Fast-growing feeder

SA Express is one of two airlines providing feeder services for South African Airways (SAA). The airline started flying in spring 1994 as South African Express. Today, known simply as SA Express, it operates a fleet of 22 aircraft and is one of Africa’s fastest-growing regional carriers. Exciting times are ahead as the airline plans to add Embraer regional jets to its fleet as well as a number of new international destinations to its network.

Early Days

SA Express can trace its history back to the early 1990s when the Canadian De Luce family, which had decades of experience in

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Russia can not be relied on as a partner

The English edition of "Financial Express" writes:"Recovery of tension between Russia and Belarus in Western Europe exacerbated the desire to reduce its dependence on Moscow, if such a thing can be. Western analysts do not talk enough with respect to Moscow argumentavanastsi raise Belarus energy prices. They believe that this situation most damaging aspect is brinkmanship. " "The most important consequence of the growth will be forthcoming nervousness in the West due to the fact that Russia can not be relied on as a partner," says Dr. Dieter Helm of Oxford Institute. This latest explosion between Moscow and Minsk recalled

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World congratulates Barack Obama

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Israel Tzipi Livni said: "We have at the moment a new president." She explained that the U.S. president — not only the head of his own country, and a favorite of the entire free world, to which Israel. Ms. Livni expressed the hope that the brand new U.S. president and Israel have common values and common interests.Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero stated that the upcoming elections in the United States of America have shown the power of democracy and power, its ability to change the world. "These elections are opening the latest era

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BNR Rada expressed support for Georgia

COUNCIL STATEMENT BNRin connection with the Russian anger against Georgian countryBNR Rada that its support and its deepest sympathy to the Georgian people, who became the latest victim of the post-Soviet period of Russian imperialism.Trying to attract the attention of the international community to the latest efforts by Moscow to strengthen his control over its former vassals, Georgia became the victim of a brutal anger Moscow. It again showed the true face of the empire, which is a greater danger to all once enslaved, and now sovereign adjacent countries.BNR Rada encourages democratic world to express their support for Georgia, giving

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China Exim Bank started to finance Air Express

Export-Import Bank of China started to finance national project "Air Express". This was reported in the press service of the Gosinvestproekta.  

"June 19, 2013 Gosinvestproekt received an official communication from the Export-Import Bank of China to finance the opening of the national project" Air Express "- said in a statement.

Chairman Gosinvestproekta Kaskiv said that the National project "Air Express" — the first major infrastructure project, which is implemented on the basis of okupnoy. In the history of independent Ukraine is not yet implemented such large-scale infrastructure facilities are not for public funds, he

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Belarusian elite lack the determination

Director of the school number 4 in Saligorsk Olga Senkova quit her job after, as before taking the final exam was expelled from school deputy chairman of the unregistered organization "Young Front" Ivan Shyla. SMS message from Timokha with Chaussy District: "Though what dictatorial regime is not interested in the education of their own people. And in this case it is very important is the role of the teacher, his conscience and social position. Teach kids can and beyond the classroom, and his example as didand director of pochetaemaya Saligorsk real teacher, conscientious and courageous man, worthy of respect. "Subsequent

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The European Union expressed solidarity with U.S. diplomats

Slovenia, the Presidency of the European Union, Belarus proclamation named persons non grata and expel 10 U.S. diplomats "illegal and harmful to the interests of the people of Belarus."Presidency of the European Union expressed its solidarity with the United States and its diplomatic service. On behalf of the European Union Slovenia urged the Belarusian authorities to reconsider this decision and make urgent measures that will restore relations between Belarus and the U.S. on the basis of mutually beneficial cooperation.Landsbergis: Belarus provokes United StatesThe last chapter of Lithuania Vytautas Landsbergis country believes that in case of rupture diplomatic relations with the

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U.S. not going to further reduce embassy staff?

Merkel"The authorities first claimed to reduce the staff of our embassy to 17, and we did. But then they wrongly claimed neagruntavana and even greater reductions — up to 5 or 6 people. We did not fulfill this requirement, we consider it unnecessary and are convinced that a good first step would be to return our ambassador in Minsk. "Belarusian Foreign Ministry asks throw in Belarus 5 U.S. diplomats. Chargé d’Affaires in Minsk Jonathan Moore protested the new requirements.The U.S. Embassy confirmed the visit to the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Interim attorney Jonathan Moore. During this meeting, the sovereign Moore claimed

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Head of the European Parliament condemned the acts of the Belarusian authorities

He expressed his strong concern that the detained opposition activists who assumed the role of in a peaceful demonstration on March 25, and journalists were punished by arrest for 15 days or tremendous penalties. EP President also outraged that the KGB gave chase-independent journalists."I strongly condemn the arrest and politically targeted flogging with Belarusian citizens who peacefully express their commitment to the values of freedom, democracy and Human Rights. The European Parliament expresses its solidarity with all those who defend freedom and democracy "- said Hans-Gert Poettering.

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Soligorsk commandos dispersed share

Cyarod detainees have elderly people who have come now to the square to express their attitude to the social policy of the authorities. According to observers, Saligorsk gathered on the square about 300 people. Recently the share of the youth movement activists scattered messages mailboxes with a call to go out to the streets to express their attitude to abolition of privileges and other social issues.

SWAT ruthlessly dispersed share. The police are Vladimir Shiloh and his son Ivan, Christina Samoilov, Vladimir Volobuev and others. 1st pensioner who became ill, took an ambulance. 

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