Scherbinsky Elevator Plant sacred traditions stores

Continuity of generations — one of the fundamental properties of human society. Without it, civilization is impossible in principle. Social progress depends on how much each generation would be able to perceive, preserve, develop and pass on to their successors the accumulated material and spiritual values. Among these values ​​-Memory, respect for elders, knowledge of the history of their country.

Scherbinsk lift and hold sacred tradition, especially the celebration of the Victory Day.

4 May 2011 in the conference hall of the enterprise were honored veterans of the factory, past the Great Patriotic War, and young workers who have served

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Replikar Factory Five MK4 Roadster

Make of "Zhiguli" Mercedes, and then from "Mercedes" Rolls Royce — not a dream but a hobby craftsmen who build replikary (copies of supercars and a cult car). For example, before you are not AC Cobra 427, a rare sports car, and its replica — Factory Five MK4 Roadster, collected on the basis of Ford Mustang.

1While COBRA WAS Keith These machines are sold, usually in the form of "Whales" -as a matter of fact, designers. Minimum whale-tubular frame, plus a plastic body, but for a fee in this set may also include the suspension, brakes, electronics, upholstery, floor, seats,

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Interns work responsibly

Annually practice at Scherbinsk lift plant are about 100 young professionals studying in various educational institutions in and around Moscow.

This year’s work experience came third-year students of the Moscow State Open University (the former All-Union Correspondence Polytechnic Institute — VZPI). This future process engineers, they are practice for one month — July and in the most difficult and important area of ​​the first workshop — site cold forming. Here, the guys are working from 18 years, if necessary — in two shifts, as well as on the assembly.

As part of the production preparation work continues in the

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CAUTION: Ladoga!

…In the old brick gate Priozersk pulp mill visible blue-green emblem of the city, as it embodies the cool blue of Lake Ladoga and green centuries-old pine trees. Indeed, Priozersk one of the most beautiful cities in the Karelian Isthmus. Thick healthy air, mushrooms and berries in the surrounding forests, golden sandy beaches of Lake Ladoga attract thousands of tourists. The very same Ladoga hardly needs epithets. Even the experts do not cease to surprise a rare purity of the lake. Every year, scientists have conducted research here, studying the properties of Europe’s largest freshwater reservoir. In the silence

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Operation of elevators spare parts, or

On the regional producers.

Report on the 10th seminar «New in lifts»

Elevators — a complex mechanism, it is a harmonious system of interaction of dozens of organizations: Lift plants, factories — manufacturers of elevator components, parts, spare parts; enterprises, installs and servicing elevators; Engineering and design organizations; supervision department lifts.

Does the elevator industry today, all these communications, whether there is a developed infrastructure of elevators? To some extent — yes.

Edward I. Kaiser — General Director of «Enterprise» Parnassus «,» Saint-Petersburg This plant supplies spare parts for maintenance, repair and modernization of elevators of domestic assembly, operated

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The new conditions PAYMENT

Artemovskii electrical plant of trust «Transsignalsvyaz plants» was organized on the basis of electrical repair shops communication services Severodonetsk railway. In workshops repairing equipment signaling and communications, manufactured tools and accessories for electricians. In the postwar years the plant was transformed into workshops. Here, apart from repair work, manufacturing of steel products for the entire railway network. In 1959 the brewery became the All-Union Trust «Trans signalsvyazzavody» MEA. Still, he specialized in the production of communication equipment signaling, tools and equipment.

Over the years, the production volume increased. The range of products closer to the fifth top ten. By

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Who Does

I’m chairman of the board voir naturally worried about the introduction we need inventions. We found one invention, know that it has introduced a foundry Kupyansk (Kharkiv region) Send a request to expel drawings. The answer is that your request for a technical documentation. from. Number 414 033 to inform that the invention has been manufactured and installed on working sketches. Drawings 9a-nol does not have. » It wrote the chief engineer AI Karpychev May 20th. Such a response to our request does not come first. On implementation of the various inventions, we are corresponding with factories, authors and

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«CMH to a new level»

Journalist Vladislav Viktorovich, fair to the view that the management team headed by you Karacharovsky mechanical plant — crisis management team, which should help the plant to cope with the consequences of the financial and economic crisis?

VV Samokhin: That’s not entirely true. First of all, who is the current management team, came to the plant before the crisis. And I’m including. I’m working on CMH since August last year, was still on the crisis there was no question. So I do not think that our crisis management team. And secondly — the current crisis has affected almost all

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The modern market, and competition among furniture manufacturers are known to dictate increasingly higher demands on the quality of finished products. However, ready to buy, many of us do not think about the fact that lies at the heart of this concept. How it is achieved high quality upholstered furniture can be seen in the Finnish factories POHJANMAAN.

Creating comfortable sofas and chairs for many years, master POHJANMAAN not change its main rule, namely to make furniture by hand. The quality of the finished product begins with the frame, convinced POHJANMAAN, because it is the «soul» of the

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Last month I went through the benefits that the Honda CRF450R has reaped thanks to the Factory Spec Suspension work. Well, after a full day of riding at Clarence in NSW with a Y-AIM school, I was comfortable on the bike.

So I thought about it and did the maths on the dollars spent till I was completely happy with the bike. With this in mind, I’ve decided to do this bike as almost two bikes in the one project, so this will be the final instalment of CRF450R version 1.0.

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