Sweet William!

I came to my friend for advice, but this time I sit Turkish cloves. And she did just «taken aback» his absurd statement: «I do not like this ugly flower.» I was taken aback — a carnation a nondescript flower!

Posted in General object when so speak about the colors. I believe that all the flowers are good, just one bloom is very bright and lush, others modestly, but also have the right to occupy a certain place in the garden.

But on the Turkish carnation I can not say that this humble flower. After all this

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As the apple of his eye

What should be done to preserve vision, how to get something that is not preserved, — issue of concern to all, and a lack of publications on this subject does not happen ever. We offer readers news from the front edge of science, and start with the good: the summer in the middle lane is not only useful because you can eat a lot of fruits and berries, and go on vacation away from your computer …

Long spring and summer days are pleasing to the eye, literally — at this time the development of myopia in children is

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Green production

In 1980, RS has met with David Lynch, received five million for «The Elephant Man» lyrics Henry Bromeliads

David Lynch has agreed to meet me at a Hollywood restaurant Studio Grill, located across the street from the old studio Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer, and talk about his first big-budget ($ 5 million), the movie «Elephant Man». Young well-kept studio executives have gathered to drink wine and talk business exponentially. It was the type of place where you seem himself stooped and closed. I can not say that I was comfortable about. Lynch, as it turned out, too. It is best eaten would

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Night Siege. Mick Jagger’s video message to the Belarusians

In a video message appeared blogs personality cult world of rock music, favorite Rolling Stones to Belarusians. Participants Forum Portal

Allergic conjunctivitis

Allergic conjunctivitis— Is an allergic inflammation of the mucosa eye.It may be a manifestation of hay fever, and drug allergies, allergy to animals in response to contact lenses etc.


The cause of allergic conjunctivitis are a variety of allergens, drugs funds, cosmetics, household chemical, physical and chemical factors in the chemical, textile, grain mill products, light energy and ionizing radiation, bacteria, viruses, etc.

When an allergen enters the mucous membrane of the eye in people exposed to such an inadequate reaction of the body may occur allergy. Such conjunctivitis are often combined with diseases such as

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Asthenopia (eye fatigue)

Stinging and pain in the eyes, tearing, redness of the eyelids and eyeballs, pain in the forehead, fatigue. All these are clear signs of the so-called asthenopia, often emerging in the computer users.

Asthenopia (Asthenopia; Greek. Asthenes weak + ops, opos an eye) — quickly coming eyestrain during visual work, especially at a small distance from the eye to the subject. Asthenopia— It is not a disease but a border state. However, if she did not pay attention, eye-strain can progress to a more serious disease. It is therefore important time to tackle this problem and fix it.

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Optic atrophy

Admiring the sunset, we do not think of what a complex visual information processing takes place in order to become clear to us in the picture. Videopulses doing a complicated way on the main road — the optic nerve. And if some of its parts are impassable, ie a optic atrophy,the familiar picture of the world is distorted.

Atrophy optic nerve — the withering away of its fibers — sometimes, unfortunately, people young and active. You can imagine what it turns into a tragedy for them. More recently, progressive disease of the optic nerve ended in blindness and

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Voters eastern regions hitherto live Russian mentality

He stands out in parliament on Gluboksky surrounded number 22, which includes Glubokskiy, Dokšycy and Usha district — once these areas have been on both sides of the Soviet-Polish border. Over the short term team Yaroslav Bernikovich collected more than 3.5 thousand voter signatures. Where, in what area it is easier to work with?"My district is as in the West — is the deepest, and in the east — the other two districts. Before campaign I called and asked for two different sample hand of this arbitrary boundary? Said that the thought: surely no different, it’s neighbors … But they

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Mogilev highest bureaucrats go to MPs

Rival Bobruisk policy Ales Chyhir Bobruisk on rural constituency number 80 will be the Deputy Chairman of the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee Anatoly Glaz. Both in the case of the registration of groups of people will gather signatures in his support.That for the deputy chairman of executive committee will collect signatures, Bobruisk challenger hits. In 2004, rival Ales Chyhir was Deputy President of the Mogilev region Yuri Kulakovskii. He then distinguished from labor societies. Who will collect signatures for Anatoly Glaz, asks Alexander Chigir:"It will be those people who will just afraid of losing his job. Sovereign Eye is still

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Vitamins for the eyes: it is good to see

From school is known that 80% of the information a person receives, the visual. That is why it is so important to keep your eyes healthy. However, the lifestyle of modern people is not conducive to this. On the contrary, many of the achievements of scientific and technological progress, which would seem to make life easier and make it interesting, are the main culprits of eye diseases. It's about computers, laptops, tablets and cell phones, as well as energy-saving fluorescent lamps, as a source of so-called blue light.

Add to that stress, poor diet, bad ecology, bad

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