Fighter F-35 «Lightning II» will be operated in the United States in 2015

Operation Strike Fighter fifth-generation F-35 «Lightning II» will begin in the U.S. Armed Forces in December 2015. It was announced by the U.S. Defense Department. The relevant notice it sent to the U.S. Congress As explained Pentagon in December 2015 applying the F-35 is scheduled to begin in the United States Marine Corps (variant F-35B). Then in December 2016, this plane will arrive on Air Force (version F-35A), and in February 2019 — the Naval Forces (variant F-35C). In total, the U.S. military wants to buy a 2443 fighter-bombers, F-35, the corporation’s products «Lockheed Martin» (Lockheed Martin). The creation of

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F-35 hit another their development milestones

June 5 fighter F-35A with the ordinary takeoff and landing (for the Air Force version) for the first time launched SD AIM-120 AMRAAM class «air-air» over the sea polygon Mugu, reports ASDNews June 7.   The test was conducted as part of the testing unit software Block 2B. Aircraft F-35A reached the significant progress, including their start pilot training based Eglin (FL), delivery of the first test of combat aircraft to bases Edwards and Nellis (Nevada), the first in-flight refueling and flights at huge angles of attack.   «These facts testify to the success of the entire military industry. Thousands

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The program F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is on the right track, but still some major steps to be done, said Pentagon officials at a meeting of the Senate Commission on June 19, reports Defense News.   «Overall, the programm now works steadily, but there are still some technical prepyadstviya pending its own decision,» said MPs arranged Assistant Secretary of Defense Procurement, Technology and Logistics Frank Kendall (Frank Kendall). Will complete the development of software blocks, sverhtehnologichny pilot’s helmet, also brake hook for deck variant F-35C.   «I believe that the example program became more stable than it was before.


SU-35 VS F-35. «UNCLE clubbed CHILD»

Is it more secretive South American combat aircraft F-35 easy prey for the Su-35? Some believe that this is a true statement, writes July 26.   In July 2008, was simulated air combat role Su-35 mixed fleet against American fighters — F-22, F/A-18 Super Hornet and F-35, where the latter was «beaten with a truncheon as a child.» Simulations were performed on the basis of Hikam USAF in Hawaii, which witnesses were very small, four representatives of the Air Force and Military Intelligence Australia. Australian Parliament MP Denis Jensen (Dennis Jensen) with knowledge of the case said that the

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FUTURE F-35 put new demands for «Typhoon»

Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets took to the skies of Libya (2011), the first baptism in the near future as part of the U.S. Air Force exercise Red Flag made joint flights with fighter Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, which the RAF posodeystvuyut a reassessment of the future potential » typhoons, «reports July 21.   During the Libyan campaign fighters took off more than 200 controlled bombs Raytheon Enhanced Paveway II caliber 454 kg (1,000 lb) laser guided, performing missions together with fighter-bombers Panavia Tornado GR4. On the teachings of Red Flag, held in February-March 2013, «Typhoon» and did

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In a press release, «Lockheed Martin» on July 25 reported that the plant in Fort Worth (Texas) started the final assembly of the 100th and the first F-35 aircraft that was created for the air base in the town Grendeyl flap, pcs . Arizona.   Ordinary plane takeoff and landing (CTOL), recognized as the AF-41, scheduled to arrive at an air base in the coming year. During the final assembly will be completed aircraft design, equipped with electronic and hydraulic systems. In addition, these systems will be tested in the process of testing the fuel system and the engine is

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F-35 lose «contract of the century» in South Korea

The ultra-modern South American fighter fifth generation F-35 can already quite suddenly the first «fly» from the list of contenders to win the tender for the supply of defense 60 combat aircraft for the Air Force in South Korea. The reason is ordinary: F-35 is not suitable for Koreans prices and lower «price tag» Americans can not because the car is still in the development stage, and certainly will not be «a cheap solution.» Recall that in real time defense procurement programs Administration (APOZ) Republic of Korea holds tender for the second step of fleet renewal combat aircraft for the

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The Pentagon intends to purchase 71 F-35 fighter

U.S. Department of Defense reached the preparatory agreement with the American company Lockheed Martin for the supply of fighter F-35 Lightning II second and seventh installment of small batch production. As reported by Defense News, a total difficulties the military wants to acquire 71 combat aircraft.   Fighters will be ordered for the United States, Australia, Italy, Norway and England. In the sixth installment will include 36 small-scale production of combat aircraft, and in the seventh — 35.   Deliveries will begin in the midst of fighters 2014 and mid-2015 respectively.   Clear price F-35 has not been disclosed, but

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UK and Norway will serve TOGETHER F-35

England and Norway will examine the ability of cooperation on joint logistics and maintenance training for purchased fighter fifth generation F-35, Defense News reported on September 6.   Statement about the ability of cooperation was made by the heads of the military departments of the two countries on September 5. According to a statement, the union of efforts in this area will significantly increase the effectiveness of aircraft in Europe. The latest example of this kind of cooperation was 60 years ago, during the adopting fighter Vampire. Norwegians want to take part, namely, the maintenance of engines Pratt & Whitney

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Price applets production and operation for 50 years fighter F-35 continues to decrease, Defense News reported on September 18. Joint Managing applets F-35 Air Force Lt. Gen. Christopher Bogdan U.S. (Christopher Bogdan) confirmed that the current estimates this cost to be 857 billion U.S. dollars compared with the previous $ 1.1 trillion is a great victory achieved in the last two or three years , said Bogdan Conference on Aerospace Air Force on September 18. But taking into account the inflation to be within these 50 years, the number may vary. Speaking earlier in the day, the executive vice president

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