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With the honor, but WITHOUT CONSCIENCE

There was an incident, wrote about him in the papers. At the stop trolley-bus driver did not see in the side view mirror of a girl exiting prematurely closed the door and drove off. Hearing the cries of the passengers, he immediately stopped the car and ran outside. The girl was taken to the hospital with a broken leg. The same day, the driver, the father of two young children, hanged himself.   He did not see the girl hesitated. But he laid the blame for the incident solely on themselves.

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Americans, who put out his house was billed for the water consumed

Spouses Preto from Eagle Mills, NY, not only lost their homes because of the fire, but also have to pay 1400 dollars for the water consumed by its fire.

Fire happened on November 26. Dozens of fire for nine hours fighting the fire, but without success — despite the fact that arrived on the scene just over a minute after receiving the call.

The reason that spouses billed lies in the fact that the water had to be taken from a nearby village — Postenkilla, whose power two years ago took the decision to limit the supplied water out

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Houses in a seismic zone near Irkutsk not withstand earthquakes

June 9, 2013. In the Irkutsk region home to check seismic resistance. How do I find professionals in Shelehov, the earthquake happened there, do not stand half of the buildings. And this despite the fact that scientists do not rule out the possibility of groundwater fluctuations in the Baikal region.

Six months of work and disappointing results. Irkutsk scientists in the framework of the regional program to improve seismic checked in Shelekhovo 500 homes. Of these, 48 percent were unreliable. The fact is that most of these buildings were built as temporary housing for a period of construction

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U.S. South was invaded snowy tornado

U.S. South was invaded snowy tornado Natural Disasters

According to witnesses, at least six tornadoes swept over the four southern states in the U.S. for one night earlier this week. Their force was so great that under the impact craters could not withstand the roofs and walls of houses, as well as fragments of tubes and pumps from the local gas pipelines.

This event is not only surprising number of tornadoes, who managed to leave a mark on the southern United States in such a short space of time, but the fact that they were formed and gained

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North Suez. Step to transport superpower

While the attention of bewildered humanity focused on events in the volatile south, in the Arab world — in the north of the Eurasian continent is pretty quiet and not so far made much of the case, which could cause the global economy and, consequently, the policy changes are not less fundamental than any "Arab Spring ".

 Photo source:panoramio.com

The fact that the Middle East, gentlemen — is not only and not so much oil, in addition, as the Libyan experience, the civil war oil production — not the biggest obstacle. A supplier, in principle, is not so

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Made in Russia-5: VAZ

In previous articles outlined the general situation with the production in the country. The general sense that I wanted to put in my previous article — not as bad as some would like, but there is definitely something to strive for. Now it's time to talk about the real production plants in Russia. I wanted to start with Rostselmasha, but decided to leave it until later on, and touch on the theme that is so overgrown with stereotypes that my mother did not worry.

Here's what's interesting, the people who criticize the WHA, often do not do it because

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Summer snow in Norway

July 4, 2013. Despite the fact that the world is suffering from the heat wave in the south of Norway, in the region of Hardanger, which is located 200 kilometers west of the capital Oslo, dropped huge amounts of snow.

The unprecedented amount of snowfall, also in the summer, it was a real surprise for tourists and locals alike. Just a day with snow covered with snow key roads and transport directions, causing evacuation of people had to use a special rescue tugs.

The temperature dropped to 1 degree, which was a factor in the slow melting of

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At the height of summer in Norway, the snow fell

July 1, 2013. Despite the fact that in northern Europe for a long time now it's summer, the last weekend of June could hardly be called a sunny and warm. Over the mountain plateau Hardangervidda, located in western Norway Hardanger, real snow fell.

Taken aback by the sudden snowfall tens traveling on roads plateau tourists and locals. For their evacuation took special rescue tugs. There was so much snow, and the temperature was close to zero (+0,9 ° C), which did not allow precipitation to melt quickly. To clean up the roads connecting a number of towns and

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"Green" roofs can increase solar panels

"Green" roofs can increase solar panels to save the planet

Two recent studies have shown that plants which are both on the roof and gardens and solar cells, can improve the performance of the latter, thus saving on energy bills. The effect is due to the fact that plants with a "green roof" due to the natural processes of water absorption and its subsequent evaporation significantly cool the air around them. And as we know, the performance of solar cells is increased in cooler conditions.

According to preliminary data obtained in a group of students of the Academy

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Sri Lanka was red rain

Sri Lanka was red rain Facts

Sevanagala province, and Manaragala Manampitiya and Polonnaruwa in Sri Lanka witnessed a rare and yet unexplained phenomenon — red rain. About 15 minutes from the sky to the ground almost two in the morning of the rain water was flowing red. Met can not yet give a clear answer to the question why the heavy rains had just such a color, and that was the reason for their occurrence.

After the rain on the soil remained reddish patina. It is learned that an unusual phenomenon occurs in Sri Lanka for the first

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