovskoy GRES power company Kompenz Elastic developed and shipped a unique fabric expansion of the boiler furnace. The uniqueness of this compensator is its size and operating temperature of 800 C. The dimensions of the compensator 8000 x 20000 mm. When proizvosdvte compensator used the most advanced composite materials leading European and Russian manufacturers.

Company "Kompenz Elastic" has organized a new production in Novgorod the Great in 2011. The company produces and designs special non-metallic expansion joints for gas removal systems. The use of unique for Russia new composite materials made it possible

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The work on the expansion of the plant «Gestamp Severstal Vsevolozhsk

STEP Company has completed the expansion of the plant for the production of automotive components «Gestamp Severstal", located in the industrial zone "Brickyard" Vsevolozhsk district of the Leningrad region. As a result of work performed production facility increased from 16,000 to 23,000 square meters. m on constructed areas in the near future will begin installation of a new assembly line for the supply of body parts at the Nissan plant in St. Petersburg.

Finished products from the company «Gestamp Vsevolojsk Severstal" has already shipped from the assembly plant Ford, General Motors and Hyundai, located in the region.

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No worse than the Germans

As a small company Novgorod ousted German manufacturer with market leadership

In "Kompenz-Elastic" work of 25 people. They make expansion joints for Russia — have orders from Nakhodka to Kaliningrad and supply their products to Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine. In the coming months will begin to work their office in Germany.

Co-founder of "Kompenz-Elastic" Maxim Muratshin four years working as an engineer in Germany. Early last year, he returned to Russia in April opened its production of non-metallic expansion joints with a partner — CEO "Kompenz", which had previously produced only metal expansion joints.


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