ROL: wobbly bridges

"How to get across the bridge was also associated with the risk of their lives. Failing putrid decking, railing broke. B.Tanera Cech, who accompanied the embassy M.Chartaryskaga such adventures and realized in nache Baguslavavym Field (now Zhodino). At Bass River Bridge so began to swing crews under that brand would collapse, if not fighters backed his logs. Somewhere in Orsha embassy again braked by the river, which was only a small bridge and angry if it vzehav ladovny caravan, once the bridge began to break down with a bang immensely frightened stallions rushed into the water and almost led to

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The enemy destroyed nests in Cinematography

"Lim" on this week 1938 insists: "Arudavavshyya in Belgoskino enemies of the people always hampered the development of the Belarusian sovetskogo cinematography. Because the nearest time Belgoskino behind the advanced film organizations of the USSR … Cinematography enemy nests destroyed. And strongly purifying aggressive parts, eliminating the consequences of wrecking our kinomastatstva opens onto a wide road newcomer prosperity. ""April 1 up along the Neman went to the first flight of the steamer pier Grodno" Pushkin "and" Zoe Kasmademyanskaya "with barges in tow, — reported in 1948" Grodno truth. "- Steamer" Karl Liebknecht "took on board its first passengers. Neman

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10 years ago: first arrest Klimova

"Fatherland" on this week 1958 writes about brochure "Belarusians in Moscow XVII century" docent L.Abetsedarskaga "Abetsedarsky in their own brochure often uses a similar phrase:" Mastery of Belarusian artists uzbagachvalasya and improved thanks to the "generous" the impact of Russian folk art. "From the creator took when he did not once claims Belarusian masters in Moscow carried something original and perfect, what else was not there and that soon followed. ""Evening Minsk" in 1988 carefully introduces the plan to restore the Upper town and said: "It remains an open question multifunctional reorientation monuments of the Upper Town — a former

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Unwashed Russia and sneer. Continued Part 2

The first mention of the Slavs, which is given by Western historians have noted as the main feature is the Slavic tribes that they are "grist" that is washed in running water, while all the other nations of Europe were washed in tubs, basins, baths. Amazingly, the Russian-born even now, after fifteen hundred years can be found on this habit. Recently had to watch the Russian emigrant family, which appeared a Canadian. Their son, who does not even speak in Russian, washes his hands under the open faucet as a mom, while dad plug the sink stopper and splashing

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Russia under a European?

How old is Russia? This question is often asked myself for lovers of Russian history, getting to old sources that pose a swing world of academic science to offer a note in the 1150 years of Russian statehood. His point of view on this subject expressed by day or in the online edition of the Historical Perspective Foundation "Century» ( Candidate of Historical Sciences Jaroslav Butakov. His article "Russia under a European?", I think, will be fascinating to anyone interested in the historical past of our country.

Absolutization date — 862 — as the starting point for all of

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Will the President of Belarus girl's name?

Society As you know, you're not only books, but also in a historic mitatvorchastsyu. Now you again puts — cultivated the myth that in our history some special role played by women. Yes everywhere role they had, of course, extremely important, but about the same: to bear children, keep the family nest. But there were exceptions among all peoples. We — Euphrosyne of Polotsk, the French — Joan of Arc. I, of course, does not take account of the twentieth century with the emancipation feminizatsyyay yes our time with the whole galaxy of women presidents. So why do you need

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