Ordinary Rally for Fair Elections at the peak


Ordinary rally "For Fair Elections" meeting today, according to various estimates, from 30 to 120 thousand people. Organizers put the number at 200,000 people.

Several thousand people were today against unfair elections in the northern capital of Russia. And, in St. Petersburg alone Rallies systemic and non-systemic opposition.

Campaign "For Fair Elections" was held today in the UK. The Russian embassy in London in solidarity with the Moscow rally gathered about a hundred people.

"For Fair Elections" in Russia is opposed and the former Soviet Union. Meeting, in particular, was in Ukraine.

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Rally for Fair Elections in Russian regions December 18, 2011

Rallies "For Fair Elections" held in Russia on December 18. In Gorno-Altaisk and Ufa authorized shares have been few and prolonged because of frost, not for long.

With the ballot boxes guarded by sloppy

Society Observers of the campaign "For Fair Elections — 2010" notice system error — in violation of article 53, paragraph 4 of the Electoral Code of the commissioners, the save function for early voting urns commissioned police officers.

By 221 of the 250 stations, observers of the campaign "For Fair Elections — 2010" recorded that from 14 to 16 am and from 19 pm to 10 am the next day box were under care of people who are not authorized by the legislation Republic of Belarus. Observers point out the facts, when, after the commission of the room where

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Campaign for Fair Elections complain to CEC

Society The campaign "For Fair Elections" summed up the observations for the first two days of early voting. Coordinators of the company told reporters on a number of violations of the electoral law, seen by observers as well as the direction of two complaints to the Central Election Commission and the OSCE ODIHR mission. The campaign "For Fair Elections" conducting surveillance on 250 sites in 43 communities across the country. Campaign Coordinator Sergei Kalyakin noted that if the register of independent observers was simply that during their direct work raises a number of problems:

"For example, on a plot number

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CEC made a proposal from the opposition half

Society With 15 proposals to improve the electoral legislation has made the campaign "For Fair Elections", the CEC is granted only half a sentence.

Recorded that the observers can observe the counting of ballots "in conditions that allow to see aglyadnasts vote count."

Any other suggestions campaign "For Fair Elections" were rejected on various pretexts.

Also received one offer from the BHC. Now the republican organization is permitted to send observers to the commission of any level, regardless of whether the organization is in the relevant region registered its structure.

Co-chairman of the campaign "For Fair Elections"

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