Symbolic images

Designs on paper money serve as ambassadors for nation’s identity

Paper money has long served as a source of national pride, where famous citizens as well as official emblems and symbols turn up as design elements with some regularity.

Defining just what a national symbol is may not be a simple exercise. Ask an American to pick a pair of unique images representing the United States, and the bald eagle and Statue of Liberty would be high on the list.

Ask some Japanese to identify some American national symbols and many would probably name cowboys, Indians and the Wild West

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Portrait Professional 11

Jon Stapley tests the latest version of Portrait Professional photo-retouching software

FACIAL retouching is big business in portraiture, and aspiring portrait photographers will need to learn the basics and how to use the software to make it happen. Portrait Professional aims to provide both, with powerful skin-smoothing and facial-alteration technology combined with a preset and slider-focused approach that makes it easy even for the novice to get rid of blemishes, whiten teeth and even alter a subject’s facial structure.


Once you’ve input the gender and rough age of the subject, Portrait Pro detects the face and places

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A man with your face. Doppelgangers.

Like it or not, people are surrounded by clouds of a variety of fears. They are born with us — the baby is not yet know how to laugh, but is capable of experiencing fear. Some nightmares unabated, accompany us since the dawn then, suddenly other updated, growing out of nowhere and suddenly becoming horror of our time. A relatively new character in the gallery frightening creatures became doppelganger.

Behind this strange thing we should thank the German Romantics; from there, from Germany, and takes her name (it. Doppelganger — double). But the concept of «doppelganger» means slightly more than

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Carving a classic European womans face

The model for this project is a typical white northern European woman. Donna is a professional model who has very little body fat and a rather angular face with few lines. Despite her leanness, there is very little visual evidence of the anatomy of the face. This is due to the fact that many of the differences among women’s faces are the results of bone structure and fat deposits, not the muscles that support the face.

Tool choice

The tools that can be used to carve this face are many and varied. Long experience has shown me that many of

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Ancestors Ruslan Timoshenko: Our offspring was happy in America

Born in Bobruisk Ruslan Timoshenko died July 14 at the New York Infirmary "Kings County». For several days previously during a patrol in the 71st vzchastku in Brooklyn, he tried to stop a car with offenders, but was shot in the face. City officials posthumously given the rank of detective Tymoshenko.By Tatyana and Leonid parents about their offspring police career dreamed all his short life. In an interview with New York Daily News senior Tymoshenko they say, after catastrophic incident with his son, they constantly ask for yourself subsequent question whether it was necessary to move in 1993 from Belarus

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Activists of the Union of Poles again become the departing

The criminal case of intimidation director of the Polish House in Shchuchyn Viktor Bogdan suspended a couple of times. This month, it again returned almost immediately and completely finished.Summer 2005 Chairman of the Union of Poles associates Angelica Boris came to Shchuchyn checking and sovereign Bogdan refused to cooperate with them. Later, he appeared in the pro-government Union of Poles and colleagues Boris began to pursue — Tipo for danger.Says one of the former "suspects" on this case Jozef Porzecki:"This whole someone ran, case dragged on for two years. I think the investigators, the police — all performers orders that

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ELOS rejuvenation

ELOS-rejuvenation — The most gentle method of rejuvenation, non-surgical facelift, breast, etc. Technique not only has a lifting effect, but also eliminates the defects of the skin such as rosacea, acne, age spots, scars, spider veins, wrinkles, and more.

Name of technology Elos means the electro-optical alignment. Active cooling of the treatment surface avoids overheating of the upper layer of the skin, thus the side effects are minimized. This makes it possible rejuvenation of even heavily tanned skin.

Technology Eligt SR is intended to stimulate the synthesis of structural proteins (collagen and elastin) in the connective

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Democratic coalition will lead the co-chairs

Favourite Communist Party Sergei Kalyakin believes that present day organizational building a political coalition akreslilasya. And even the situation in the Mogilev region, where the meeting was not a quorum, can not affect the decision:"It is unrealistic to affect the overall results. Even if Mogilev to vote for a certain version of consolidated, it can not change the overall picture. There is such a world — in-1’s, those who want, have spoken. And therefore should be allowed to vote and those who failed on Saturday or did not want to vote. That and their representations considered in the overall thought.

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As Sergei Wozniak greenish light gave

Nicholas Petrushenka Anatoly Anihovski, trustee Alexander PopkovWinery, as it is called local, officially passes as canning. Incidentally, naikrupneyshim and wealth in the area. From his team and the emperor stood ass. Director Anatoly Anihovski — his proxy.

 Sergei Wozniak, editor of "Comrade"And what Popkov decided to stand against this company in the year of health, announced the country’s president and the director became his confidant, I think it will hinder him gain the sympathy of voters. In Popkov will be a huge task — will need to with ballots "khimichit" engage falsification. Indisputable victory he did not get … "Tags:

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Launched a campaign to free development of entrepreneurship (abnovl.)

The chairman of the Political Council Democratic Forces Alexander Milinkevich. The main objective of the company — the abolition of the presidential decree number 760, whereby private entrepreneurs should employ only close relatives. Our reporter interviewed conference participants about their relation to this document.Man: "All entrepreneurs in Saligorsk outraged by this decree. This kind of nonsense. I like the personal businessman hired four persons. I do not have many relatives. Especially since, I’m Russian. And if I have relatives in Russia, it turns out I have to take them here to continue business activities? "Lady: "If a family one person

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