The hydraulic system operates puteprokladchika bulldozer and crane equipment, cargo winches and ripper. The pressure of the working fluid (oil) it creates 4 axial piston pump.

All hydro spaced on four panels. Therefore, in comparison with puteprokladchikom BAT-M sequence troubleshooting hydraulic BAT-2 has some differences. Thus, the decrease in the rate of lifting (lowering) dozer equipment from BAT-2 may occur as a result of failure of one of the five (working in parallel) control 3-pozitsionnyhe spools. To determine the faulty turn their disconnected from the hydraulic system and watch as this changes the speed of lifting (lowering) equipment. If

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June Vasil Bykov: Civilization all falls deeper into the abyss of poverty and the failure of evil …

"Civilization all falls deeper into the abyss of poverty and evil failures, without the right to at least begin to sob loudly. Not to mention cry to help bolster. Does not help anybody, but never helped. Loves paradoxes of history and occasionally plays with people in their evil games … "From Mon on Friday in our air — little quote for reflection and memory. Every Saturday and Sunday — aimed at certain subjects audio anthology.

Vitamin deficiency in children

Vitamin deficiencies — one of the important reasons for the deterioration of the health of children. Particularly relevant is the problem in the spring after a long fall and winter.

Types of vitamin A deficiency

Under vitamin deficiency understand the pathological condition caused by reduced intake of certain vitamins or violation of their functioning in the body. Depending on the depth and severity of vitamin deficiency are three of its forms, vitamin deficiency, vitamin deficiencies and subnormal supply of vitamins.

Under avitaminoses understand the state of almost complete lack of vitamins in the body, accompanied by the appearance

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The failures of the soil in Moscow. Photo

Recently, in the east of Moscow went underground piece of roadway. On the description of the state of emergency news feeds started with the standard phrase: another failure. These "black holes" in the city occur regularly, absorbing people, cars, street lights and playgrounds, writes "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".

November sinkhole on Budennogo Avenue — one of the endless series of this kind of emergency, and the discharge of relatively "harmless." Shortly before it, November 20, at Krylatskom formed a far more impressive pit 2 meters deep and 3 to 5 meters size. And on the street Kuusinena underground was

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U.S. failed the test interceptor missile defense system

Tests of one of the elements of the U.S. missile defense involving the interception of long-range ballistic missiles, ended in failure.The tests were held on July 5. Launch of ground-based interceptor was launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. It was to carry out a ballistic missile interception training, start-up which has been carried out with a test site Ronald Reagan's Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands. The objectives of the tests could not be reached.

Agency of the United States on missile defense claims that those responsible for missile defense program will hold

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A huge crater was formed in the village of Nizhny Novgorod

April 10, 2013. Two dozen tenants of private houses in the Nizhny Novgorod region was evacuated due to a funnel with a diameter of 40 meters and a depth of 14 meters, which was formed in the neighborhood on Wednesday night, according to the regional central board MOE.

"At 02:00 MSK April 10 at Nizhny Novgorod region, locality Buturlino, Railway Street, the house 26a, subsidence has occurred, resulting in a crater with a diameter of 40 meters, a depth of 14 meters. Of the next 20 private residences to evacuate 50 residents, "- said in a statement.

Source: RIA

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Giant sinkhole in Kansas

August 3, 2013. Residents of a small community in western Kansas talk about the incident, and that they can not believe it. Something inexplicable happened and left people in awe. First, people County Wallace only heard rumors and not everyone believed them. However, once they were able to see the photo — were amazed.

"I think it looks like madness" — said one of the locals.

It seems so crazy that causes people to flock to a remote area north of Sharon Springs, to see with their own eyes what happened.

"How can this happen? What influenced this?

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The failure of the bottom of the lake in Louisiana

August 22, 2013. Unusual natural phenomenon captured U.S. citizens vacationing near the lake on the border of Louisiana and East Texas: their eyes for a few seconds of the land with trees gently "left" in the lake.

It is known that when the place was a forest, but as a result of seismic activity failure was formed a year ago, which was filled with water. The activity is still going on, which probably was the cause of such natural phenomena.

Source: Rus. Apollo

In Kolpino (St. Petersburg) opened a medical center outpatient hemodialysis

December 12, as part of the modernization of the health system was inaugurated Interdistrict outpatient hemodialysis center. The discovery of such a center in Kolpino for many years to relieve the most acute problem of shortage of dialysis places and open to many people access to kidney transplantation. This expensive and high-tech method of treatment, unfortunately, can not be named publicly. At present, statistics provide hemodialysis patients with chronic renal failure (CRF) in Russia is unsatisfactory, although in recent years in this area there have been clear positive trend.

Innovative Medical Center outpatient hemodialysis significantly improve the quality

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Planet of Death: guilty people do?




Three Martian probe should begin work on the surface of the Red Planet. Their creators seem to have every reason to be confident that this time everything will be fine. Excitation of the public and the scientific community is growing. Some NASA officials allegedly campaigning to "lower expectations." This is no accident —

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