ISO ratings

IN ORDER TO capture a well-exposed image using your DSLR, you need to get a precise amount of light to the sensor. How much light is mainly dependent on the shooting conditions — you need to give more exposure if you’re taking photographs at night than you do in broad daylight, for example. However, there’s another factor you need to consider other than light levels — the ISO your camera is set to. By changing the ISO you can increase or reduce the sensitivity of your camera’s sensor to light and therefore control the exposure required to achieve






Color form: This graphic abstraction of a woman in a swimsuit was made by Japanese photographer Hideki Fujii as part of a series of images for a calendar. He used a 35mm SLR and a 180mm lens. The exposure, lit by electronic flash units, was 1 /100 sec between f/11 and f/16 on Kodachrome 64 film. The printing process rendered the image more abstract-an unaltered version ran in our 1985 Photography Annual.


Weimar Berlin: This striking portrait of actress Lotte Lenya (who was also the wife of Kurt Weill) was taken in Berlin

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Many photographers underestimate the qualities of flash and never explore its true potential

MOST photographers only ever use flash to get a decent exposure in challenging conditions. These same photographers see flash as a last resort and rarely take the time to learn how to use it correctly. But by exploring how to modify and control a flash, you can take your photography to another level.

Light from a flash can be modified easily using household items, to give you maximum control. With paper, a simple flash bounce or snoot can be made, and a cigarette paper over a pop-up

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Fast and Filmic

Try this plugin for quick, editable transformations.

Alien skin Exposure 5 is a great plug-in for adding film and film-like effects to your images. As serious software, it’s more than just filters. It starts with a huge array of presets, both black-and-white and color, to transform your photograph according to preset film types and processes. There are archaic ones like calotype, cinematic ones like Polapan, and more recent (discontinued) favorites like Kodachrome.

The software can be used as a standalone or as a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Lightroom, and Apple Aperture, and works essentially the same way no matter

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Exposure exposed

The sensor in your camera (just like your eye) can tolerate and record only a certain range of intensity of light. Hence, it is necessary to regulate light and bring it to levels that can be tolerated by the sensor. Not only that, the sensor should be given the right «dosage» of light. This is what we call «Exposure». When the exposure is correct the image will record the maximum number of tones and colors (Picture 1). It should not be overexposed (too light, Picture 2) or underexposed (too dark, Picture 3). Exposure, together with focus, forms one of the

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Few photographers desire to be less organised, but Michel Rajkovic believes greater experimentation could improve his work. Here he talks to B+W about improvisation, imagination and blue sky storms.

Edited by Tracy Hallett.

What is your favourite photographic book?

It has to be Above Zero by German photographer Olaf Otto Becker (published by Hatje Cantz). I love Becker’s minimalist approach and when I look at this book I feel removed from reality.

What is your worst photographic habit?

I don’t use a notebook as often as I should. When I visit a location, I hope that all of the conditions

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Dmitry Vishnev presents in Minsk Zoo

Exhibition Gallery "Underground", which is located in the capital Independence Avenue, has the title "Zoo" and exposure to "good ideas", Mogilev called "Passage to the cages." The creator explains that the names correspond to the content, because the main characters of his colorful works — it’s all sorts of animals and insects.Cherry: "For many years I was researching different animals, insects and parasites."The result of this research work was the catalog calendar 2006 under the playful slogan "Cockroach — best friend of man." Calendar takes very popular among fans of modern art, because Dmitry Vishnev continued this project and issued

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Will Belarus National Museum of Chernobyl?

Now the village Sudkova Khoyniki district meeting held Chernobyl. To the villagers come their countrymen that after the Chernobyl clusters dispersed in different regions of Belarus. Organize a meeting of village Chernobyl museum that such action is celebrating its first anniversary.A pioneer in the creation of a local museum became the last manager of an agricultural cooperative "Sudkova" Nicholas Sadchanka. After he led Hoinikskii executive committee, and is currently working in Gomel. But Nicholas Sadchanka sure that without his specific role museum deal not stall: "Starting the museum made. But we need to develop. Bid We introduced the Director has

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What causes depression

The sense of power over events and the ability to control their own are very important for the physical and psychological health. Imagine what would you feel to find that they no longer have power to change your life and everything that happens happens to you in addition to your will — most likely, you will have a feeling of helplessness, and you stop trying to do something. In other words, you will depression.

Renowned psychologist Martin Seligman, dealing with the problems of behavior, argues that our perceptions of power and control over events depends on our experience.

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Spirit rover photographed a UFO in the skies of Mars




U.S. robot Spirit, performing surveying the sky with a green filter, found an unusually bright object which moved four degrees of arc in a time exposure shot (15 seconds).

According to the first assumption, it could be one of the seven spacecraft orbiting around the planet right

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