Grey Dragon

Mark Ayton spoke with Lt Col Frank Rogers, operations officer of Detachment 1, 53rd Test and Evaluation Group, based at Holloman AFB, New Mexico, about the current F-117 ‘Grey Dragon’ test programme.

HOLLOMAN AFB, New Mexico is perhaps best known as the home of the US Air Force F-117 Nighthawk stealth fighter, operated by Air Combat Command’s 49th Fighter Wing. There is, however, another unit based at Holloman which operates the F-117: Detachment 1 of the 53rd Test and Evaluation Group, known as the ‘Dragons’. Det 1 is one of 17 units, located around the continental United States, within the

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F-117. Nighthawk story — operational history.

The second part of Paul and Alison Crickmore’s look at the F-117 brings the story of this highly-specialised aircraft up to date with its operational record.

During the 1980s the f-H7s continued to operate within the security of the ‘black world’. With the Soviet threat diminished and the practicalities and cost of keeping the aircraft hidden from view, it was decided to move the project into the public domain in late 1988. Today the Nighthawk is considered by the public to be the epitome of American technology and with three operational tours under its belt and just a single aircraft

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HISTORY OF AVIATION. HOW BLACK F-117 «Nighthawk» turned gray «dragon»

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The invisible flying object

The history of "stealth"

Stealth aircraft was the result of technological progress. In-1's, progress in the field of aircraft, in-2, the progress samoletounichtozheniya. For the U.S. stealth aircraft have such a "trick" for both the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation — highly maneuverable machine. "The private correspondent" continues a series of articles about the problems of modern military aviation.

Development of stealth (almost — a trick, a trick) to its birth to the development of radar technology. The emergence of radar very much influenced by the strategy and the strategy of the Air Force. In 1940, the locator

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Legends and the invisible

Developers Russian fighter fifth generation have not been able to catch up with the Yankees — not being able to connect the "classic" stealth configuration with solid flight characteristics, they chose the latter. Meanwhile, in a collision with a modern air defense nestelsizirovannye aircraft are simply doomed.

Not so long ago in the Indian press was the first EPR data on Russian fighter 5th generation (remember, India is a partner of the Russian Federation on the PAK FA program there). According to the official statement of the Ministry of Defence of India, it is "an amazing aircraft."


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The more similar stealth bombers U-2 and F-117?

F-117 and U-2. You probably know them: the first — superbombardirovschik invisible, second — … If you, the reader pochetaemy, hope meet here the story of the famous high-rise Scout U-2 "Dragon Lady", that must disappoint you: that the U-2, which will be discussed below, only just perkalevy biplane design NN Polikarpov."Stealth" and "corn-cob" — two famous aircraft that have become favorites of the whole people. About their shot rolls of films and books written by the library.

The principal South American programm to create an invisible plane — a resounding debut and just loud end, with running

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For the Chinese fighter J-20 saw the South American plane shot down

Developers Chinese fighter fifth generation was suspected that some of their own technology they borrowed from the Yankees. As told the Associated Press several professionals, including army officers, the Chinese were able to study south american stealth aircraft F-117 Nighthawk, shot down in 1999 over Serbia.

Shards of the fighter were scattered over a wide area, local residents were selected them as souvenirs. Croatian Admiral Davor Domazet-salmon (Davor Domazet-Loso), who took part in the military operations in the area of the former Yugoslavia, told the AP on intelligence reports, according to which Chinese agents bought from local farmers pieces

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