Designer Fred Gemmell of his client Andrew Canter, who owns and operates a private investment firm. But being extreme—creatively, materially and technically—is exactly what was required in order to create his modern La Jolla house, which sits on an ocean front property measuring a compact 25 feet wide by 100 feet long. Canter under¬stood the limitations, but he also saw the potential. “I told the design team that I would be putting them to the test!”

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P&D Builders Constructs a house in 106 hours


In December, ABC aired a special holiday episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition featuring the Rhodes family on the near East Side of Columbus. The family of seven was living in a small, one-bedroom home on Dewey Avenue until Delaware-based P&D Builders, along with thousands of volunteers, stepped up to change their lives.

The highlight of Extreme Makeover is Ty Pennington shouting through his bullhorn, «Move that bus!»

Although the show chronicled the project leading up to the unveiling, it is difficult to give a complete account of all

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From one extreme to another

On the basic requirements of the new hunting regulations for the use of hunting firearms and airguns

On the hunting field again change -15 June 2012 came into effect rules of hunting in the wording of the orders of Ministry of Russia from 10.04.2012 №98; 05.09.2012 №262 and №373 from 08.11.2012. At the same time we lost the power of three decisions of the Government of the Russian Federation from July 18, 1996 «On the rules, terms and lists permitted to use tools and methods of obtaining of fauna»; on January 10, 2009 №18 «About procuring wildlife, ascribed to

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As in Minsk commented the president’s decision to extend U.S. sanctions?

Press secretary of the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Andrei Popov regarding this decision the U.S. president said:"We have already spoken several times on this issue. And the current situation is nothing new to add, carefully because we do not comment on it litsezreem any sense."According to the Foreign Ministry of Belarus, "nothing changes." Regarding Belarus-US relations, he said,"We have to build a mutually respectful, pragmatic relations between Belarus and the United States. We also it emphasized more than once."Popov: "It will not make any impact on the situation within the country"Chairman of the House Committee on international affairs Vadim

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State of emergency in Georgia helped out business and investment

Representatives themselves united opposition and parliament speaker Nino Burjanadze dubbed the meeting a courtesy visit.No questions during a meeting of the opposition and the speaker had not been resolved, but the parties agreed on the agenda and a day or a subsequent meeting in Mon But as it became clear from the words of the representatives of the united opposition, they claimed that the government "has canceled a state of emergency ended the persecution of political opponents and fabrication of cases against them and so was given the opportunity to resume his media work." This was the main demand of

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SPbAEP performed a safety analysis of the BN-800 at extreme external influences

The specialists of "St. Petersburg" AEP "(SPb AEP) conducted a comprehensive analysis of the security unit under construction.

The results showed that the area of BN-800 is not flooded with surges and wave runup on shore by Beloyarsk reservoir. Seiche (standing waves) and tsunami not characteristic of the reservoir, so the danger is not present. Also confirmed that the design of the plant has adequate protection from the wind, tornado, extreme snowfall and snow cover, ice, extreme air temperatures, avalanches and floods, extreme precipitation, tides, ice jams and hanging ice dams on waterways.

Analysis of seismic

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Winter weather will result in abnormalities

November 3. Meteorologists predict that the coming winter will be typical for Russia, but, according to the scientists of the world, people waiting period anomalies. Gloomy future will bring people more extreme weather in the winter months. Phenomena that used to be unusual, would become frequent.

Moreover, the officials will have to prepare ourselves to increase spending to fight the elements. It is possible that the upcoming winter will be one of the last normal winters, which will play in the snow, skiing and sledding. At least in the weather on the eve of the Russian Federation reaffirmed the early

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Krasnoyarsk Sporteks — the country’s largest center for extreme sports

Today, "Sporteks" — the country’s largest center for extreme sports. It allows you to host events of international level. Total area — 6,500 square meters. m

Center is divided into two main parts: a skate park and a gymnasium. There is also a gym, a dance hall (for practicing modern dance and fitness), conference room (for conferences, seminars, round tables).


The design of the park complex allows for a short time to produce a transformation scene in the place of Providence mass (including music) events.

Skatepark is a room the size

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In Syzran (Samara region) opened Extreme Park

In June Syzran, for all fans of extreme sports extreme-opening of the park. Extreme Park has for a long time waiting for all active young people of the city, and waited … Photo source:sdelanounas.ru

The park has all of the most popular figures EXTREMALS: ramp kvoter, boxes for slides, rails, and fanboks. The park will feel comfortable mountain biking enthusiasts, BMX, skateboarding, roller, mountainboard, and other extreme disciplines.

Photo source:vvs-syzran.ru

To date Syzran deployed active program of construction of such popular projects. Construction of fitness centers, gyms, building extreme park for active young people — by far

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In Yakutsk appeared Skate Park

In Yakutsk, opened the first professional park for extreme sports "Skate Park".

In this complex includes 8 pieces designed for extreme sports such as BMX, rollerblading, skateboarding and more.

After the ceremonial congratulations on the opening of the first skate park in the Yakutsk right to cut the ribbon were awarded the Chairman Jarmo "ZOZhigay" Timur Handa and a representative of the youth movements of Tuyara Tomsk. 

After that, for all comers were shown demonstrations of professional skaters, skaters and cyclists. The event also included a special competition among professional cyclists.

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