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5cm f /1.1 Nikkor-N Lens

The very impressive 5cm f/1.1 Nikkor-N lens was announced in February 1956 and was exhibited in Tokyo. The 5cm f/1.1 was a very radical lens for its time, consisting of nine pieces of glass, some of which were very thin split elements and others containing rare earth components. This stunning f/1.1 lens would reign supreme as the fastest lens made by the big four 35mm rangefinder camera makers, until the Canon 50mm f/0.95 lens was introduced in the early 1960s. The 5cm f/1.1 Nikkor-N weighed 12.25 ounces (355gm) and it could be stopped down to

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L.Zlotnikov: Belarusian ruble is supported by foreign loans

IMF experts say the U.S. dollar dominance in payments energoelementy and capital flows. They argue about a significant proportion of the ratio "the Belarusian ruble — U.S. dollar" in real effective rate.But Belarusian government and the Bank do not agree with such calculations IMF. They refer to the structure of trade and the highest proportion in the calculations Russian ruble. And this, they say they are, has an impact on lowering the real effective exchange rate of the national currency.Independent economist Leonid Zlotnikov reads:"At the moment the Belarusian ruble supported influx of foreign currency into the country. And this is

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Foreign loans cover economic inefficiency

Tsigankov"How does it look on the debt of Belarus against debts of other countries? Does the amount of debt of the Belarusian state concern of the Belarusian economy?"

Zlotnikau"While the amount of external debt is not more than in other countries. There is a norm -" amount of debt to GDP. "40-50 percent — this is normal. And Belarus is makes up only 20-25 percent. It’s not tragic. But I note that the debt grows very rapidly. Later — there is 70 per cent of short-term loans of different forms, which must be returned within 1 year. Because new

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A day or figure: 1,000,000,000 162.5 million dollars

This figure refers to the Ministry of Statistics and Analysis of the country. Only in April deficit increased by 300 million. In This year balance of foreign trade for the first time included in the official list of the main characteristics of the economic development of Belarus. By request Alexander Lukashenko, it is in This year should be positive and be 500-600 millions of dollars. In Last year at year-end deficit of foreign trade Belaursi amounted to 1 billion 663 million bucksSee also:Oil loss affected the money Belarus

Hulak: Form foreign policy will become softer

Democratic candidate Barack Obama was elected the 44th president of the United States of America. Configurations should be expected in Belarus-US relations?Chairman of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Hulak expresses their worldview: "Question Human Rights are equally interested in the American politicians — both Democrats and Republicans. After all, human rights is part of the reality of the modern world. And so he became particularly such a huge effort Attached America and its policies. Because I do not think which can be wait downgrade enthusiasm for human rights in principle. Another thing, that the very form of reference foreign policy now

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Cast iron fittings FBA

The company "Chuguntorg" produces and sells iron fittings FBA (locknuts, couplings, clutches transition, tees, tees transient, squares, plazas transient, nipple, nipple, threaded fittings, plugs with internal and external thread, crosses, American (plug-in connections ) direct the gasket with internal and external thread). Details on the company's website. Website: chuguntorg.rf

Federal Government — a historical concept

By Denisova, "foreign policy we have different, but because of the proximity of our interests and views of their implementation, we have gained the highest degree of coordination of our foreign policy. " Russian diplomat noted that "Federal Government"- It is faster historical concept, if a legal term:" It is a form of coexistence 2-sovereign states that without the help of others define its policy. "

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Proper implementation of aerocrete, foam and rakushnyaka

Gazoblok, foam and Rakushnjak — materials, without which the branch is not the cost of construction.

Gazoblok — a modern building material. Divided into a number of species and their value gazoblok a little different: a wall (smooth), tongue and groove, and septal and chute blocks. The wall is widely used for the construction of load-bearing wall, both internal and external, to fill the outer wall a cast-frame construction and for interior partitions. These materials are designed for interior and exterior masonry wall buildings of different configurations, ceilings, partitions and stair

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Policy thoughtless social responsibilities of government growth will lead the country to handle

Our homeland could face a debt crisis, the Greek similar, if not reduce municipal costs, the economist said the capital's office of Global Bank Sergey Ulatov. However, he expects it will happen no earlier than 2030.

If thoughtless policy of increasing government spending does not change, the level of debt of the Russian Federation will become unsustainable, as in Greece, said in his own interview Ulatov Euromoney magazine at a forum on capital markets of Russia and the CIS, which was held in London. "Now the first of the Russian Federation to help oil prices, not a prudent

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Corporation "Ural Industrial — Ural Polar" completes the construction of external power supply pipeline PurPe — Samotlor. Until the end of March will be completed the construction of two high-voltage power lines and two electrical substations of 110/10 kV. The next step will be the commissioning, which is scheduled for completion at the end of June 2011. The final commissioning of external power supply will be 1 August 2011.

Also, the corporation continues to the erection 6,175 square meters. meters decent housing in cities Nizhnevartovsk, the November and Gubkinskii. In addition, to date, the "Ural Industrial — Ural Polar" after

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