Air Force Base in the U.S. failed checks on the use of strategic


14.08.2013 / / 18:45

Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana failed verification of maintenance, security and support functions, Interfax reports. Regular inspection and safety procedures for working with nuclear weapons has set the basis of "unsatisfactory" on the audit.


 Check for Malmstrom Air Force Base held from 5 to 13 August. The inspectors reported that "during the execution of one of several military training tasks made some tactical mistakes." Deputy Head of the Global Impact of the Air Force United States Jim Kowalski said later that "unit failed, not showing the

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Sinkhole in Yeisk. Video

Karst holes

9.04.12.Pod concrete mixer on a street in Yeisk failed land. Near one of the buildings was reconstructed neighborhood.

Truck drivers felt the rear axle suddenly gone underground. The rescue workers brought two lifts. With their help, managed to pull the car out of the failure. Now experts explain the reasons for land subsidence.

Such cases occur in Yeisk not the first time. Only in March this year at the building underground city prosecutor failed crane and a car. According to the press service of the administration of the city, this is due to the state of emergency

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In Kerch failed asphalt. Photo

Karst holes

Photo from: KERCH.COM.UA

11.01.12.V Kerch failed pavement on a busy road trasse.Doroga failed in about 18 hours. No injuries were reported.

Sewer, which almost every three months to repair "Gorvodocanal" continues to crumble and wash away the highway. At that time the road has failed in stopping the "Library". From the resulting hole is blowing terribly sanitation.

Currently pit fenced little emergency cones. Traffic policemen who provided cones, left the scene. Now there is the chief engineer on duty "Gorvodocanal" before the pit is a machine. According to Valery Starichenko on one side of the road does

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By tramway in Samara formed failure

Karst holes

22.03.11.V near Samara area under tramway failed grunt.Vchera, March 21, under the tram tracks on the street. Galaktionovskaya a hole with a depth of about 0.5 m Ground failed because at the water line leak under the rails, and the water began to wash away the soil. While communal pit filled with gravel. In order to fix the water line may have to shut off the water in nearby homes.

Samara 24

In Samara again failed asphalt. Video

Karst holes

1.11.11.Posle short lull in Samara again failed asfalt.Dyra two feet in diameter appeared next to the State University in the street Academic Platonov and immediately began to cause local congestion.

Drivers of long chosen this alley and use it when the Novo-Sadovaya cork. Fortunately, this time none of the motorists trapped missed. However, in order to prevent further collapse of the road surface, travel to the site is temporarily closed.

Source: STRC "Samara"

The mysterious incident near the Zone-51




On Saturday morning, February 21, 2004, one of the mechanics of Las Vegas when the phone rang. The driver told me that his system of remote door locking in the car last model has failed. An attempt to open the car, too old-fashioned key failed. Puzzled, he

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In Togliatti, under the asphalt failed nine

Karst holes

Togliatti. September 13. VOLGA News. Tuesday, September 13, in Togliatti under asphalt failed VAZ-2109, Volga News reported eyewitnesses incident.

The incident occurred around 18:30 on the street. Komsomol, near the intersection with the street. Karbysheva. According to witnesses, the resulting hole left front of the car. Information about the victims in the emergency of yet.

Earlier, several cars failed under asphalt in Samara.

Source: Volga News

In Kirov under foreign car failed asphalt. Photo

Karst holes

Photo eyewitness

13.07.11.V Kirov at the intersection of Volodarsky and Orel for parks jeep "Dodge" failed asphalt. The incident occurred on Monday, July 11, about 20 hours.

Coming out of the car, the driver found under the front right wheel failure depth of more than half a meter. The car was based on the roadway front bumper and under the wheel and curb a gaping void.

Improvement of urban governance experts visited the scene yesterday. According to the press service of the Defense Ministry, "Kirov", this site is repaired and a half years ago. Then, according to

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In Perm front college failed land

Karst holes

Perm, April 08 (New Region, Vladimir Semenov) — In front of the Third Corps aviation college failed land. Soil slipped in place of an old coal pit. Housing immediately de-energized, and a tour of the closed visits, according to the portal "not classified."

According to Director of SEI "Perm Aviation Engineering College. AD Shvetsov "Alexander Dicheskul fortunate that the land fell through at night — no one was hurt. The building was built in 1936 and had its own boiler and a large coal pit. She did not use a lot of years, but not to sleep.


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In the center of Saratov failed asphalt

Yesterday afternoon in the center of Saratov, on the corner of Sacco and Vanzetti, and Volsky, failed asphalt.

Huge pit blocks one lane and pedestrian crossing. It is noteworthy that at this intersection this winter Muppim "Saratovvodokanal" a renovation of the water main.

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