Air power experts.

DURING A TWO-week period four months ago, units from across the UK and selected NATO assets deployed to RAF Leuchars to participate in Combined Qualified Weapons Instructor (CQWI) Operational Phase 2 of 1998. The course is designed to take the most promising pilots and navigators from the front line and turn them into weapons, systems and tactical experts. Upon completion, the QWIs return to the squadrons and instruct junior and senior aircrews alike in all aspects of weaponry and tactical employment of air power.

The QWI courses from the Tornado GR.l, F.3, Jaguar and Harrier were linked together in June

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ECP has shipped the latest platform with uranium program HEU

"ECP" (included in the control loop fuel company Rosatom "fuel elements") was shipped latest platform with low-enriched uranium produced in the framework of the Russian-American program "Megatons to Megawatts" (or "HEU"). Thus ended the 20-year-old for Russia and 17-year-old for the ECP contract for processing of Russian weapons-grade uranium into energy.   

Over the years, the electrochemical plant was redesigned about a third of the 500 tons of highly enriched uranium under the agreement. From this, it received more than 4 million tons of low-enriched uranium overseas took about 2.5 thousand containers. According to unofficial estimates

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Energy-saving technologies in the Irkutsk region

Modern innovative energy-saving technologies have reached and the Irkutsk region. A few days left before the start of a new complex on the highway M-53. At Moscow road near junction on the settlement Railroad station and Thelma experts found and mounted 8 poles with solar panels and wind power generators. The equipment allows for all kinds of weather to accumulate a charge of sunlight and wind.

Automatically set up the equipment at dusk light the lamps on bus shelters and pedestrian crossings at this point the track. While this is the first site where the work will ultramodern technology

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The more correct we do, the louder they yell

Read the blog Notes naive person on the revised map of the sky

"If the West berates us with the last

words, it means that we are all doing the right thing "


That is in fact what pattern is obtained.

When the "Gazprom" has been rocked by Vyakhirev and gas past the budget on behalf of individual beneficiaries, no one even close to openly resented the criminal activities of the gas empire. As soon as the "Gazprom" has become a driving force of the

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Kharkov chemists have restored a rare machine in the factory engines in Perm

For almost eight decades of work in Perm Engine Company — the country's leading serial manufacturer of aircraft engines, which today are equipped with all the modern Russian aircraft. But the trouble happened at the factory. Haywire made to order very rare (only a few pieces in the former Soviet Union) special high-precision CNC lathe for machining of aircraft engine diaphragm. It was produced in Germany and is set at the factory in the early 90's and worked properly. But last fall, experts have found unacceptable gap in the bearing spindle. In addition, there were strangers knocking. Replace an

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Ukraine increased soybean production by 20 times

Soybean production in the period of 2001-2012 years. increased by 20 times. If the gross oil-in 2001 amounted to 120 thousand tons, in 2012? 2.4 million tons.

  These data are released Ukrainian association of producers and processors of soybean (APPS), said "Ukrinform." "To achieve such a significant increase in production as the crop failed due to a significant expansion of areas (from 189.6 thousand hectares in 2001 to 1.47 million hectares in 2012) and by increasing its yield (with 12.2 t / ha to 16.5 t / ha) "? experts say. In the near future, according to

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Turkmenistan buys 100 bulldozers CTZ

Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant concludes the largest in the last two years, the export contract for the supply of 100 bulldozers B10 (B-10M) in Turkmenistan. The client is the Ministry of Water Resources of the Republic. As the director of a foreign trade company, Vladimir Klein, CTZ all equipment must be shipped within three months.

It's about supplying the usual mass-produced cars with a manual transmission without a ripper, with a larger blade. But tractors equip more powerful air filter and a larger intake that will allow them to work in a dusty area, even in the

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Triumphal arch in Moscow opened after reconstruction

In Moscow unveiled an updated Arc de Triomphe. The ceremony was dedicated to the victory in the Patriotic War of 1812.

Dmitry Medvedev thanked all the experts involved in the restoration work, and expressed the hope that they will receive awards. After that, the Prime Minister spoke to the restorers. Among the participants of the conversation, and was one of the experts who dealt with the restoration of the arch in 1968. He gave the premiere of the photos of the monument at the time.

Tomsk technology

Continuation of a series of programs RussiaToday channel about the new high-tech production in Russia. In this program: plant "Micran" river-output radar, cellular base stations of standard LTE (4G), telecommunication equipment, and many other innovations Tomsk scientists.

 Tomsk — a city of students and academics — is separated from Moscow three time zones and more than three thousand kilometers. Every year there are undergoing a major innovation forum, which brings together experts from across the country. And soon in full force earns a cluster of sophisticated enterprises. And it is the first to achieve. For

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Tomichi developing a new technology of treatment of atherosclerotic plaques

The company "Nanokor," which established the Institute of Cardiology and the National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University, received the status of a "Skolkovo".

As the press service of the regional administration, Tomich propose to develop a new technology of treatment of atherosclerotic plaques in the blood vessels of the person using bioactive nanoparticles. They are going through a local effect on atherosclerotic plaque achieve its deconstruction and, potentially, resorption. For the procedure to create nanoparticles that help the body to do so, because only it can theoretically solve the problem.


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