USN to acquire more Hawkeyes

ALTHOUGH NEW GRUMMAN E-2 Hawkeye production was expected to cease 12 months ago, the US Navy is now seeking to acquire 36 more E-2Cs. These will be purchased at the rate of four per year, with the first examples expected to be funded in FY1995. It had previously been planned to upgrade existing USN Hawkeyes to extend their service life until it was revealed that this could cost up to two-thirds of the cost of a new E-2C.

In anticipation of the USN order, Northrop Grumman has commenced transfer of the E-2C production line from its existing location at Calverton,

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KLu requirements

SEVEN CANADIAN FORCES CH-147 Chinooks, retired in June 1991, have been offered to the Netherlands for $15.75 million in a deal with the Canadian government. Delivered to Canada from 1975, the CH-147s incorporated a number of major changes from the basic CH-47C including an increased gross weight. They will be refurbished by either Boeing Helicopters or Agusto before delivery in late 1994 or early 1995 — the former proposing a standard similar to the CH-47D, while the latter would complete them to an upgraded CH-47C standard as the Italian manufacturer does not hold CH-47D licence rights.

It is thought that

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Eurofighter progress

FOLLOWING FIRST FLIGHTS of the first two Eurofighter 2000 prototypes, test flying has proceeded remarkably smoothly. Original plans to transfer DAI to Warton for the remainder of the test flying programme after its initial flight testing have been dropped. After around 10-12 flights each, both DA1 and DA2 will be temporarily grounded for flight control system and avionics upgrades which are not expected to be completed until autumn. At the BAe Warton families’ day on May 20 DA2 made its eighth flight and was expected to make only two more before being laid-up.

Seven prototypes and five instrumented pre-production aircraft

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Bulletin Board

Denmark has invited eight prequalified European contractors to submit tenders for a wheeled or tracked armoured vehicle to replace its currently deployed Ml 13 series of tracked armoured personnel carriers (APCs) and variants. The Danish Army’s Ml 13s have already gone through a number of upgrades, including some under urgent operational requirement (UOR) funding for deployment to Afghanistan, but cannot be developed any further.

Denmark’s requirement is for between 206 and 450 vehicles (although around 360 units is more probably the maximum), and under current projections replacement vehicles are expected to be under contract by the end of 2014. The

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The list of names of Don athletes included in the Olympic team of the country, exceeded the expected 25 seats

At the Olympics in Beijing will travel 33 Don athlete. This was on July 24 at a press conference the Minister of Sports and Physical Culture of Rostov region Sergey Gorbunov. In China, the Don will be presented to athletes in 16 sports. By the number of Olympians our region among the five regions of the Russian leaders. According to Sergei Gorbunov, a list of names of Don athletes included in the national team of Russia, has exceeded the expected 25 seats. "Even at gunpoint not tell forecast how many medals. We superstitious people. At the World Championships winning those

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Collect the first sample of aircraft engines AI-450S

Moscow. August 27. Airports — GP "Ivchenko-Progress" has collected the first prototype airplane modification of aircraft engine AI-450S, said "AviaPort" general designer Igor Kravchenko enterprise.


According to him, the new version of AI-450 can be used both for Russian and foreign aircraft on small aircraft. In the process of creating the AI-450S is necessary to pass benchmark tests and certification testing engine. It can be expected that the engine will be certified by the end of 2014.

Helicopter engine option has already been installed on the helicopter Mi-2. First race engines on

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In the southern Philippine province of Cebu originated tornado

June 19, 2013. Varicella whirlwind of impressive dimensions walked around the two municipalities southern province of Cebu in the Philippines. The result of this walk are 55 homes destroyed in Miglanilla and numerous destructions in the infrastructure, the Talisay.

Ground tornado, which was released to the land from the sea surface, threw hundreds of trees in urban parks, cut electrical wires, houses were left without roofs and fences damaged building factories for the production of animal feed and an area for playing basketball. One person was injured, he met with a tornado on the coast. Of the islanders,

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Vladivostok is coming on strong tropical cyclone

July 16, 2013. Typhoon Soulik, raged in the past two days in Taiwan and the south-east coast of China, is coming to Vladivostok. On the way to us, and it weakened into a tropical cyclone, but will bring in Primorye heavy rain and wind. As REGNUM in the United duty traffic control service and the management of Civil Defense and Emergency Administration of Vladivostok, July 16 in Vladivostok expected heavy rain. He will start the morning with a gradual increase in the evening and during the night of July 17.

Precipitation predicted to 45 mm in 12 hours or less,

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North China threatens the strongest in the last twenty years flood

August 11, 2013. At the border with Russia, Heilongjiang Province / Northeast China / expected strong over the past twenty years flood. This is today Xinhua reported.

According to the agency, now the water level in the river Nenjiang exceeded the norm by 1.62 meters. For this reason, the authorities announced "orange" alert level. In the PRC adopted a four-level warning system for natural disasters, in which the level of risk is indicated in blue, yellow, orange and red.

According to the National Meteorological Center of China in the next three days in the north and north-east of China will

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China threatens new tropical storm

August 19, 2013. August 14 in the South China city of Yangjiang (Guangdong) came ashore typhoon "Yutor." To date, we know of three dead and five missing people. Tens of thousands of residents have been evacuated.

Soon the people of China lies in wait for a new attack. Approximately 300 km from the coast of Taiwan was formed tropical storm "Tram". According to the forecasts of meteorologists to land in China, he can come out as early as Tuesday.

It is expected that over the next few days, "Tram" will intensify. For a short time it can be rated as

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